What are the best alternatives similar to Netflix to watch series and movies for free or paid?

On Netflix you can find very good audiovisual content, but is Netflix all there is in terms of series and movies? The answer is no, there is the possibility of having  free IPTV applications for internet channels. So there are quality services, matching the level of Netflix. 

This is why we came today to tell you what these alternatives are Netflix, under the theme ¿ What are the best alternatives like Netflix to watch series and movies for free or pay ?

What are the Best Netflix-Like Alternatives to Watch Free or Paid Series and Movies

Alternatives similar to Netflix to watch series and movies for free

Everything free is good, isn’t it? But when you think about watching series and movies on platforms similar to Netflix, you may think that you will always have to pay, but the truth is that no. Well, there are free IP TV applications to watch channels with good entertainment and at your disposal. Below, we’ll show you some of the best Netflix-like platforms that are free.

Are you a lover of the classic cinema of yesteryear? Then you will be glad to hear about the Classic Cinema Online platform . Through this platform you can enjoy the classic hits of franchises such as Disney or the biggest and best hits of old Hollywood.

You can enjoy movie hits like Tarantula! (1955), Only the Brave (1951), Heidi (1937), The Canary Crime (1929), other box office hits for free.

Another option is Pluto TV , with its programming schedule structure similar to TV, it offers you free content. Said content is separated into categories such as: popular movies, popular series, drama movies, comedy movies, action movies, Sci-Fi movies, horror movies, among others. In addition to this, you will be able to see the live program, all completely free.

Finally, we will recommend you to FilmIn Latino , which although it is not totally free, it has a section of movies and series totally free. In FilmIn Latino you can also save the content you want to watch later.

Alternatives similar to Netflix to watch series and pay movies

If you are willing to invest money in an alternative to Netflix, then pay more than due attention to these alternatives that we will mention below:

First of all, Amazon Prime Video works as the streaming platform of the sales giant, Amazon. This platform offers you a not so extensive catalog of series and movies, but that are of quality and renown. In addition, when you start the subscription you can enjoy a free trial period for one month.

If you prefer, you can connect your Amazon Prime Video account to your Smart TV, iOS and Android in a simple way. They also allow you to download your favorite content to watch whenever you want.

Another different option is the HBO streaming platform , which have the stamp on world-wide success series such as The Sopranos, Chernobyl and Game of Thrones . This platform has many advantages, such as access to a lot of content from series and movies, parental control settings and it is compatible with many devices such as Smart TVs, smartphones and tablets.

Another alternative is Movistar + , a platform brought by the Movistar company. On this platform you can get all kinds of novels, films, series, children’s content and documentaries, since its catalog has more than 5,000 titles of film content.

You will have around 80 different channels, but if you like luxury, you can rent the Premium packages with more additional channels for an extra price.

Another option before you is to download Disney plus , Disney’s official streaming platform. There you will get old and new content from the Marvel, Pixar, National Geographic, Star Wars, and classic Disney movies franchises.

You can also take advantage of exclusive content for the platform and new series and movies. When you register, you will enter a trial period of 7 days and your payment can be done monthly or annually.

Despite the fact that all these streaming platforms are very popular, their cost is not that high compared to all the time you will have to access series, movies and other interesting content to entertain yourself.

In addition, many of these have different payment methods, with monthly or even annual plans. So, what are you waiting for to go see the best series and movies ?


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