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At present you can place an order at OrdenesYa where you include important franchises such as McDonald’s. In any case, have you ever wondered where and how this huge company emerged? Today we answer this question, showing you a bit of the history of the aforementioned multinational.

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  1. What is the date that the first McDonalds store was founded?
    1. Where was the first McDonalds located?
    2. Who is the owner and founder of McDonalds?
  2. On what date was McDonalds established as a franchise line?

What is the date that the first McDonalds store was founded?

Everything has its origin and even most renowned companies have a story worth telling . The case of McDonald’s is no exception, the company sees its humble origins at the hands of two brothers who had little experience in the field.

Specifically, the first location opened  its operations on May 15, 1940 . At that time, it was a small establishment that did not stand out from other similar businesses. In any case, the growth incentive was always there, something that was quickly noticed.

By the end of the 1940s, most of the revenue came almost exclusively from hamburgers. Observing this, the founders decide to get down to business in order to establish a fast food business . It is then, when you see significant growth in the company.

Where was the first McDonalds located?

As we indicated, the number one establishment of McDonalds sees the light in the year 1940, in the city of San Bernardino in the state of California. To be precise, the restaurant was located on the well-known route 66.

The first McDonald’s establishment remained the only one of the company until 1953, when its founders decided to create a franchise . In fact, in that year two new restaurants will be built, which did not do badly at all. This intelligent decision would lay the foundations for the exponential growth that would take place in the following decades.

Who is the owner and founder of McDonalds?

The creators of the company are the brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald, a duo who, although they had little experience in the business, stand out for their desire to advance. Richard and Maurice started out in 1937 running a hot dog stand . Later in 1940 they decide to establish their own restaurant.

As the history of McDonald’s indicates , the McDonald brothers were the founders of the company, in any case, much of its growth is due to the figure of Ray Kroc. Kroc, as a good businessman, associates with the founders of the entity and in 1961 he becomes its main representative .

Therefore, although the Mc Donald brothers are the creators of the company, the figure of Ray Kroc is also very relevant to the institution of the franchise. In fact, the exponential growth that the company would see is usually associated with the figure of this businessman.

On what date was McDonalds established as a franchise line?

As we pointed out, Ray Kroc was responsible for driving the growth of the company. Being specific, the second branch was born in 1955, but it was not until the 1960s that the company expanded considerably .

In the year 1960 the name of the company was changed to McDonald’s Corporation and Ray Kroc decides to buy the total rights . From this moment, it could be said that the company sees its true birth.

With the transfer of the company, significant changes begin. It is established in the first place that the hamburgers will be oriented towards the young public . Similarly, it is in this decade that the famous figure of the clown Ronald so characteristic of McDonald’s is created.

Success was immediate and by the 1960s the company was a giant in its field . The 70s and 80s came to consolidate it even more and that is when it became established as what we know today.

Undoubtedly, the history of the company is an example for new entrepreneurs . The above is not in vain, since we can find a McDonald’s anywhere in the world. In turn, it is enough to use a food delivery app  at home and you will have any of the company’s products at hand.


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