What are the devil’s weaknesses?

The devil’s first weakness is the prayer of praise, because he cannot stand praising God for something very simple: Lucifer, or “light bearer”, became a satan precisely because he did not want to praise God. This is obvious! Therefore, the praise for him is very strong and heavy. If we want to fight the devil, we have nothing else to do but start praising the Lord.

If you know someone who needs help, it is not always necessary for you to offer prayers of deliverance for them. If there is a group of brothers who pray together, start praising God while ignoring the enemy, and the praise will bother you so much that he will run away.

A very common question today: “Why is the devil more present today than in the past?” There was a time when he worked in hiding, he was ignored by everyone. Until recently, there were very few or almost no exorcists, not because there were no people who needed to be exorcised, but because no one realized this need. Today is different. So what is the reason that the devil seems more active these days? We started to talk more about him, first, through Pentecostals, then by evangelicals, followed by the Catholic Charismatic Renewal (RCC).

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Weapons to fight the devil

The devil can not stand praise! This could be exemplified as a mouse hidden in a hole; you throw hot water there and, unable to stand it, he is forced to leave. Praise makes the enemy leave the hole where he is.

Every fight that the devil has today is not because he is stronger than before, but probably because he is weaker. Thanks to all the praise done, especially in prayer groups , through these spiritual movements (in particular, the charismatic movement), the evil one loses control and does not know what to do. For that reason, we must continue to fight through praise.

The second thing the devil fears is obedience , because he is disobedient. Thus, all he continually suggests is disobedience. We priests in particular must be very attentive to this, as it is easy to fall into this trap of the enemy.

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The third thing also feared by the devil is humility. He suggests “power”. In the end, he is what he is: Satan, because he wanted to have power.

An exorcist once asked him a question: Why are you terrified of Mary? And he said, “I’m terrified of that woman, of her great humility.” Humility is a virtue that the enemy of God fears more than us, because that virtue goes against his nature, because he is proud, proud, powerful and does what he wants. Humility goes against all of that.


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