What Is Budgets for companies

budget is, in addition to a document, a very useful tool that helps you plan the future of your company .

Contrary to what people think, there are useful budgets for companies that go beyond keeping a record of the expected expenses or the investment necessary to carry out a specific action.

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Create a budget for a company

Budgeting in a company is essential for the management of all the areas that must be administered. Making budgets will allow you to obtain future estimates in different aspects such as expenses, sales or stock, which will be necessary for decision-making by the company’s management.


Know all the information about what a budget is and its characteristics. Then you can learn about the different varieties that will serve you to manage your business.

  • What is a budget?
  • Budget classification
  • What is a budget for?
  • How to make a budget?

If you have a company, there are different types of budgets that can be used to keep a record or plan the expenses of any of the elements or areas of a business.

Below you will find a list, information and examples of the main budgets for companies.

Types of budgets for companies

As we have already mentioned, making a budget is planning for the future . For the correct management of the company it is necessary to plan a large number of things so that the business activity develops with normal and unforeseen events that could alter the production and marketing process.

This is why in companies there is a great variety of budgets . Each of them is used for a different purpose and, therefore, they have different characteristics that define them. So that you can carry out a correct planning of all the areas of the company, here you can find all the budget modalities that you may need in an organization.

  • Master budget
  • Sales budget
  • Collections budget
  • Production budget
  • Expense budget
  • Shopping budget
  • Cash budget
  • Operating budget
  • Budget in English
  • Request a quote in English
  • Treasury budget
  • Income budgets
  • Accounting budget


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