What Is Homophobia Therapy

Homophobia therapy is a self-help therapy in eight parts. Specially designed for you who suffer from symptoms such as anger, stress and anxiety in the meeting with gay, bisexual and transgender people.

Based on learning and cognitive theory, treatment serves as a tool for dealing with negative thought processes and bodily reactions. The goal of the therapy is to cure harmful prejudices and to enable a life with less fear, more freedom and joy.

Step 1: What is a phobia?

It is common for one to suffer from a phobia. Some people develop phobias about things that are actually completely harmless, such as Swedish spiders, riding an elevator or talking to a gay, bi or trans person. You can develop phobias for just about anything!

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a method that can help people with emotional problems by changing thoughts and behaviors. Maybe you want to live a life with less fear?


Why is homophobia therapy needed?

In 2019, it is 75 years since homosexuality was decriminalized in Sweden and 40 years since the disease stamp was removed by the National Board of Health and Welfare. Despite this, there are still deep prejudices and misconceptions about LGBTQ people. As the risk of discrimination and violation feels most obvious, not even half of those who identify as LGBTQ choose to be open about it in their workplace.

The proportion of LGBTQ-related hate crimes remains high according to Brå’s latest compilation. At the same time, some religious groups, both Christian and Muslim, claim to be able to reprogram non-heterosexuals. Around the world, Sweden included, LGBTQ people are daily abused, abused, discriminated against and discriminated against. For the simple reason, we should do what we can to combat prejudice, both at the structural level and at the individual level as therapy for gay, bi and transphobic people.

Who is homophobia therapy for?

Homophobia therapy is helpful for people who themselves want to work with their prejudices and phobias in order to live a freer life, without worry and anger. The therapy can, for example, also be helpful for a person who wants to come out in front of their family or friends.

How long does it take to listen to homophobia therapy?

The therapy comprises a total of eight steps of about 4-8 minutes / section. Each section deals with a specific topic or area and is followed by an exercise. In other words, listening to all the episodes does not take that long. The exercises, on the other hand, require a little more of the listener to give results. As with so much else, practice gives skill and a better effect.

Is homophobia, bi- or transphobia a disease?

No, homo-, bi- and transphobes are not described as sick in the clinical sense. However, this condition can severely limit and restrict the victim’s quality of life.

Why have you excluded bi- and transphobia in therapy?

Bee and transphobia are included in the therapy. We have chosen to call it “Homophobia Therapy” in order to be able to communicate more easily and in a clear way make the public understand and absorb our message. In fact, it is a cognitive behavioral therapy to counteract both homo-, bi- and transphobia.

Why do you support homophobes instead of investing in LGBTQ people?

In this project, unlike much of what we otherwise do, we have chosen to help LGBTQ people by working with individuals who suffer from homo-, bi-, and transphobia. In therapy, we try to shed light on how those who feel uncomfortable in front of LGBTQ people, suffer from a fear that is completely unfounded.

Do I have to listen to all the episodes to be helped?

It is of course possible to listen to individual sections, but we strongly recommend listening to all steps in chronological order to get the most out of the therapy. Just listening to an episode is a bit like taking an eighth of a pencil course. It is usually best to listen to your doctor’s recommendations. 

How is Homophobia Therapy developed?

The therapy is developed by a psychologist and is based on cognitive behavioral therapy which is a recognized method in psychology. 

Does cognitive behavioral therapy for phobias, homophobia included?

CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy is a well-documented and evidence-based psychotherapy / method for treating phobias and other probl
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