= A welcome speech to the chief guest is given by the student, teacher, principal or a host to welcome the honored chief guest at an event organized in the school, college, university. Here we have provided you speeches to welcome the chief guest, which are given at various events like an award ceremony, annual day, independence day etc. You can choose any speech according to the competition to be held at the school or college to welcome your invited chief guest.

Welcome Speech for Chief Guest in School and College

Welcome speech by the Principal for the Chief Guest on the day of the annual festival

My greetings to all the honored positions in the auditorium,

I welcome you to the 25th Annual Festival of ABC Public School, Noida. This is a very prestigious occasion for our school as we have completed our 25 golden years. In other words, today we are celebrating our silver jubilee. It is very difficult to believe that the dream we had dreamed of is now being fulfilled.

The idea of ​​the foundation of an educational institution is really inspiring for us, which was planted as a plant 25 years ago, it has grown into a big tree today. Here today I am seeing in front of me extraordinary and smart students and their parents who have come to us from every corner of the city on this day.

हर साल मैं उन लोगों को संबोधित करने में खुशी महसूस करता हूं जो आज के युवा हैं और कल देश के  जिम्मेदार नागरिक होंगे। मैं और हमारा पूरा समर्पित शिक्षक दल अपने बच्चों के लिए उनके माता-पिता द्वारा किए गए प्रयासों की सराहना करते हैं। इसलिए यहां आज मुझे उन माता-पिता का गर्मजोशी से स्वागत करने के लिए विशेषाधिकार मिला है जो लगातार इस स्कूल के विद्यार्थियों और साथ ही शिक्षकों के समर्पण और प्रेम का विस्तार कर रहे हैं।

To take this colorful evening forward and start the annual ceremony, I wholeheartedly welcome the inaugurator on behalf of everyone present here who is also a guest of today’s precious ceremony. I am especially grateful to our guest Mr. XYZ Kapoor, a social worker, educationist and philanthropist, when we approached him with an invitation card for the ceremony and requested him to come as the chief guest in the evening. Kapoor immediately accepted our request and agreed with today’s event and schedule.

Mr. Kapoor is a well-known name in matters related to women empowerment. He has made a lot of efforts to promote girl’s education. For this, he has also established many small education centers for girls and women. Today, everyone is lauding his initiative to set up an orphanage and old age home.

So welcome him with a thunderous applause as I invite Mr. XYZ Kapoor to the stage for the ritual of lighting the lamp and requesting him to speak a few words about his efforts and his life experiences.

Thank you very much to all of you !!


Welcome speech given by the Principal for the Chief Guest on the day of the Annual Sports Festival

My greetings to all the honored positions in the auditorium,

On behalf of St. JKL Academy, I warmly welcome you all to the 14th Annual Sports Festival of the school. Sports are an integral and necessary part of our lives.

Sports, whether team-based or individual, is a great activity for children that provides us with various other benefits besides physical fitness. Sports participation builds self-esteem, self-confidence and motivates children to excel academically thus helping children build their social skills. It also teaches children how to achieve the set goal and practice continuously.

Therefore for this purpose we organize sports festival every year in which 100% participation of children is encouraged and every participant is rewarded. For us it is the participation of children that is most important that brings us happiness. This year our school has been declared as one of the best institutions in the city which strictly adheres to extra-curricular activities in the daily time-table. I want to thank every parent whose support it would not have been possible for us. I would request all the parents that what you are seeing today is the result of the massive continuous efforts made by the students and teachers, so encourage the students and welcome them with their applause.

I am extremely happy to say that none other than the distinguished guest of our sports day is the legendary Indian wrestler and Olympian Kumita Babita Phogat whose inspiring life stories have been made into a film (“Dangal”). I believe all of you should know about the Phogat sisters who worked hard despite all odds. Babita Phogat is one of those Indian women wrestlers who have made their country proud by their outstanding performance in a field dominated by men.

He is here today due to his strong determination and struggle. He has won 3 gold medals and 1 silver medal for India at the Commonwealth Wrestling Championship and 2 bronze medals at the World Wrestling Championship and Asian Wrestling Championship. It is a privilege for us that all of us have gathered here today and Babita Phogat is present among us as our honored guest.

