What are external recruitment and selection techniques?

The selection and recruitment of personnel has main objectives , but it also has techniques that when used properly in your company lie in the success of it . If you want to know what these techniques are, keep reading the topic What are the external and internal recruitment and personnel selection techniques?

What are the external recruitment and selection techniques?

One of the most common problems in the human resources area arises when it comes time to initiate an external selection and recruitment process.

Although selecting new personnel for the company can be a headache, with the techniques that we will give you below, this process will be easier.

Social networks

A good way to attract professionals is using digital technology, specifically, social networks because who does not currently have an account on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc?

Social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter are very good portals to meet candidates and carry out a more entertaining and different recruitment process.

Using this selection and recruitment technique is also very good because it projects a good image of the company’s brand, in addition to helping to expand it and allowing candidates to see more easily what the culture of the organization is like , which attracts customers. best candidates.

Job portals

This is a simple and effective way to find candidates, as they are mostly digital portals specialized in registering demands and job offers , they are sites like Infojobs, Infoempleo, Laboris, among others.

These are some of the best pages to search for jobs and employees, in which there are always people looking for a job, so you will have a wide variety of candidates to choose from, where there will be people with a lot of talent and potential for your company.

Association with universities

The partnership between companies and universities is one of the best ways to recruit new talents , and having an internship program brings various benefits to the company and young talents.

For example, the possibility of acquiring interns who bring fresh and new ideas to the company, help the development of the students’ careers and finally, train these young people who may feel affinity with the values ​​of the company and in a future be hired as formal employees of the company who work to achieve work goals with the organization.

Recruitment agencies

The use of third parties for the selection and recruitment process can be a good option if you do not want to invest a lot of time and energy in it, since these recruitment agencies take care of much of the process.

These agencies are first in charge of attracting competent candidates to the company and make the first contact with the candidates, where they are in charge of collecting data from them such as CV, professional background, level of education, technical knowledge, etc.

Even these recruitment agencies perform psychometric tests in the recruitment or test of personality, general knowledge and languages ​​depending on the profile sought.

In this way, these agencies get the best candidates for the company, although the final decision on hiring is the responsibility of the human resources team and / or the CEO of the company.

What are the internal recruitment and selection techniques?

Group dynamics

If you are looking to fill vacancies with the employees you already have in the company, a good way to do it is by using the best games and dynamics , as they are in high demand in the Human Resources area.

This way of recruiting allows you to evaluate and better know the social skills of the employees that you have in your company and that they will apply for another position, you will also be able to see their integration capacity, the handling of different situations and analyze their procedure.

You will also be able to evaluate their work in leadership, verbal communication, teamwork, initiative, sociability, efficiency and capacity for synthesis and analysis.

Referral program

If you inform your employees about the selection process, they can recommend you to other employees who they consider to be adhering to the requirements, making this whole process easier, since you reach the candidates with the greatest potential.

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