What is an Instagram source and how to have it perfect?

He will be surprised What is the source of Instagram? But don’t worry, here we will talk about an important part of Instagram that all types of users can have, and in this article we will give you tips on how to optimally maintain your resource. So that users focus on it and are attracted to what you post.

What is an Instagram source?

When you enter an Instagram user of any person or company, the first thing you follow is the source. From then on, you’ll find a profile photo of the person, their biography, and any content they share in their account.

An amazing Instagram resource helps anyone who visits it to take an interest in the content that appears there. Because you get him to choose to be another follower of your account, it’s very important to evaluate the content you’re sharing.

The importance of good feeding

Now that we know what the source of Instagram is, we can now talk about its importance, because we need to understand that everyday companies or people place quite attractive information on their social networks in order to attract attention. Which means that as users of these platforms, we must strive to change the content we share.

Types of feed

You can take these types of feed as a guide to customize your Instagram account or create your own feed, using some of the models you see as inspiration. Therefore, I urge you to continue reading so that you know them:

Color shift

This is the type of source where you will need to select the color that prevails on each of your photos so that all shared photos have the same color palette. While it’s obviously easy, you should know that you won’t be able to place any photos, you need to find the colors that stand out most from the photos you’ve already published in which to place.

Or if you don’t have to use the edition to adjust the colors of a photo, if you’re one of the people who has a website with a defined logo, you can use it in your publications. So that users who enter there get to know the images that your company or brand shares.

Rainbow feeding

This is the type of resource where the colors change in your posts. There is no specific color in this source, but you choose a color that stands out in each of the publications, and when the source is passed on, it is created as a rainbow effect changing from one color to another inside like a chromatic wheel.

Horizontal feed

This is a feed that is easy to work with, you will only have to choose what you place in each of the horizontal rows. You can do this as follows:

  • You must select two or three predominant colors to use on the photos in each row.
  • There you will share three images that have the same theme in each photo.

Vertical feed

This is one of the easiest resources to create, just define that you will publish in each of the three resource columns. Where you have to choose a color, the type of photos you publish, you try to maintain visual harmony in your source.

One of the advantages of this type of food is that you will always see it properly. That’s why it’s important to know what an Instagram source is so you can plan what you want to share there.

Diagonal feed

If you are one of the people who publishes different categories in your feed, you can use this method to publish your content diagonally. This is a very original resource that does not leave clutter, but requires the user to systematically plan published content to achieve this effect.

Chessboard feed

This method involves placing different types of chessboard-shaped images. With this type of feed, you will have more options for making this board, as it will allow you to play with more types of photos and colors.

Feed contrast

This contrast feed is like a chess feed, where you have to use two colors, one light and the other dark, which does not necessarily have the same shade and you can publish them alternately. This type of feed can be an excellent choice for brands or companies.

Great food

The format of this resource consists of cutting out several images so that you can publish individual sections from it. To create this type of resource, you need to make sure that both images together or separately make sense. It is also important to know that with each publication you create, the images may be cluttered, so it is recommended that you do everything at the same time when performing this type of feeding.

These are some of the types of resources you can use on Instagram, but before you start using them, it’s important to know what an Instagram resource is. To give you complete security of what you do and the possible uses you can use to improve your account.

Resources for organizing resources

In order to organize your feed in a way that is attractive to users who visit your profile, we have a number of tools that can make things easier for us. And that we will mention it below:

  • Photoshop or Illustrator, which are necessary for creating templates and scheduling images.
  • Preview is an application that can be connected to your feed and where you just choose to add it to the feed if you think it looks best.
  • Planoly is the same application as the previous one, but it also gives us the opportunity to program our publications.

At the end of this article, we can say that before we can imagine the resource we want in our account, it’s important to know what we want to pass through it so we can plan and organize the type of resource method we want to use in our account. So you can successfully use it in your profile.

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