Web marketing: what it is, how it works

Believing that  Web Marketing  will not continue to grow in the future would be like imagining a world without communication.

This is not a new phenomenon, but if you think about it it is shocking. It has questioned the rules of communication  and sales and evolves in the digital context.

Business is made up of communication and relationships between people. Whether they are meetings, public relations occasions  , contexts created specifically for “business card exchanges”, conferences or presentations, the lifeblood of business is networking, or whatever it has been called in history.

Web marketing brings all these practices  into the digital context , therefore it does not distort but evolves.

In this sense we can speak of Digital Marketing .

Where there was the social context now there is the social network, where there was the bill now there is advertising on the web, where there were sample interviews now there are user data. All these tools serve the same purposes as those of the past, simply in a new form .

The advent of the Internet has made the world somewhat smaller, it has made it  possible to shorten distances  and to communicate easily with anyone. Web marketing makes the most of this potential, making you reach a wider audience of your target audience. Most importantly it allows you to do it  quickly .

Therefore, you can no longer afford not to exploit the techniques and technologies of web marketing for your company or business.

It would be like continuing to ride a horse while everyone else is moving in a car.

I’m sure you don’t want to sit on the sidelines watching how good the others are at playing the game.

So  here’s what you need to do : get informed, learn and adopt the best strategies to get concrete benefits for your business.

I can help you, let’s see it together!

What is Web Marketing?

We can’t start talking about techniques if we don’t understand what we’re talking about first. So, let’s start right away with a definition of web marketing :

Web marketing is the process of using the Internet , its tools and strategies to market your business. This method includes the use of search engines, social media, e-mail marketing and all types of content that they support, textual, visual and video.

How can we summarize the concept of web marketing? We could say that it is that process that brings your message to users through online channels .

Do you like this definition?

Today it is by far the best way to help you promote your company and put your products or services within the reach of consumers.

Analyzing it in detail, web marketing takes many forms , from banner ads to email promotions, from optimization strategies for your web pages to social media posts.

Do you see how much work there is to do ?!

Web marketing is an immense container of opportunities that you can take advantage of for your personal branding and to create that relationship of trust with your potential customers. As long as you know what the correct strategies are to apply.

But you don’t have to worry about that, because I’ll help you.

Over the course of my career I have measured myself every day, and continue to do so today, with all the techniques and technologies related to marketing.

Now I want to pass on to you everything I have learned and that I need to bring professional projects to success.

Difference between web marketing and traditional marketing

I have given you a definition of web marketing, but now I want to talk to you about this topic starting from the origins to show you what its evolution has been .

Studying this aspect is very important to understand what benefits we can derive from web marketing strategies today compared to what marketers could do in the past.

When we talk about marketing we are referring to a method of communication .

In traditional marketing , physical events, billboards, radio, TV and all those media that we still have today but which have nothing to do with the Internet world were used.

The web marketing has made a great leap like a home than a few decades ago. It has included all the channels available on the web in the communication and continues to do so as new ones are introduced.

However, it did a lot more than that.

Technologies do not only concern the channels through which the corporate message is conveyed. The real revolution lies in the fact of being able to monitor and analyze all the marketing activities implemented.

Like? Through campaign tracking and analysis programs .

The real revolution is to be able to have direct feedback on all the activities put in place to see what works, what needs to be corrected and the exact number of users reached.

In addition to this great innovation, we find another set of benefits such as reduced costs, a large amount of options to choose from and the ability to reach your audience on a daily basis.

Why Do Web Marketing?

This question is followed by an easy answer. Why the Internet is needed today .

Try to think of a company completely disconnected from the web. Users could not find information on opening hours, they could not follow the launch of the news in real time, they could not even read the reviews and testimonials of other customers.

In summary, that company is as if it didn’t exist.

Your precise duty is to avoid all this and to make yourself as visible to your target audience as possible. Only in this way can you increase your sales and, consequently, your profit.

All this without counting the constant presence of users on social media and the fact that, according to statistics, by 2040 e-commerce will make 95% of purchases easier . Almost all of it.

If you want your products and services to be within this percentage you need to get started and become a master in web marketing as soon as possible.

It will now become clear to you how the web is able to transform simple visitors into loyal customers ready to buy any product or service.

And marketing strategies serve precisely to control this process .

They allow you to better manage social networks, to show yourself to the right Italian and foreign public, as well as to better allocate your money.

Remember when we said that digital marketing is cheaper ? One of the reasons why you have to try your hand at this is precisely because you can get much more results than traditional marketing, but spending much less.

Why web marketing is useful to you

What are the benefits

We have already put a lot of meat on the fire, now let’s try to summarize in a schematic way the concepts that we have extrapolated so far and on which you have to focus all your attention.

