What is Halloween?

Halloween, or Halloween, is a celebration of death and scary things. Halloween means “eve of All Saints” and takes place on October 31st. The Bible does not talk about Halloween.

Halloween has a mix of Christian and pagan origins. That date was linked to some pagan religious festivals in Europe, celebrating death, represented by the beginning of winter. Christians decided to change its meaning, to be a good thing. Thus came All Saints Day, on November 1, to remember the works of good Christians from the past. Some pagan practices continued to be performed the night before All Saints’ Day, creating what we know today as Halloween.

Today, the United States has turned Halloween into a party that is very well known in the world. That night people dress up and the children go from house to house, playing “trick or treat”.

Halloween and the Bible

Halloween did not exist in Bible times. Each Christian must decide according to his conscience whether or not he will celebrate Halloween ( Romans 14:12 ).

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There is an innocent side to Halloween. Eating sweets and dressing up as a princess or hero is not wrong. The Bible has nothing against innocent parties.

But Halloween also has a very bad side. The feast is used to celebrate evil and death. Many people take advantage of the date to engage in witchcraft and occult practices, which are dangerous. The Bible warns us to stay away from evil, not to celebrate it ( 1 Thessalonians 5:22 ).

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It is important to remember that death and evil exist, but we must not glorify them. These things must lead us to reflect on Jesus, who overcame death and evil. On Halloween we must remember that the light of Jesus destroys the darkness of sin and frees us from the power of death ( John 1: 4-5 ).


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