What is Agar

What is Agar

Inseparable companion in the life of microbiologists, who use it for the study of fungi and bacteria , agar is a polysaccharide, similar to cellulose , obtained from red algae .

In aqueous solution, it forms a jelly rich in trace elements and with a delicate flavor.

What it is used for

Food industry

For this characteristic it is widely used in the industrial field: it is added to foods for its thickening , preservative and stabilizing power (indicated on the label with the initials E406), but also to cosmetic products as a thickening agent or to pharmaceutical products as an excipient or functional ingredient (it is part of the composition of many bulk laxatives ). Agar can in fact help normalize intestinal transit and stool consistency, although other natural products, such as guar gum and psyllium seeds, are more suitable for this purpose .

Natural laxative

However, it is indicated in the presence of constipation and, by virtue of its satiating power , as an adjunct to low-calorie diets.


In the preparation of culture media for the growth of fungi and bacteria, the Agar performs the simple function of solidifying and therefore does not present any nutritional characteristics for microorganisms.

In the kitchen

Agar is commercially available for purchase in the form of powder, flakes or bars to be dissolved in water for the preparation of various sweet and savory foods.


Coffee Pudding with Agar Agar

Replace the isinglass with agar-agar, preparing the most classic of desserts : a vegan coffee pudding , compatible with the rules of vegan food philosophy .


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