How to shoot down the patrol helicopter in Rust

Now that Rust is back in the gamer’s mouths, it’s time for you to learn all the tricks to get the most out of this game. If you have already started watching all the tutorials, you are surely interested in knowing if it is possible to pilot or shoot down the helicopter in Rust and how to do it. Keep reading! In this article we will tell you about it.

Since its launch on Egoland, Rust’s server on Twitch , this video game has grown in popularity. Despite not being exactly a new game, it is updated frequently, bringing out new options for its users on a regular basis.

If there is something that does not go unnoticed in this type of game, it is a helicopter. Whether it’s the patrol helicopter event you can try to shoot down; or a helicopter that you can buy and fly yourself, it is definitely a topic that you should know more about.

How to shoot down the patrol helicopter in Rust

If you have already installed Rust in Spanish , you should know that every few hours (between 1 and 4 hours, depending on the server you use), an event occurs in which a military helicopter flies from the coast and patrols a monument. It does not follow any specific route, and the only point it always goes to is the airfield.

This helicopter will open fire on any player it gets in its way, as long as it meets some conditions. For the helicopter to target you, you must have 3 or more items of clothing or a long-range weapon. In this way it is ensured that it does not attack players who cannot defend themselves.

If this helicopter attacks you, the best thing to do is try to shoot it down. It will not be a simple process , but the reward is great: by destroying this helicopter, you will get in the large amount of weapons and ammunition. Keep in mind that if you work as a team with other players, taking him down will be much easier.

To shoot down the patrol helicopter in Rust, all you have to do is target one of the three weak points it has: the main rotor, the tail rotor and the engine. By damaging any of these, the helicopter decreases its ‘health’ from 10,000 to 2,500, and you will see how dark smoke begins to come out.

If you manage to hit both rotors, the helicopter will fall from the sky. However, you must be careful not to rush towards the helicopter as soon as it falls , as it will be on fire. Wait for the fuel to burn out (it won’t take more than a couple of minutes) so it’s safe to go up and loot this new loot.

How to acquire and pilot a helicopter in Rust

The military helicopter cannot be piloted by the players, as it is part of a Rust event. In the end, if you managed to knock it down, you can even use its parts as metal or charcoal. However, there is a helicopter that you could fly yourself, but we anticipate that, if you want to buy it, you will have to save.

The easiest way to acquire a helicopter in Rust is to purchase it from the bandit camp. You can get it for 1,250 pieces of scrap metal. To do this, of course, you first have to get scrap metal and save it until you reach this figure.

Once you have your helicopter, you just have to learn how to fly it . This will not be an easy task, as it must be done with the computer mouse and the control is not very fine. You must train your wrist to make the movements as precise as possible and not mess it up.

If you want a trick to improve your control a bit, you can set your mouse sensitivity to 0.2 to help you make finer movements. Once you get into the helicopter, your computer mouse will handle the oscillations you make in the air, and pressing the W key on your keyboard will increase the speed of the rotors.

When you want to land, you just have to release the W key and the helicopter will slow down . With this learned, you only have to practice and practice if you manage to master this activity, and thus fly in Rust as much as you want. If you liked this article, don’t forget to share it on your social networks.

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