What are the differences between Proxy and VPN?

Networks wireless Internet are an essential means of communication for humanity. And it is that currently Internet platforms are the main alternative when managing any procedure or activity.

However, every action has its risk, and this phrase applies when entering any internet platform. Well, there are people and entities that are dedicated to stealing information such as personal data and then use it in scams.

Due to this, some tools have been implemented to increase the security strips in the Proxy servers . In addition to the creation of virtual private networks, better known as VPN.

What is and usefulness of a Proxy server and a VPN?

To indicate what are the differences between a Proxy server and a virtual private network, it is necessary to know in depth the origin of each one of them, and what are their uses.

Proxy server is a program or network that is responsible for acting as an intermediary to receive a request , forward it and obtain a response that will later be sent to the applicant.

In other words, a Proxy computer network is in charge of receiving the request from an IP address, sending it to the specific section, then obtaining the response and sending it to the server.

On the other hand, a virtual private network (VPN) is responsible for performing a task similar to that of a proxy server. However, this platform has some security tools , which allow the user to use the internet without taking risks by providing sensitive information.

Based on this, it could be said that each of these networks has positive aspects and not so good aspects, of course, it would be necessary to assess which would be the best option to use depending on the case.

Differences between Proxy and VPN

Both proxy servers and a virtual private network (VPN) are of great importance today. Since through them we can execute various activities that go beyond a daily connection.

Therefore, below we will inform you of the differences that exist between the two ; since although they have a similar operation, they are two different connections.


Proxy servers handle some execution protocols . Among these, the method of inserting the pages , in which if the URL starts with “http” the server will have access only to websites, and if the URL starts with “https” it will have greater security of entry. Here we explain what a Proxy is and how to configure it

Proxy computer networks tend to be faster in the execution and handling of information , because they manage large amounts of interconnections. In addition, direction can overcome some restrictive navigation barriers that are based on geolocation

Most of the Proxy platforms have a free access method, although there are some services that are subject to payment. These are the best proxies for anonymous surfing on the Internet.

So using a proxy server can be useful when it comes to having a somewhat outdated IP address or when it is necessary to overcome entry barriers due to geolocation.


Unlike a proxy computer network, a virtual private network has some important security aspects . Among these we can highlight the possibility of entering the web platforms , providing personal information and having access to various virtual spaces without leaving any browsing trace.

Similarly, no hacker or governmental / legal entity may have access to any personal information. And only the registration number of the IP address can be displayed.

There are some restrictions regarding the geolocation of the pages, however these will depend on the type of VPN that is used. In Google Chrome you can find VPN extensions.

Virtual private networks usually require payments to provide an adequate service to the user, and the cost of the VPN depends on the quality of service that is offered.

The speed of the VPN is often quite good, and it features encrypted security encryption. You can increase the speed of your internet using a VPN.
In case you want to secure the data you supply on the web, using a virtual private network would be the best option.


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