Weevil beetle | What it is and how to fight it in palm trees and olive trees

The weevil beetle (with the scientific name of rhynclophorus ferrugineus ) is a pest that can give you many problems in cultivation, and the worst of all is that it is not too well known. It is one of the main problems of palm trees , and it is that this characteristic plague will invade them without any look.

They will weaken the leaves, or directly cut them at incredible speed. This has its raison d’etre: at the moment in which they are cut a compound that attracts a greater amount of beetles comes out, which makes it imperative to identify the pest quickly and find a method to end it immediately.


What is the red beetle beetle?

The  weevil beetle is curious. The females place the eggs in the “wounds” of the palm trees, in those that have been able to appear with the passage of time (due to aging), due to poor pruning, although we can also find them in the leaves that cover the entire structure.

At the moment in which the eggs hatch larvae will appear that will have a size between 5 and 6 mm. To survive, these beings must live inside the trunk for a few days.

They will form a brown cocoon when they have got enough nutrients to complete the transportation. From inside the beetle red beetle will emerge , and that is when the palm tree will have a problem.

It is characterized by its impressive red color, its long beak that comes from the head (5 cm in size) and the amount of beings that can be concentrated in a single palm tree.

A single female can get to lay around 400 eggs . That is, in a short time we can have a considerable plague.

They survive in hot and humid climates. To pass from the larva stage to adults they need a time of 4 months. It is a type of pest that takes time to develop: even within the same palm tree several generations of beetle or weevil can inhabit .

Now that you know how important it is to get rid of the plague, let’s see how you can control it.

How can I know if I have a pest of beetle or weevil?

The pest feeds on the inside of the palm trees, and this result will not be fissile until the structure is very damaged. The plague will only emerge at the moment when the palm is in the last and has to move to another to survive.

But do not be overwhelmed, as there are some basic symptoms that will indicate if we are facing a beetle or weevil problem .

  • Cup:The palm tree cup will no longer have an asymmetrical shape.
  • Changes in the leaves:The palm leaves, which looked incredible before, will have lost their color and will fall, with little energy.
  • Weakness:We can find symptoms of weakness in the whole structure of the palm tree.
  • Excavationsigns : Finding excavation signs is not easy, but it is possible. Those members of the plague that come very close to the surface of the trunk will eventually perforate it. And precisely this will be a sign that makes us see that we have a serious problem ahead.
  • Crown:Important problems will also be seen in the crown; This will look worn. However, if this happens, it is most likely that it is too late and we have no choice but to cut down the palm tree and end it to prevent the plague from spreading.

How to fight palm weevil beetle?

Before analyzing the possibilities we have against the weevil beetle , we have to make 2 considerations:

  • Time of the year:The best time of the year to start the healing process is in the coldest months of the year. And it is that at that moment of time, the beetle has less activity, so it is easier to kill it.
  • Logging and destruction:Whenever we have to finish with a plant we have to be ready for the worst possible situation. Keep in mind that if the plague is widespread, we will have no choice but to cut down the palm tree and end it completely. Only then will we prevent the plague from spreading to a healthy palm and not repeat the process again.

Pheromone traps

The pheromone traps are very effective against red palm weevil beetle . Of course they should only be used in those areas that are truly affected. It is no use placing them in tuntun. We will have to observe those areas from where they emerge flying and place them there.


The great weakness of the red bill beetle is pruning . In the event that the trunk has already been affected, it is recommended to start pruning the branches to prevent them from reaching those places that have not yet colonized.

The remains of the tree that have been affected must be deposited in special sites, such as in controlled landfills, to prevent the plague from proliferating.

Chemical treatments

Chemical treatments against the beetle or weevil are rather directed to be used in the palm buds, and these areas are considered the most appetizing by the red weevil . They are easy to use; Simply apply insecticide injections in strategic areas.

If the problem does not end this way, we will probably have to hire a professional pest company.

Biological treatments

On the other hand, biological treatments are considered less aggressive than chemical treatments. The idea is usually to use another type of plague to end the beetle or weevil , and not be as lethal as it is. Fungi can be a good alternative. These have the ability to kill the bugs that are infecting the palm trees of the city, the garden or your neighborhood.


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