What is Bloter?

Bloter is a detailed stock trading transaction record in a period of 1 (one) day that includes all notes of stock sales and purchases. Matters such as how many sales are in one day and how many purchases in a day, everything is recorded properly and in detail by a dealer.

In modern times, bloter no longer be written in a notebook or financial journal, usually bloter be input into specific software to make notes stock trading. This is considered more effective and more accurate in calculations because everything is run by a computer. Calculation errors can be minimized with the bloter application.

Stockbrokers usually provide bloter applications for their customers. They will install a bloter application on a smartphone or laptop to monitor the rise and fall of stocks or commodities owned. In the bloter application there are trading times, the amount and price of buying or selling, the ECN ( Electronic Communication Network ) market where the trade takes place, and whether it is buying, selling, or short orders.

In addition, investors can also monitor stock chart movements in the stock . For example, stock A rose 11% while Stock B fell 5%. That way, investors will more easily determine their decision in selling or buying shares.

What are the Bloter Application Uses?

  • For Traders

Bloter is used by traders as a trading journal that helps them to improve their skills, techniques, and strategies in stock trading. At the end of time, when the market closes, traders see bloter as a review of their stock’s performance in one day. This is a kind of evaluation per day so that they can get better profits in the future.

  • For Stock Market Regulators

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is a regulator of the American stock market. The SEC will detect illegal trades or transactions through the Bloter application. The trick, the SEC will do the sorting in various ways to see if there are any peculiarities in trading.



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