What is a Flight Box?

A flight box is really a toolbox that has been customized for use by people flying radio controlled (RC) aircraft. Flight boxes are an important thing to have for RC flyers, and they are easily accessible from companies that operate RC aircraft and equipment, and from hobby groups that focus on RC aircraft. People can also build their own or modify a regular toolbox to meet their needs.

When people take their radio controlled aircraft out for a spin, they need a lot more than just the plane. They usually need fuel, batteries, controllers, and equipment to make adjustments and repairs. Since most RC flyers try to be cooperative and friendly, they may also want to carry things that may be useful for other flyers, such as spare parts. First aid kits, accessories for their aircraft, and other things are also needed on a field trip.

Flight boxes help people organize their equipment and supplies. There are a number of advantages to using an airplane box instead of packing a box or bag every time someone takes an airplane out. The first is that using a flight box ensures that someone has all the equipment he or she needs, because it is always stored in the flight box. The flight box can also be used to store things like club membership information, licenses, advance checklists, and other tools that can be absolutely crucial to flying.

The second is that keeping things organized can allow people to spend more time flying. A well-organized flight box can make things easy to find, enabling quick inventorying of tools and parts so people can keep track of what they have, what they need, and how quickly they go through supplies. People can do things like explicit labeling drawers with a list of content to make it easy to confirm that an airplane box is packed and ready to go, and the flight box also has space to store fuel and other large items that will make it easier to get around the field.

Each pilot develops his or her own personal taste in flight boxes. Some people prefer small, lightweight boxes with stripped down supplies so they can get around easily. Others prefer larger boxes that may be attached to wheels or wheels, with a variety of every possible element imaginable that may be needed in the field. People can also choose to customize their flight boxes with paint jobs, stickers and other decorations to make them stand out.

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