First of all, let’s list the main advantages of web marketing :

  1. Reach the right audience: this aspect is not to be underestimated because traditional marketing allowed you to select the target audience only in a summary way. Web marketing, on the other hand, allows you to reach the ideal customer for your product or service based on their personal information, interests, needs and even their fears.
  2. Build your Personal Branding: the image of the company is very important to attract potential customers who do not yet know you. You can maneuver all digital marketing channels to create exactly the image you want to convey of your company by choosing the content to share, the tone of voice and the message to convey.
  3. Measure the results: every online marketing strategy allows you to monitor a large amount of data that helps you understand if your campaign has reached the goal you set for yourself, if something needs to be changed, if it has reached the right audience, how many interactions had, etc.
  4. Reduce costs: every marketing activity has costs, it is inevitable. But if first publishing a page in a paper newspaper could have cost you hundreds of euros, now you can activate a sponsored campaign on Facebook with a few euros and already achieve an interesting result. So I’m not going to tell you that digital marketing is free, but that it is much cheaper than all the other tools at your disposal.

Why you should invest

After summarizing the benefits of an investment in web marketing, let’s analyze the reasons why you should choose this path:

  • Reach a large audience : not only do digital marketing strategies allow you to reach the right audience, but you can also greatly expand your catchment area. If with a newspaper you could reach a limited catchment area, with web marketing you can show your company to the whole world.
  • Implement other strategies : web marketing should not be used alone, but should be reconciled with all the other activities you carry out to make your business flourish. In particular, with the world of sales. Setting up a web marketing campaign allows you to collect data and prepare your audience so that the work of all other departments can also improve.
  • Increase the brand awareness of your company : thanks to web marketing you can increase the awareness of your brand in the minds of consumers and, consequently, push more and more of them to unconsciously become your customers. Because they basically already know your brand having seen it over and over again during their virtual travels on search engines or social networks.
  • Build deep relationships with customers : in addition to expanding your catchment area, the web also allows you to create relationships that increasingly increase consumer confidence and allow you to retain existing customers.

With which strategies it is possible to do web marketing

Web marketing includes all the activities and tools you can adopt to make your company or yourself as a brand more visible .

Obviously, the clause to be able to do this is that you must be found by your potential customers and establish a relationship of trust with them.

This is exactly what the Inbound Marketing branch does .

Inbound marketing deals with attracting the attention of customers by using different tools such as blog posts, SEO, social media and many others to increase the visibility of the company, brand awareness and, finally, to attract new customers.

To do this, you have a number of different modes available :

  • SEO : Search Engine Optimization is the series of activities that allows websites to gain visibility on search engines by exploiting keywords, links, tags and many other elements present within a site;
  • PPC : paid campaigns drive traffic through the publication of ads that appear when the user searches on Google;
  • Content Marketing : the production of content is essential to increase brand awareness and establish daily contact with your audience;
  • E-mail marketing : e-mail is one of the most personal contacts you have with potential customers or with those already acquired, so it is important to get it to send them personalized offers that make them feel special;
  • Social Media Marketing : the wise use of social media allows you to create the corporate image you want to convey, to stay in contact with users and to be available to provide information or clarify doubts;
  • CRO : analyzing user behavior and understanding what their habits are when surfing the net is the best way to identify the tools and techniques to use to lead them to a conversion;
  • Mobile Marketing : web marketing strategies that take advantage of mobile devices with SMS, apps, native mobile advertising, qr code, etc .;
  • Funnel Marketing : To increase sales you have to guide consumers into the so-called sales funnel through brand awareness, lead acquisition, lead nurturing, the sales phase and then the loyalty phase.

Now let’s see in detail all these tools through which you can give life to your web marketing strategy.


The SEO strategy is that set of activities that allows you to work on the indexing and positioning of your website in the results that are provided by search engines. In particular from Google.

What is it for?

To be  found on the web  by users and to bring an increase in traffic to your website.

It is proven that the traffic a site enjoys depends very much on the position in which it is in the Google results . In fact, when you search for something on the Internet you turn to the pages you find in the first positions, while I’m sure you don’t even check on the second page of Google.

Therefore, if your website is not on the first page of Google, users will never get there.

It is therefore clear that being  on the front page , even better if among the top positions, represents a competitive advantage in all respects in terms of visibility.

In the image below I show you the excellent results that a really well done SEO strategy can give. I typed the word  mindset  into the search bar and my article appears just as the first Google result.

Being  in the top position  isn’t very easy, but it’s the result you need to aim for for your website.


