What Is Autonomy

Autonomy is what is known as the power of a person or entity to act on its own . This means that you have the independence to decide and act as you see fit. In this sense, the concept of autonomy is related to independence as it does not need outsiders opinions. The word autonomy derives from the Latin term autonomĭa and is from the Greek word αὐτονομία . The roots of these words are found in the auto and nomos words whose meanings refer to the same and norm or law respectively. Based on this we can specify that the original meaning of autonomy would be the norm of oneself. The concept of autonomy is often used to refer to the power of a territorial entity.

For example, a State has autonomy to decide how it should govern its territory . In this way, that State may belong to a higher jurisdiction and have autonomy within its jurisdiction. Autonomy is the ability to act independently. Taking into account what we have developed so far we can say that autonomy is about: The condition, capacity or state of self-government , as well as having a certain degree of independence. The concept of autonomy is related to others such as independence, self-government, sovereignty , emancipation and power. The autonomy of a person has to do with the condition or ability to be able to do something independently. Someone autonomous is able to make their own decisions and act on their own without another telling them what to do .

For this reason, autonomy is similar to the concept of independence in many aspects. With regard to institutional autonomy, it may refer to an organization , municipality, region, etc. An institutional entity has autonomy when it is able to establish its own rules and has a certain administrative organization . In a State, autonomy is based on the norms and the organs that compose it and grant it authority. Concepts related to autonomy We can also talk about autonomy with respect to certain objects, such as the autonomy of a vehicle . This concept indicates the maximum route that a vehicle can take without refueling. Thus, for example, a regular car has autonomy of 600 kilometers which may vary according to the car model. Just as we can talk about the autonomy of a vehicle, we can also talk about other objects.

The best example is electronic devices that use a battery or other power mechanism . In this way, we can refer to the autonomy of a computer laptop as about 4 hours. In some social science disciplines there is a concept called personal autonomy . And it is similar to the concept of autonomy of a person that we explained above. This concept refers to the ability to decide and act on issues that concern us. Personal autonomy is important to develop from a good education and encourage it from an early age. Synonyms of autonomy sovereignty, independence, agency, freedom , self-government, self-management, power

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