What are the safest search engines for children?

Those of us who are constantly on the internet from a PC or laptop know Google as the main search engine . It is the most widely used to date and will be for a long time. Just keep in mind that there is a big difference between browser and search engine . They are different, but at the same time they work in a very similar way and are related to each other.

Although it is true that current browsers are very good and precise with the information we are looking for, they are very volatile and “dangerous” for children. As the father of a family that you are or will be, you have to be aware of any strange web page that your son or daughter may have access to.

That is why there are search engines and browsers for children that I am very sure of. Although of course, it is a subject of those who know little. However, here we will let you know, plus you can also implement parental control to have more privacy and control of the search engine used.

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  1. What are the safest search engines for children?
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  2. What are the benefits of search engines for children?

What are the safest search engines for children?

The great advantage that the digital world offers us is that we can find endless internet browsers with unique characteristics. There are for all tastes and all types of users, including the smallest of the house.

The idea of ​​a search engine for a child is that he can access certain information in a very intuitive way and find things that he likes. That is why the following search engines have been developed, which will offer you security and privacy at all times.


It is a search engine which has a fairly good security level. It has a main official page which you can access and set as default in the browser you use. From the outset, you will have a very nice and attractive interface for any family that has one or more children at home.

As you can see, it has a very similar design to Google’s main web page, with the difference that it has cartoons on the sides and the colors are striking. On the other hand, it gives you the option to use a new tool which is parental control.

In case you intend to establish parental control, the same tool will indicate what you can and cannot do. Everything is that you know how to configure this option very well. Registration is free, so we recommend using this tool.

Keep in mind that the more specific you are with the parental control settings, the more effective it will be and your children will be safer from information or pages that are not suitable for them.

Among the most outstanding features of this browser , we can mention the following most relevant:

  • It has a database with thousands of words that are not suitable for children and their education.
  • You can provide words that are not registered in order to make the filtering more effective.
  • The searches that are done here are with an engine based on GoogleCustom Search. This works in such a way that it can exclude certain web pages with a good margin of effectiveness.
  • It has a filtering of web pages which works as a new level of security. In any case, you can also add web pages that are not in the database.
  • Bunis does a quick scan of the content of a web page. This in order to detect words or content that are not suitable or safe for a child.


Another of the browsers that reminds us of the imposing Google . There are quite interesting aspects of this search engine that need to be highlighted. As such, it has a fairly clear main goal, which is to restrict access to pages and content that are dangerous or unsuitable for children.

In terms of graphical interface, it is very similar to that of Google . In other words, it has the option to filter the search results based on what you want to find. For example, you can search only for images, web, news about a topic or choose only videos.

One thing to keep in mind is that, when performing a search , whether with parental control or not, the first three results are focused on children. As for the rest of the results, they are web pages that contain a little more detailed information regarding a particular process or topic.

It could be said that the search results in this web browser from 4th place onwards is to understand something in particular, but they are still safe for children. As a final piece of information, from result 8 onwards, all the pages are owned by Google, although they have already been filtered and children can also have access to the website. Something to keep in mind if this will become one of your favorite search engines is that it is handled in the English language. For which the results and searches have to be in this language.

Safe Search Kids

No matter what children search through this option, they will always get a result that is suitable for them and that furthers their education. It has a fairly powerful system which rules out all dangerous websites or those with content that is not suitable for minors . In addition, the database is fed by all the information that Google itself handles.

On the other hand, the environment that is handled in this search engine is very attractive and fun for children. From the rest, a safe way to surf the internet and discover things that are feasible for them and their development and growth is provided . Soon we will show you more or less the graphical interface of this browser. Please note that searches must also be done in English.


In this case, we have a very particular web page search engine, since it was developed by professionals in Barcelona – Spain. If you go to the official bebeeee website , you will notice that it is very simple and minimalist, very different from what has been seen with the rest of the search engines.

However, it also works with one of the filters provided by Google SafeSearch Strict . The idea or basis of this filter is that all explicit and adult content is instantly blocked. Of course there will be sites to which, if you have access, but this has a solution.

That is why, like Bunis.org, it also has a space where you can report web portals that have inappropriate content and that have not been limited by the search engine.

If at any time the boy or girl wants to find something to distract themselves or play, on the main page of bebeeee there is a space where they can find games. As for the advantages that you will get with this alternative, we must mention the following:

  • Searches are precise and personalized thanks to the filter provided by google.
  • Access to many free games.
  • Searches can be in both English and Spanish. This is something optional.
  • You will have the opportunity to report any page that has inappropriate content for a minor.

As for the disadvantages, we can only tell you that the interface is not at all flashy. It is very basic and simple.


In the case of Kidoz, it is very different from the rest of the competition already mentioned, since it is a search engine that you have to download. It works very similar to what was previously known as Mi Primera Encarta, which was a program that contained information as an encyclopedia. Unlike this one, Kidoz works with the internet and provides you with three options to get information: Games, videos and interactive websites .

The user or the child will be able to choose what type of content they want to see or find. As for the positive aspects of this alternative, we can mention the following:

  • intuitive interface
  • It has a desktop version
  • It has more than 15 different languages.
  • It has support for operating systems like Windows and some versions of Windows.
  • It has a native parental control in which you can manually add web pages to block or limit access.

What are the benefits of search engines for children?

The first benefit is that the content on the internet is very limited. This supposes a high level of security, since it is difficult to have control of the internet and the information that exists. That is why there are browsers and parental control programs in which a standard or personalized configuration can be established.

Thanks to the many search engines and filters provided by Google, it is not so necessary to add one page at a time or words that we do not want children to see and learn. This is already optimized and managed, so that, with just a few clicks, you can give security and privacy to the little ones in the house


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