Achieving visibility is not enough. What you need to increase your sales are leads , i.e. the contacts to be transformed into customers.

How do you acquire leads?

A fast and effective method is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising . Thanks to this technique you can create paid ads that are shown at the top of the results provided by Google.

Recognizing them is very easy. They are found before the organic results and are marked with the word ” Announcement “.

Just like SEO does, PPC campaigns also rank by using keywords and appear accordingly when users write a certain search engine query.

There are many companies that choose PPC campaigns precisely for the characteristic that distinguishes them from the rest of online advertising . The name can help you figure out what it is.

In pay-per-click campaigns you only pay when a user clicks on your ad and for this you will never spend more than you should.

Thanks to this type of campaign you can reach your ideal audience just when they are looking for the solution you can offer them.

In terms of paid campaigns, you can also orient yourself on display advertising . In this case you no longer publish a text ad but you take advantage of the power of the image that helps you achieve different goals such as increasing brand awareness, increasing traffic to your site, finding leads, etc.

Content Marketing

The content marketing is the perfect tool to provide to your audience all the information it needs and helps you to create the image of your company in the public eye.

When you spread content you are providing very important information about your company, your products or services so as to make you appear an expert in your sector and ensure a following of users.

But remember that your content has to be quality if you want it to impress the user.

And I’m not just talking about blog posts . Sure, text articles are a great channel to provide insights, but think about infographics or videos as well .

The goal of content marketing is precisely to provide useful , complete and interesting information to the public.

Thanks to the content you publish you can direct users from other platforms to your website and, if you have done well, it is likely that many of them will sooner or later turn into customers.

Don’t worry if this step doesn’t happen right away. Remember that content marketing must provide information and not lead to conversions. However, if it is really quality, customers will not be long in coming and will be much more motivated to buy from you because they will already know you.

You can delve into this vast topic in my article focusing on content marketing and how to leverage it the right way to make it really work.

Email Marketing

Do you think social media and apps have overtaken email marketing? Absolutely not!

Although communication channels have increased in recent years, I can’t deny it, email still represents one of your users’ most personal data .

Also, email has a much higher open rate than a Facebook chat, for example.

This is because people use their email accounts for both personal and professional interests, and most of them open the box several times a day.

To kickstart your email marketing strategy you must, first of all, get a list of subscribers thanks to other marketing activities or the visits you physically receive in the company.

The lead can be earned either through paid ads both organically. I recommend this second method because people who decide to register of their own free will are more motivated than those who happen on your registration form following an announcement.

You can place pop-ups or contact forms on your website that allow users to subscribe to your mailing list.

These leads are invaluable because they are the leads you will use in subsequent marketing strategies.

Contact form example

Social Media Marketing

The social media marketingencompasses all the marketing actions you can implement in the context of social networks. Over the years this discipline has grown more and more adapting to the development of social media itself.

Together with email marketing, it is the other channel that allows you to enter into direct communication with your audience.

Social media allows you to share informative content but also to easily connect with users by answering their questions and providing specific help.

There are many social media that you can choose from when you decide to implement this marketing strategy and remember that each of these has its own particularities .

Let’s see together the essential platforms for a business strategy. Knowing them is the first step in deciding which content to publish.


One of the most used social media is definitely Facebook. This platform allows you to publish a large amount of content .

On Facebook you can afford to write long enough posts when you want to share a tutorial or specific information about a product or service.

Likewise, you can post photos , images, graphics, carousels or videos .

The variety of content allows you to achieve multiple results such as providing information, but also increasing brand awareness, collecting leads and selling. Why not!

Of all social media, Facebook is certainly the most suitable for a sales launch .


The difference with the previous social is obvious because on Instagram words must give way to visual content .

It is important to put a short text under each post, but remember that users do not browse this platform to read.

Choose one or more impactful photos or, better yet, post a video .

It can be a preview where you recommend reading or seeing the full content on another platform.

Instagram must show, inspire and excite . Users are looking for this and you need to know exactly what to give them to get as much following as possible.

On Instagram I suggest you also take advantage of the power of stories to show backstage, tutorials or pieces of corporate daily life.


Now let’s move on to the social media of opinions and professionals. Just like Facebook allows you to publish a large amount of content, albeit more immediate .

The texts , for example, must not exceed a certain number of characters and it is very important to skillfully use hashtags to allow other experts or enthusiasts to find your tweets.

On Twitter, you can show yourself as an expert in your industry by sharing opinions, views or stances on topics related to your niche.

Through this social media you can also get in touch with other personalities in your area and create a very useful network for your company.

We have moved from more personal social media to more professional ones. Now let’s see what by definition helps entrepreneurs create a network of contacts.


