What Is A Strong Bastion?

What is a strong bastion?

The fortifications of the bastion arrived as a result of the inventions of gunpowder and cannons that changed the nature of the battle. These forts have the shape of a pentagon or a hexagon. The corners have bastions where the enemy can be seen and faced. These bastions made these commitments easier and more comfortable because there was no need for the soldiers to lean against the walls. These made the soldiers safe.

Why was star formation introduced?

The original forts were based on hills with walls. The defense against an invading enemy force was guaranteed by how high the fort was. The enemy forces had to knock the walls or the gate if they ever hoped to conquer the fort. The soldiers on the other side had to go down beyond the walls. This has been a difficult undertaking due to the constant shooting by archers in high defense positions. The introduction of the cannonball made them extremely vulnerable and had to be changed.

The new forts were built using unique star formations. They had ditches that still made the attacking force vulnerable to counterattacks. Even the walls were shortened. These forts underwent numerous innovations for a period of three hundred years.

Were they expensive?

Building these forts was not so cheap. Many men were employed to do the hard work of excavating the land that had to reinforce the walls. Even the old walls had to be demolished and new to be built. The materials to be used had to absorb the artillery blows. New cost reduction measures had to be introduced. Instead of completely breaking down the forts, they left part of it and filled it with earth to make it stronger. The sloping walls were designed by engineers to hide the walls from horizontal enemy fire.

How have Bastion Forts changed military strategies?

Military planners have adopted these new bastions to reduce their victims. Every military invader was now forced to attack these forts first. The goal was to capture them before proceeding to other forts. The new changes made made them more difficult to overcome and the sieges took a long time to finish. When they actually fell, the enemy had exhausted their resources and other forts in the fire line had adopted siege strategies.

What made the Bastion forts irrelevant?

New inventions of military weapons such as tanks and more powerful artillery shells again made these forts vulnerable. A tank could ram the walls with powerful shells. These tanks could be guided over the trenches and ground reinforcements of these walls could not withstand the impact of artillery shells fired from enemy guns.

Military planes have made them even more vulnerable. All that was needed was a pilot who dropped some bombs and the destruction was assured. These forts were designed to support them by an infantry attack, not an aerial assault. These forts therefore had to be abandoned.


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