How to protect a folder with a password on Mac

Protecting the information we store on our computers is essential. Therefore, we seek the confidentiality of personal content. For this reason, it is important to know how to password protect folder  on Mac or Windows in order to have secure files .

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  1. What steps must be followed to put a password on a folder in Windows?
  2. How to put password to a folder if I use MacOS?
    1. Entering ‘Disk Utility’
    2. Configure encrypted folder
  3. What third-party applications can I use to put passwords on folders?
    1. Encrypt for macOS
    2. FolderLock for Windows

What steps must be followed to put a password on a folder in Windows?

The procedure with which you will be able to protect the files and other documents that you store in said operating system is very simple. In this sense, you can choose to compress your folder and add a password in order to protect a ZIP file. Another solution is to use external software that makes it easy to assign a key.

It should be noted that Windows does not have a default tool with which we can encrypt folders. Therefore, you must download and install WinRAR. Put documents, images and other files in a zip . Assign a key and confirm the same to protect a file.

How to put password to a folder if I use MacOS?

On the other hand, if you use an Apple company device, it will be useful to use a tool that allows you to manage the internal and external storage of your disks. In this way, you can prevent unauthorized access to your folders . Also, there is a way to create a folder with a password and secure your data.

Entering ‘Disk Utility’

One of the standout features of macOS is its native drive management app on a PC. In addition, you can enter it and click on ‘File’. Choose ‘New Image’ and press ‘Image from Folder’. Select the folder and write its name in order to locate it later quickly.

Next, set the folder location . By default, the tool assigns your computer’s desktop. However, you can modify this parameter through a drop-down menu. It is time to define the type of encryption you want and enter the key. Finally, hit the ‘Save’ button.

You can find the same result with the terminal to encrypt particular files. From bash, enter the path where the folder is located and press the ‘Enter’ key. Type the ZIP command and add the file name along with its extension. Add the key and press ‘Enter’ to confirm the previous step.

The selection of the key is very relevant. The more complex it is, the less likely it is that other people will violate the privacy of your data . For this reason, it is convenient that you use combinations that include capital letters, signs and other special characters.

Configure encrypted folder

The configuration of the folder includes the entry of a label to identify the object. Also, it is recommended to use 128-bit AES encryption. The format encompasses the ‘compressed’ and ‘read/write’ option. Make sure to designate a hybrid image and in ‘read-only’ mode.

What third-party applications can I use to put passwords on folders?

There are different programs whose purpose is to place encryption on a folder. If you manage a computer under MacOS Encrypto it will be ideal because it protects specific information. While Windows users can get Folder Lock tool which provides the same effects.

Encrypt for macOS

First of all, download Encrypto from the App Store. Move the file or folder you are going to protect with a password. Write the password and put a hint if you consider it necessary. Click ‘Encrypt’ and check if the process was successful. Drag the item to a new location if you want to store it in a more secure space.

To open it, double click on it and type the access key . Hit the ‘Decrypt’ button and if you’ve entered the correct values, everything it saves itself will be displayed. This way, no one else will see sensitive information except the user who applied the encryption.

FolderLock for Windows

This software will protect your confidential files effectively on your computer and on any external medium. Its operation is based on the creation of a directory that houses all the elements, which will be preserved on your computer without any problem.

The tool has an intuitive interface where we can configure the security levels. In addition, it is possible to monitor and execute other actions that limit users when they try to access the wrong way. Therefore, data blocking is guaranteed if other people try to view your private content.


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