What is a rogue state?

The concept of “rogue states” has been written and explored over the years by numerous specialists and scholars of international relations. However, the concept, although widely written and discussed in various forums, still justifies a careful and meticulous look because it plays a fundamental role in international politics, international political planning and global peace initiatives. This article adds to the growing body of literature on the concept of “rogue states” and offers further insights by exploring and explaining the concept.

The term “rogue states”, according to many international relations scholars, refers to a country that intends to intentionally and deliberately commit transgressions and violate international laws and policies aimed at guaranteeing global peace. Furthermore, the intentions of these states are to threaten the security of their countries and other countries around the world. There are certain attributes that make a state to be defined and classified as a rogue state. These attributes refer to commissions of great transgressions that are contrary to international laws and policies. These are: pursuing weapons of mass destruction (WMD), actively carrying out or supporting terrorist and terrorist activities, systematic and serious violations and restrictions on accepted international human rights, and repression and abuse of its citizens. Furthermore, rogue states are characterized by authoritarian rules, involvement in large-scale criminal activities such as drug trafficking and money laundering or counterfeiting activities, and pathetic treatment and treatment of those who disagree with the political leadership of the state. In general, rogue states do not play according to the rules of international politics. Rather, they are strangers to the international community that defy them with contempt and show contempt for international laws and policies that aim to promote global peace with the goal of achieving their own selfish interests. Member states are sometimes referred to as ”

Global examples of rogue states

In the contemporary global context, North Korea can be considered a perfect example of a rogue state and has remained so for more than six decades. The United States considers North Korea, Iran, Sudan and Syria as “rogue states”. The concept of Rogue State, however, is not a novel in global history. Germany under the ruthless rule of Adolf Hitler, Libya under the notorious Muammar Gaddafi and Iraq under the reign of the restless Saddam Hussein were once considered rogue.

Rogue problem resolution

Players like the United Nations Security Council and the United States are grappling with the question of how to deal with rogue states like North Korea that is almost plunging the world into World War III through its ongoing search and use of weapons of destruction like the nuclear weapons. So far, it has been quite difficult for the international community to deal with North Korea and stop its life-threatening activities. Some turning points in recent history, such as the change of heart of the Libyan kingdom of Muammar Gaddafi from false to friend can give hope to this course.

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