What Is Border In Construction

Border : Signed, ornamentation drawing that is placed along the walls, pavements and ceilings.

Other definitions

A border is a long and narrow decorative element that is placed on a wall surrounding its perimeter or as a frame of other decorative elements.

The border is a decorative element that stands out in contrast to the design of the rest of the surface where it is placed. It can be painted on the wall or placed on a support such as wallpaper, tiles (in kitchens or bathrooms) or strip of fabric.

Overlay or woven list around curtains, canopies, scarves, etc.

List in the middle of the chasubles.

Purposes of use

  • It defines a base of different color or material than the rest of the wall.
  • Finish or surround other decorative elements such as recessed mirrors or work furniture.
  • It serves as an upper or lower limit to the decorative cloths of a wall, curtain, sheet, etc.
  • As the most suitable location, it is recommended to place it at a third of the wall height.

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