What Does Being Healthy Means;Five Facts You Must Know

What Does Being Healthy Means,this is very important question for every one.When a person is in good health, his whole body is in fine working order. He feels no pains, it pays no aches, lameness, or laziness. He feels full of have good life and vigor. A boy I know said recently  that he felt ‘fine and good all over, and ready for anything that came along.”When one does not have good health, the trouble is generally due to lack of proper care of the body, either on the person’s own part, or on the part of some one else.

The rose gardener, who every week in the warm weather loosens the soil about his plants, waters them, weeds them, and keeps them free from insects, will have larger and more beautiful blossoms than if he simply left the roses to do the best they could without any care. His bushes will become so strong and hardy that they can endure the frost and the cold when the winter season comes round. Hut if they were neglected, they would die rapidly.

Any one who takes pains to give his body the right kind of tart every day can be strong and hardy, just as with the gardener’s rose bushes. Having good health, one’s body may become so full of life and force that it can resist disease, as the strong rose plant can resist the frost it will build up a body able to avoid sickness. He will not have to suffer with headache, toothache, earache, boils, coughs, colds, and other ills?When a boy has something the matter with him every now and again, lie will miss many pleasures and will fall behind in his work.

What Does Being Healthy Means;Practical Example

Think of two people you know, one of whom has poor health (that is, he has pains or aches of some kind, or he cannot cat or sleep well) while the other has good health. Surely you will fine! that the latter gels more fun out of life than the formed. Hr ran accomplish more with his mind and body. He can do his work with greater ease. He can earn more worry. He will probably Has longer. He will be more cheerful and happy. He can therefore give more pleasure to the people around him, and he will be more popular with them.’)

How many of the people you know have perfect health ? I once asked eight hundred young Good women, students in a college, “How many of heath is you feel well all the time ?” Only a few were possible found who did not have some kind of ache or pain.

Some people have good health much of the time. Many of us have only a fair average. Ought nor every one aim for a 100 % mark in health, as well as in other things? It is quite possible to live so as to keep our health good. When .VIr. Roosevelt was President, he asked Professor Irving Fisher, a teacher in Yale University, to find out how many people in the united States were sick from diseases that might have been prevented. Investigation showed that there were three million people in the united States sick all of the time: and that one half of this number h.500,000) need not have become ill if they, or some one else, had not carelessly broken the laws of health.

Our bodies arc in some ways like bicycles. With good care they serve us well, and are so full of vigor that it is not bard to do our best in whatever we undertake.

If some one gave you a valuable gift, would you treat it carelessly and spoil it, as Henry did his bicycle ? Or would you take good care of it, and keep it nice as long as possible r Do you not think every one ought to take such care of his body that it will always be in good working condition ? it is not the weak and the sickly people who win the lace, or who have the best time, or who do the most things that are worth while.

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