What is Abstract?

Abstract is a summary of the entire contents of the document which is presented briefly and accurately. In the abstract usually already contained the pure core of the discussion contained in the document. There is no addition of interpretation, opinion, and other interpretations in abstract writing.

Abstract is usually found in scientific work. In general, abstracts are displayed at the beginning of a section before entering the first chapter of a scientific work or written work. The purpose of abstract writing is to describe the entire concept content of an idea that is in writing.

A company’s financial statements generally also have an abstract at the beginning of the document. This abstract financial report contains a summary of the performance of a company in a given period and strategies that have been carried out.

Types of Abstract

  • Informative Abstract . Abstract which presents overall information concisely and is supported by complete data. In short, informative abstract is a mini summary of all information in a scientific work.
  • Indicative Abstract . Abstract that presents the core of the discussion of problems in writing. This abstract was written for the benefit of readers in finding information in writing. So, the reader can decide to read the entire writing or not.

Abstract Function

  • As a core component of a scientific work.
  • As a general description of the core of a scientific work.
  • As a consideration for readers to read the entire writing.

Abstract Making

A good abstract is arranged systematically and thoroughly according to the facts. Starting from the background or conditions that occurred before then proceed with the strategy or method of solving that is done. Finally, the abstract needs to include the results and conclusions that can be drawn from the overall process that has been carried out. Each of these sections is sufficiently spelled out in just one paragraph.

In order not only to be understood and used from people from their own country, abstracts are usually written in two languages, namely using the original language and English. The number of words in the abstract itself ranges from 150-250 words.

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