What does the red rose emoji mean in WhatsApp?

Social networks like WhatsApp are the most active means of communication that exists today , and we all love to use the different tools they provide to make any interaction more fun.

Such is the case of emoticons that are used to express emotions without having to say a word, this works very well for the most painful, because they can use the heart emoji to declare their love for someone.

What does the Red Rose Emoji mean in WhatsApp? – Learn to Use Emojis

In general, all the emoticons symbolize an emotion, but in case you don’t know when and how to use the Red Rose , stay with us because here we will tell you how to do it. It should be noted that WhatsApp, in its eagerness to innovate, every so often includes better characters, so you can always download and activate new emojis for Android 8.0 .

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  1. Can the red rose emoticon on WhatsApp represent crushes?
  2. What meanings can the red rose of WhatsApp have?
    1. sorry emoji
    2. roses for the family
    3. Passion
    4. Amistad
  3. At what time is it appropriate to send a red rose to a person?

Can the red rose emoticon on WhatsApp represent crushes?

The Red Rose in WhatsApp can have many meanings just like the other emoticons, this being the negative part of the virtual conversation, since it is not 100% known what the other person means. Ideally, if a contact sends you one of these, you should evaluate the context of the conversation.

And it is that obviously if the Rose comes from your partner it is telling you that he loves you, but if it is another person it is not necessarily so; also never forget to take into account the nationality of the contact, since in some countries they can use it as a nice detail without having to fall into the romantic.

What meanings can the red rose of WhatsApp have?

If it is still not clear to you what the Red Rose can mean in a WhatsApp conversation, we will mention some simple examples below.

Although, the fastest way to understand what a Red Rose symbolizes is to see if the emoticon has already been sent to you before, if so, enter the conversation and read completely again. If you deleted it by mistake, you can always recover the conversations deleted from the App.

sorry emoji

The red rose is sent for many reasons, such as when a contact wants to apologize, as it symbolizes the peace offering in case of arguments, misunderstandings and fights. It is usually used alone as a sign that you are sorry, or it can even be accompanied by the typical phrase “I’m sorry” .

roses for the family

This type of emojis is widely used when a family member who is mostly a woman is celebrating an important event, such as her birthday or a promotion. Although, the most frequent use is close to Mother’s Day, because the Rose expresses the delicacy and tenderness that the woman imparts to her children.


And although it seems obvious to say it, many users do not know that the red rose on WhatsApp reflects the love and passion that exist between two people. Its meaning is so evident that, if your lover sends you only the Red Rose, you will understand that she is telling you that she loves and misses you, without the need for words.


The truth is that in some countries the Red Rose is only used for love, but keep in mind that in other regions true friends usually send this type of emoticon on special dates such as birthdays . The detail resembles any bouquet or flower that a friend would give you to see you happy.

At what time is it appropriate to send a red rose to a person?

Determining the right moment to send this emoji to one of your contacts will depend on what you want to express, remember that emoticons are used to simplify communication, so to avoid misunderstandings you must be very careful, as when you allude to the word chape in WhatsApp .

For this reason, it is ideal that you send it when you want to congratulate someone, be it for a birthday or even an anniversary; Likewise, it is good to send it when you need to express to your partner that you miss him or want to see him. In a few words, if you want to express congratulations, it is ideal to resort to this emoticon.

In the only case where it is not recommended to do so is when your contact is going through a bad personal situation, such as the loss of a family member, at that time it is more appropriate to send a white or black rose. This way your friend will understand that you think about him and that your heart is afflicted by the loss of him.

Finally, keep in mind that it is always good to make backups of WhatsApp conversations in Google Drive , since if you deleted any chat, this option will allow you to easily recover the information.


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