So welcome with a thunderous applause to Miss Babita Phogat whom I would like to invite to the stage so that she can share her inspiring life story with us.

Hope you all enjoy the sports festival.

Thank you !!


Welcome speech by the student for the chief guest on the annual festival day

Honorable Chief Guest Mr. XYZ Kapoor, Chairman Mr. Deepak Aggarwal, Chief Madam Mrs. Rekha, Respected Teachers and my dear friends, I extend my loving greetings to you all,

My name is PQR and I am a 12th-C student and also the cultural secretary of ABC School. It is my privilege that I am present to you today on the auspicious day of completing 25 years of our school and celebrating my silver jubilee celebrations.

I think I have nothing to say about the importance and value of today’s day for all of us. The glow of everyone’s face is telling everything clearly that how happy you all are today. Today we are all very happy for our institution and I congratulate all the members for the completion of 25 golden years of our school. We are now in a position where our academic chapter closes and a new chapter begins.

I have been a part of this school since the fourth grade and my journey each year has been very fun due to the struggles and ups and downs. During my journey all our teachers and instructors supported me at every step. In addition to being awarded as one of the best schools in Noida in the academic field, our school also pays equal attention to extra-curricular activities for every student.

Now before starting our cultural programs, I am very happy to welcome Mr. XYZ Kapoor, our Chief Guest this evening, who is recognized as an educationist, social worker and philanthropist across the country. Our chief guest among us today is not in any way fascinated by formal introduction because you all must have heard about his works, efforts and his endless contribution towards the society. The personality of our main position is very respectable. He has made his significant contribution in the field of women empowerment, girl education, old age home, establishment of orphanages and social service in a wide sense.

I feel very fortunate to welcome such a great personality as our chief guest tonight. Therefore, on behalf of everyone present here, I would like permission to call our main position on the stage.

Before concluding my speech, I would like to welcome all my teachers, parents, friends and all the staff of the school who made their invaluable contribution by making this annual event a success.

Thank you very much to all of you !!


Welcome speech by the student for the chief guest on the day of the Academy Awards

Honorable Chief Guest, Mr. DM, Mr. DG, Director, Mrs. P, Principal, Mr. VP, Vice President, dignitaries on stage, respected teachers, parents and my dear friends. I have the opportunity to address this blissful evening to celebrate and reward the academic achievements of all “XYZ School” students.

I am ABC, Head Boy and a student of class 12th-A. I feel very fortunate to have this opportunity to address you at this prestigious moment when our school is celebrating its 15th annual Academic Awards ceremony where our school awards scholars for their hard work Are given and motivated to keep their aspirations high.

Apart from this, organizing this ceremony shows how successful our organization has been in the field of providing education to children in 15 years. Even today, this ceremony is a witness to showcasing the talents of the young minds of our school.

The importance of education is not confined within the four walls of the classroom, but it is much more than this and we are very fortunate to have such teachers, coaches who recognize its importance. If this building and teacher are the two resources available in the school then we are definitely the third resource. In fact, the real joy of teaching is how it takes creative, educational, sporting abilities out of its students.

Our school believes that they are not just looking for academic qualifications but also personal qualities like leadership and teamwork, determination and flexibility, self-confidence and self-confidence, respect and consideration etc.

I am very happy to see the hard work done by the students of 9th and 10th, both on behalf of the school and on my own, because they are many times more diligent than us and are waiting for their results to be announced tonight. I also want to give credit to all those students who are working hard and have the ability to achieve their goals.

The task assigned to me today is to welcome everyone to this grand ceremony of encouraging students. So first of all I would like to welcome our honorable Principal Mam which is the basis of the vitality of our school. Which reduces rest and is more about the well being of the students of the school. We welcome you all to this prestigious program of our school. Our dear parents who have continuously watered all the high prospects of our institution with their love and support, wholeheartedly welcome them.

I warmly welcome our Chief Guest this evening who does not require formal introduction in any way as all of you are aware of his work for the development and improvement of the city’s infrastructure, environment. Our main position is the person who has ensured the safety of girls and women and provides social services as well as shelter to the poor and needy. He is none other than Mr. DM of our city.

