What are Digi’s additional services?

A few years ago Digi Mobil was not as well known as it is now. The Romanian operator has been making a dent in the market for virtual mobile operators, also known as OMV. In addition to mobile or mobile and fiber rates, Digi offers additional services to its customers at no cost.

One of the most important points when considering a change of mobile company is to check if we have coverage. Digi Mobil, being an MVNO, uses Movistar coverage. You can check Digi’s coverage through its website. This mobile operator is also characterized by offering one of the cheapest fiber and mobile offers on the market.

Free and practical services

If you are already a customer or are thinking of switching to Digi, these are some of the improvements that the company implements to its customers at no extra cost.

Consumption inquiry

At any time of the day you can check your consumption of megabytes and available minutes for free. If you have a contract you can check the consumption and if you are prepaid, the balance. A way to always be up to date with your expenses that you can check through “My Digi account” by entering your phone number and password or by dialing * 130 #.


If we want the calls that we receive and are not answered or that we are communicating when we receive them have the option of leaving us a message, we will have to activate the voice mailbox. To activate this free service you have to call 1200 and identify yourself as the owner of the line. Once activated, the way to access the messages that may be left in your voice mailbox is as follows: by dialing 1210 from your DIGI mobile or from another network by dialing 642 642 210. Then, just enter your phone number and password assigned to your voicemail. If you are in Romania, you will only be able to access your voicemail from your DIGI mobile. You have to bear in mind that the messages will only be available for 2 months up to a total of 30 with a duration of 30 seconds.

Missed call warning

If we have the mobile turned off or out of coverage, when we turn it on or recover coverage, an SMS will arrive indicating the number, date and time that they have tried to contact us. Your Digi number already has this service so it is not necessary to do any type of activation.

Call forwarding

Some customers before switching to DIGI do not know that the DIGI SIM has two numbers: one Spanish and the other Romanian. This service allows access to local rates at no extra cost in the roaming service in both countries. It can be turned on and off by dialing 1215 and does not support voicemail or missed calls service. It is highly recommended that if you are not going to use it you keep it deactivated. For example, it is useful to activate it when you are going to travel to Romania and you want all calls to be diverted to your Romanian DIGI number, and the same happens in the opposite case of a trip from Romania to Spain.

SIM duplicate

Over time, the SIM card deteriorates, we lose it or they can even steal our mobile in the worst case. With DIGI you can request a duplicate by calling 1200 free from your DIGI mobile or 642642642 from other networks.

Balance advance

If you have a prepaid rate and you run out of time to call, DIGI has the option of activating a free balance advance service with which you can have up to 1 euro of additional balance for a maximum of 2 days. To activate this service you can dial * 100 # or 1215. The balance you spend during the activation of the service will be discounted when you recharge and it is necessary to have at least 1 euro of credit to be able to activate it.

Balance transfer in prepaid rates

DIGI Mobil allows you to transfer your balance between prepaid DIGI numbers 30 days after the activation of your DIGI SIM. This service is activated by dialing 1215. The transferred balance can be used as a normal recharge, that is, to make calls, activate offers, send SMS etc. As with the balance advance service, you must have at least 1 euro of balance to activate it and it is not possible to keep less than 1 euro of balance after the transfer.


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