What Is Paradigm shift

Paradigm shift


The pandemic in which the entire world is involved will lead to a paradigm shift. It is evident that we will have negative consequences. Let’s not forget that thousands of people have died, that many others have lost their jobs or been affected by an ERTE (temporary employment regulation file) and that all our routines or what we previously saw as natural now do not we can enjoy.

Before we saw it normal to go to our parents, family and friends to eat lunch, dinner or have a nice time. Before we saw it natural to be able to go to a sports or cultural show and enjoy it among the crowd. Before, it was normal to be able to leave the house with your children as long as you wanted and go wherever you wanted. So many and so many things that were a real “gift” but that we did not value enough.

But it is also true that this Covid-19 pandemic will bring learning, growth and positive things. I am sure that when all this happens, because it will happen, we will all value much more these things that we mentioned before and that we saw as something normal. I am sure that when we can return to normality there will be a large number of people who will be grateful to be able to be with their loved ones again, to work, study, play sports, walk or enjoy the simplest things in life.

And this will make us mature and become more aware of what is really important in life: people, living in the present and sharing with others.

This paradigm shift will make us not think so much about the “I” and worry much more about the “we”. Before we lived immersed in our inner worlds, we were not able to look at the one next to us and see that, maybe, he needed something. Now we have the opportunity to share with others and make a better world.

Before, the world oriented its life towards having. But we have realized that having more money or more things does not actually make you happier, nor does it serve you if you cannot enjoy it freely with others. We have the opportunity to reorient our lives instead of towards, towards being. In all this crisis, those who win are not those who have the most, but those who are the most. He who fortunately has been a better person, has grown internally and faced with emotional intelligence the Covid-19 has won his inner battle.

The world needs leaders for this paradigm shift that promote living day by day, but with a vision of the future, that promote creativity and that promote people.

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