So with the applause, I would like to call Mr. DM on the stage so that we all can get the privilege of listening to such a great personality.

Thank you.


Welcome address to be delivered to the college for the chief guest on the day of the annual festival ceremony

My greetings to all the honored positions in the auditorium,

Today our ABC College is celebrating its 23rd annual day. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to address you at this important moment. It is always a respectful moment to get a chance to inspire young minds. Today’s children are the future of tomorrow. On the basis of the performance of the talent of the bright faces who are getting awards today, we can say that they will raise the value of the country tomorrow. They may achieve great success, name and fame in their life but we expect them to become good human beings and make this world a better place to live.

I feel extremely proud to say that the talent that the students have demonstrated here today is proof that they have the capacity to become worthy citizens of society and can help themselves and others in various ways.

Today we have gathered here on the annual day to encourage the youth to showcase their talent, due to which they got a different identity. This is a very important occasion for us as this festival marks the continued success of our school in education. Apart from this, we have also got a chance to welcome our Chief Guest this evening.

On behalf of ABC College I respectfully welcome Mr. _____, who is a renowned cardiologist and works as a Heart Specialist at the prestigious XYZ Hospital. We are certainly grateful to you for humbly accepting the invitation to be the chief guest on this occasion. Our chief guest does not require any formal introduction as he is a philanthropist and a distinguished figure of society. Our chief position is a highly respected person and is known for his deeds and professional services in the medical as well as social services sector.

He also runs his own private clinic where people below the poverty line are treated free of cost. He also has connections to some non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that provide free medicines and equipment to the needy. She is indeed a multi-faceted personality and society needs many such people. We are all familiar with his remedies due to which he has saved many lives. Our main position is a highly respected person in the society and is noted for the achievements achieved in the field of medical science. It is our privilege that he is present among us here as the Chief Guest today.

I would also like to welcome all parents who have consistently supported us in our endeavor to spread the light of knowledge.

In the end, I would like to welcome another important teacher, staff and students who are integral to this college and always support the vision and mission of the college. I request all of you for your support during this program and for making it a success.

Thank you !


Welcome speech for the Chief Guest to deliver at the school on Independence Day

My greetings to all the honored positions in the auditorium,

India is a land of various deities, languages, festivals and customs. People from different communities, religions, cultures remain united here. It is no wonder that our country India is truly incredible. Our country got independence 70 years ago on 15 August and we are proud to say that we have achieved this achievement after much struggle and innumerable sacrifices. As we have gathered here today, I wish every student and all our teachers on this occasion a happy Independence Day.

Today, I have got a great opportunity to welcome the Chief Guest from this forum who is a famous political figure in the society. Our chief position is a member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) of our district. He is also a famous philanthropist and is known for his great works. Our main position is also the founder of an NGO that works for poor and underprivileged children. He is a highly literate person.

After completing his graduation from IIT Kharagpur he joined the government and contributed to the construction of many roads and bridges in our city. Our chief guests like to write in their spare time and they have written many articles especially to focus on social issues like poverty, unemployment etc. Today the presence of such an eminent person as the chief guest is inspiring and inspiring for the students of our school.

I thank and welcome all the parents from this platform who have given unconditional love and support to the mission and vision of our school which has helped us a lot to achieve our goal. All the parents present here have shown tremendous confidence in the school which has always been the inspiration of the school to reach the peak of excellence. At the end, I would like to thank all the teachers, students and all the staff members of the school who are always active, hardworking and dedicated and working day and night to make every moment a great success.

As we know that every year we celebrate this day with many cultural events, this year also we are celebrating our independence with various cultural programs performed by our school students. These students belong to different communities but they share a sense of unity irrespective of their caste, creed, culture, religion or economic background. The school teaches everyone to be good people.

I request everyone to first pay tribute to our country and all the soldiers who have fought fearlessly for this freedom. You are most requested to stand up and sing the national anthem together. Next, I request the honored chief guest to light the lamp, hoist the national flag and encourage us with his inspiring speech.

Thank you !!

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