What is a virtual desktop in Windows

It is possible that you behave like a multitasking user in front of your team. This quality will drive you to open multiple applications to increase your productivity and take advantage of time. A virtual desktop would be your best ally, but do you know what it is, what it is for and how does a virtual desktop work in Windows?

The information that we will point out below should not be confused with installing Windows 10 in a virtual machine , something that although very useful, is completely different from what we will discuss in this article.

What is a virtual desktop in Windows, what is it for and how does it work?

A multitasking user must be organized to get successful results. The Alt + Tab combination may be the only thing you know how to use when you want to access another open application and have many pending tasks on your computer. If this is your case, then a virtual desktop could be your new preferred tool.

What is a virtual desktop in Windows?

A virtual desktop in Windows is a tool that allows you to organize different screens on the same monitor. In this way, the operating system facilitates work from independent spaces.

The virtual desktop will show only the applications you want so that you can organize the screens according to the tasks you are going to perform. Thus, all the applications you are using on the current desktop will open.    

Undoubtedly, using multiple desktops in Windows 10 is recommended, especially for users who make extensive use of their computers. If you are a person who works within Windows 10, quite possibly this function will be very useful for you.

What is a virtual desktop for in Windows?

A virtual desktop is used to organize applications according to the tasks and the purpose of each one. Then, the user can separate the activities that are productive from the hobbies that he enjoys from his computer.

Virtual desktops can be an extremely useful tool if you want to increase your performance thanks to a better organization of projects through applications that you use simultaneously.

Managing multiple windows

The operating system allows you to manage the windows that you have added to each virtual desktop. In addition, you can activate more options on each screen and allow the same window to be active on several desktops at the same time.

How does a virtual desktop work in Windows?

virtual desktop distributes the windows in different contexts to separate the jobs that are done at the same time. The windows that are added remain hidden if they are not on the current desktop. Thus, the user can navigate between all the virtual desktops that he has created without one interfering with the other.

This Windows tool organizes applications according to the tasks to which they are linked. Therefore, you could develop a work or academic project with multiple programs intended for your work and at the same time you can review the game applications that are on another desktop.

How to create a virtual desktop in Windows?

Creating a virtual desktop is a very simple procedure. If you have the Windows 10 operating system, then you must follow the following instructions:

Locate the “task view” or use the combination Windows + TAB. Then, press the button “new desktop” which is in the lower right part of the screen. If you want to create the virtual desktop immediately, then use the combination Windows + Control + D .

Anyway, if you still have doubts in relation to this and want to see the information in more detail, we also have a guide to create a new virtual desktop in Windows 10 by CMD .

Move windows to a virtual desktop

It is important to move the windows you want to the virtual desktop that you just created. For this, you press the right mouse button on the window, select the option “Move” and choose the new desktop.

Move from one desk to another

In order for you to move from one virtual desktop to another, you must use the combination Windows + Ctrl + ← if you want to go to the screens to the left or Windows + Ctrl + → where the other virtual desktops that you have created are located.

Note that it is also possible to open programs on different virtual desktops . Also, this could be very useful in different circumstances.


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