What Is Euphemism In Linguistics

Euphemism is a figure of speech that uses more pleasant terms to soften an expression. [ 1 ]

Popular expressions have a comic character, which may partly meet that of the understatement. Situations of great impact, such as death, border on the grotesque and the function of this figure of speech is lost. A more appropriate example is to say that the individual “left”, or “left this world”. Euphemisms also show use to replace words considered bad or inappropriate according to some taboo , or even to omit names of deities. Some of them may be neologisms , that is, words invented only for the occasion, in which one or two letters or syllables of the original word are changed, such as pull , diacho and caramba .


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Examples of euphemism
Phrase Note
He gave his soul to God instead of died
He went to the bathroom to do his needs instead of defecating
They made us sweep sidewalks and clean what every dog ​​does . instead of feces
She is my helper / employee instead of a maid
“… He is a usurper of the good of others …” instead of a thief
Son of the bastard ! instead of wretch
“It was a divine star that flew into the sky! “ instead of died
“When the unwanted people arrive” [ note 1 ] instead of death
He subtracted that person’s assets . instead of stole
Hired a luxury escort / escort girl instead of prostitute
” Truths that forgot to happen ” [ note 2 ] instead of lying
“He lived on public charity ” [ note 3 ] instead of alms
He went to live with God . instead of died
He was asked to leave. instead of expelled
He appropriated his colleague’s money. instead of stole
He was not happy in the exams . instead of failing
Got caught with narcotics instead of drugs
It’s full of dust instead of drugged
It was enriched by illicit means . instead of stole
That school serves only special children instead of disabled
Honey, at the foot of the final bed instead of grave
As you rest from that long life , … instead of you die
Watched an adult movie instead of sexual
Embezzled money from the company instead of stole
Purchased a product for the intimate part instead of genitalia
Without pride, his daughter is in life instead of prostitution
He went to a better place instead of died
Yes, Alana, your grandfather moved in with God instead of died
Sofia became a young lady instead of menstruating for the first time
Sofia is in her days instead of menstruating
He went to bed with his own boss instead of shagged
Filled with water that the bird does not drink instead of cachaça
Seu Joaquim has reached the best age / old age instead of old age
He’s been my companion / partner for three years instead of husband or boyfriend
My Lord / Father! instead of God
Diacho / Dianho , I broke my nail instead of devil
It was the dog / bad thing in person instead of devil
Three fleeing suspects broke into the house and took hostages instead of miscreants or criminals


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