What Is Agio Stock?

Agio share is the difference between the selling price of shares and the nominal price of shares . This value is the total net worth of a company from the sale of shares above par. Simply stated, Agio Shares are the difference between share payment by the shareholders and the par value.

For example, per share of company A is sold at Rp10,000, while the par value (par value) of the shares is Rp7,000 per share, then Agio Shares are the excess. The difference is IDR 10,000 – IDR 7,000 = IDR 3,000 per share. So, the company’s Agio Stock is IDR 3,000. The value of the Share Agio will appear in the company’s financial statements later.

Illustration of Agio Stock

There are 5 people who agreed to establish a Limited Liability Company (PT). The 5 people are Andi, Bani, Carla, Dani and Eni. Each of them deposited IDR 10 billion in capital . So, the company has a total capital of Rp50 billion.

Based on mutual agreement, they valued one company share worth Rp2,000. Then each of them has a share of Rp10 billion: Rp2,000 = 5 million shares.

After running, the company finally decided to sell its shares to the public at a price of Rp 5,000 per share. Thus, the company’s Agio Shares are IDR 5,000 – IDR 3,000 = IDR 2,000 .

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