What is Netscape Navigator

Over the years there have been many web browsers . Some have endured over the years and others have lost popularity to the point that they have practically disappeared.

Among so much demand and competition we must choose well which browser to use and know its characteristics to see which one best suits what we want.

So far the most used, known and preferred by many is Google Chrome . However, Mozilla Firefox is also another browser that, although it has been around for some time, is still the favorite of some users.

Besides these, there is Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, among others. Therefore, there are many browsers with different options, features and services.

If you want to know more about which browsers are faster and more efficient and which ones you can use, you may be interested in this article about it.

In this article you will learn about another of them, Netscape Navigator . If you have not heard of it, we invite you to read this article so that you know what it is about. And if you’ve already heard about Netscape Navigator and would like to know even more about it, this article will also interest you.

What is Netscape Navigator and what is it for?

Netscape Navigator is a browser that became popular in 1994 when it was released by Netscape Communications. This was released as a competition to Internet Explorer, however it soon lost popularity.

Since it had not had the expected result, AOL decided to buy it in 1999, apparently because it thought it could revive the idea. However, in 2008 this project was discontinued.

And later the developers started working on Mozilla Firefox since this new browser inherited the patents from Netscape Navigator.

And unlike the previous one, Mozilla Firefox had more popularity to the point that it continues to be used until now. If you don’t have it and would like to obtain it, in this link we will show you how to download and install Mozilla Firefox for free to its latest version in Spanish.

Even so, Netscape Navigator really was a pioneer when it came to internet browsers, so it made a big impact in this field and it was an innovation in this regard.

Although it is clear that by then the number of people using the internet was much smaller than now, in fact it is said that there were around 50 million people, at the time Netscape Navigator was quite important in the industry.

In addition, it opened the way to many of the browsers that we know and use today and made great contributions such as access for all the public to navigation since before 1994 it could only be used by closed communities.

How did Netscape Navigator work?

In addition to all of the above, using Netscape Navigator also had many advantages in terms of speed, security, compatibility, and ease of use.

In the case of speed, this really was one of its main characteristics. Its rendering engine loaded both images and text at the same time, unlike other common browsers that load the text first and then the images.

This provided an optimal experience when it came to using the internet. Even being one of the pioneers, he had excellent speed and speed. In fact, it stored the cache so that in a future entry to the page everything would load more easily.

Further. Regarding security, it used an SSL encryption, acronym for “Secure Socket Layer” or “Layer of Secure Lace” in Spanish, which protected sensitive information. If you want to know more about the acronym SSl, TLS, HTTPS and what are the differences, here we tell you.

This system was in charge of verifying the identity of both parties before sending this type of sensitive information such as passwords or banking information. And it also used two technologies to protect your computer and your data such as anti-spyware and anti-adware.

In terms of compatibility, it integrated CCS, JavaScript and support for HTML standards which helped to keep up-to-date or keep pace with design trends. And it was also possible to open PDF and Flash files thanks to programs such as Adobe Flash Player and Acrobat Reader. If you want to enable and activate the Adobe Flash Player in Google Chrome you can do so through this link .

And finally, regarding ease of use, it was easy to download and had a clean and simple design. It also worked by voice commands and mouse gestures.


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