What is an Airship?

An airship, also called an airship or dirigible, is a type of aircraft without a built-in structural structure that remains suspended in the sky floating. Its structure is maintained using the gas pressure inside. Airships are commonly used for advertising purposes, although they have a brief history of use as passenger vehicles and military weapons. An airship has several parts that are crucial to its flight.

Difference between airships and Zeppelins

Airships and zeppelins are often confused with one another. However, they are not the same thing, as an airship is a “pressure airship” that lacks an internal structure and a zeppelin is a “rigid airship” that has a large metal structure. The term “zeppelin” actually refers to a brand of rigid airship and is not all-inclusive. Although airships and zeppelins both work by being lighter than air, it is this structure (or lack thereof) that differentiates the two.

Common uses of airships and Zeppelins

At the beginning of the 20th century, airships and all forms of airships were used to carry passengers. However, after the Hindenburg disaster of 1937 (which, although often confused for an airship, was a zeppelin), the industry saw a decline in commercial applications and the use of airships was limited for military surveillance purposes. However, in the recent past, the airship has seen a return in leisure travel, where they transport tourists to exotic places. Another use of the airship over the years has been in advertising with brands like the tire manufacturing company Goodyear, which use airships as giant floating billboards. Feasibility studies are underway to assess the feasibility of using airships as wireless network platforms.

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