What is modernity?

Modernity is the ability to advance at the same rate as the ever-changing world.

traditional or conservative

We have human beings who prefer to call themselves traditional or conservative or who are appointed by their society. They lag behind in accepting a change and always try to preserve the existing order at any cost. Probably because of their limited understanding that they are unable to understand a change or because of their satisfaction with the existing order, that they are a relationship to explore a change, or because they failed every time they attempted a change, or are simply stubborn and dogmatic. . Each change haunts them with fear of the unknown. Sometimes they prefer to be in fool’s paradise instead of trying what is prudent and pragmatic.

There are human beings who claim to be modern, which means that they are free from all traditions and “relationships”. where it is good, bad or indifferent. Often nothing prohibits them from taking any steps in their own interest. His motto is “This is my life”. They rightly deny / ignore their interdependence in their ecosystem. Many of the celebrities, particularly in the field of entertainment, belong to this class. Their quest is for power and money, and POPULISM is their religion. They boil down to a brand-name product or service because that’s what sells and is the path to material success. However, in my opinion, his claims about being modern are dubious, as they simply pursue his own interest, which is an ancient human sentiment as old as man on this planet.

Conflicts with yourself

It is another matter of your own self-interest that often conflicts with your inner self and the external environment as human beings are different from market realities, feel lonely and isolated and have to lead an isolated existence within an image / brand of your own creation. They often become victims of their own image. Some realize their mistake, but by then it is too late. In general, it is not possible for them to strike a balance between the realities of the market and the human being that they are. The means to happiness have become the ends and there is an eternal conflict between the means and the ends within them.

Truly modern people either provide intellectual leadership in their domain without succumbing to prevailing values, ideologies, and pressure from influential groups or social leadership by providing innovative solutions to old problems in their society, such as Mahatma Gandhi in the Indigenous Movement of Freedom. They are not following a trend. They only try to do what they think is right, regardless of materialistic considerations.

There is another class of human animals that claim to be modern, but traditional. Most human beings belong to this class. They want to enjoy the best of both: the wealth of the old world and the seductions of the new world. They are usually a confused group, as they don’t know how to reconcile the old world with the new world. Due to their internal confusion, they often wander from pole to pole and become extremely established as a traditionalist who may prefer to keep the mask of modernity. When you scratch them hard, you will often find a traditionalist dressed as a modernist. They simply cannot find their place in the new world order.

We all know that it is a world in constant change for one reason or another, however, there are several aspects of human existence that do not change with the changing world, such as human feelings, biological needs, etc. In line with this, several of the human needs have not changed either. During current times and the past century, technology has led change in human society by changing the ways and means that humans use to meet their needs. So the change is mainly in the means and not in the ends. From the perspective of human feelings, needs have retained the same. Even an approach to meeting needs has not changed much and is largely based on feelings. Therefore, it is not surprising that the markets, especially the stock markets, be great sentiments driven. All scientific and technological advances have failed to change human needs unnecessarily or to make man wiser or more prudent and pragmatic.

Today, what one needs materially is available in the market for a price. So there is no need to worry about family, friends, and society. One can make and break relationships as needed in the moment. No need to hang around with old and outdated things. It is not necessary to carry historical luggage.

Por lo tanto, los sitios web sociales como Facebook son un éxito rotundo. Pero en algún punto del camino, el tema de la marca o la reputación se cuela. Entonces no puedes abrir tu corazón. Tienes que mantener tu imagen de marca. Siempre temes que si alguna de tus debilidades humanas se revela ante tus amigos de Facebook, te quedes deshonrado. Su antiguo ego no le permite pagar eso. Los viejos valores que querías liberarte te perseguirían. Entonces creas límites o distancias entre tu ser real y tus amigos de Facebook. Entonces te aíslas y continúas estando solo como siempre. No tiene un cuerpo que lo ayude a avanzar en la curva de aprendizaje o a negociar un cambio o una necesidad. No hay ninguno para compartir momentos / sentimientos / sentimientos adversos. No hay nada para proporcionar un sistema de apoyo social, excepto probablemente tu propia familia, parientes y tus verdaderos amigos en hueso y carne que has descartado desde hace mucho tiempo. Ni siquiera hay para celebrar momentos de alegría repentina. Así que, absolutamente, se da cuenta de que sus amigos de Facebook no son verdaderos amigos porque no puede permitirse el lujo de conectarse con ellos de manera sincera y sentimental.

On the one hand, the image seems to be real, since it is your brand: your keys to success in this material world and you must reserve it at all costs, regardless of what it costs you as a human being. On the other hand, you are a human being with all the emotional and material needs that every human being has had since the days of Adam and Eve. Then you cannot completely abandon the human being in you and your biological being.

The key sentiment under modernity is the desire and the need to move in line with the times, and the key question is how to reconcile the human being in you with the rapidly changing human society, driven by science and technology. It is a matter of reconciling the past, the present and the future so that you can move quickly through changing times without disturbing your peace and tranquility and without phobia of the unknown. This is a gigantic and endless intellectual endeavor, as life poses its challenges every day and you must be too prepared to happily meet them. One has to live every day. This is probably the correct way to maintain harmony of body, mind, and soul. What really helps is our understanding of the world in general. Both life and existence are actions that perpetually balance. There is nothing like static balance. We are always in a state of dynamic equilibrium.

Nature has endowed man with the faculty of voluntary consciousness or intelligence in the hope that wisdom will prevail in the lives of human beings. Unfortunately, looking at the way man used technology and suffered from the fragmentation of human society in exchange for his selfishness, it is not difficult to conclude that human behavior is still based on feelings, far from prudence and pragmatism.

What is it to be modern?

Por lo tanto, la modernidad estaría en un equilibrio sorprendente entre pasado, presente y futuro, y no puede ser aceptada solo por sentimientos. Requiere una comprensión adecuada. Las claves están en el análisis crítico objetivo objetivo y el pensamiento holístico a partir de cualquier estación de vida en la que se encuentre. No acepte limitaciones para su intelecto. Piensa más allá del dogma, la tradición y los límites de tu dominio actual. Desarrollar una comprensión adecuada de las cosas y los eventos. La cognición y la respuesta diferencial son las claves de lo que es correcto y justo. No sirve de nada seguir ciegamente la tradición o el dogma. Debemos apreciar que somos en gran parte entidades racionales y no entidades históricas. La racionalidad es el hilo común subyacente pasado, presente y futuro.

Therefore, being modern means being wise, prudent, pragmatic, fair, just, reasonable, etc., maintaining one’s dynamic balance. He who blindly follows what is fashionable or trending to disguise himself as modern cannot be considered truly modern.

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