We have arrived at the professional social network par excellence on which most of the companies worldwide are located.

Following a LinkedIn guide can be very useful for taking the first steps within this platform created to network.

LinkedIn was designed specifically to create a useful network of knowledge within your market niche, this is also the reason why the platform highlights the degrees of connection between different users.

In addition to doing this, you can publish content which, however, must necessarily be of a professional nature.

Just like on Twitter, sharing articles and opinions on LinkedIn helps you show yourself as an expert in the industry, broadening your circle of contacts.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process through which you can sell your product or service through a network of affiliates , who get a percentage of it.

Have you already understood what I’m talking about? Of a passive income .

On the other hand, it is everyone’s dream to be able to earn even while you sleep.

Thanks to Affiliate Marketing this is possible. Each sale made through the ads allows the affiliate on whose site the advertisement was placed to earn a commission previously agreed with the owner of the product or service.

How does this whole process work?

4 subjects are interested :

  • Creator of the product or service : the first important figure is the one who creates the product or service that will be advertised.
  • Publisher : is the person who makes his website available for the publication of the advertisement through which he will earn the commission.
  • Network : For this whole process to work, the Internet is essential.
  • Client : the final consumer is the last indispensable subject because thanks to the sale he allows the publisher to earn his commission.

When we talk about affiliate marketing we are not referring only and exclusively to the classic idea of ​​banner advertising. It can also manifest itself as a link within an information text that induces the user to click.

This form of marketing allows you to advertise a product or service on multiple platforms belonging to different owners.

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

Have you ever heard of CRO ? I think you subconsciously already know what I’m talking about, but maybe you’ve never seen it from this point of view.

CRO, or Conversion Rate Optimization , represents that series of activities that pushes users to carry out a certain action.

What actions are we talking about? An action carried out by the user can be the fact of leaving his e-mail to be registered in the company mailing list, or a purchase.

These actions are called conversions . A user lands on your content or page and takes a specific action.

How does the CRO fit into this landscape? Simple. Study the best way to convince users to take that action you are so interested in.

Therefore, the CRO takes care of encouraging users to take action but also of eliminating obstacles that can lower the conversion rate.

Many times a too high price, an inconspicuous button or an excessively long loading time discourages users from taking the action.

The CRO process helps you understand what are the elements to change and what is already working well so that the conversion rate is always higher .

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is that digital marketing strategy that, among all web channels, chooses to intercept potential customers right where they spend most of their time: on the smartphone .

The statistics are clear on this point. Just think about the fact that 95% of people search for the information they need through their smartphone.

Remember that an effective marketing strategy is one that intercepts the audience exactly where they are .

In reality, mobile marketing is not a branch in itself. Rather, it consists of all the strategies we have just seen such as e-mail marketing, optimized website, sending SMS, push or in-app notifications to reach users where they feel most comfortable.

It is clear that mobile marketing is concerned with making all strategies optimized for mobile devices , such as smartphones.

But it also does much more than that. It takes care of keeping track of user behavior to return reliable data on the basis of which you can refine your strategy.

Ignoring mobile technology would be a big mistake because it is not a passing phenomenon, but a sphere of life for each of us that can only expand in the near future.

Funnel Marketing

One of the main strategies of web marketing is funnel marketing , the so-called funnel strategy .

Why is it called a funnel?

Imagine your audience is all on the larger side. It begins to plummet inside and, after a series of steps, comes out of the bottleneck on the opposite side.

This is exactly what the marketing funnel does. Its goal is to attract the public by increasing brand awareness.

After that, potential customers have to go through the stages of consideration , conversion (where they buy) and then brand loyalty .

The principle is to be able to find, within your entire audience, that group of people capable of reaching the purchase stage .

At first, users get an idea of ​​the brand, then their interest increases until it becomes a desire that eventually materializes in the purchase action .

The basics of funnel marketing have been the same for decades, however today they need to be applied to digital technologies for this process to take place completely on the web.

How to set up a web marketing strategy

Web marketing encompasses a number of disciplines and it is up to you, together with the experts you are targeting, to create the right strategy for your business.

Now let’s see in brief all the process you need to take into consideration in order to effectively set up your web marketing plan.

  • Market analysis : the first step is to do a market analysis. Evaluate your products or services and their potential within the market. Make a self-assessment and compare yourself with your competitors to understand if there are free routes in which to enter by bringing some news;
  • Target study : then what is the target study, or buyer persona profiling, is passed. Identify the potential customers you want to contact because you think that with your offer you will be able to solve their problem or satisfy their desire;
  • Goal definition : done this, move on to defining the goals you want to achieve. It is also useful for measuring the quality of your performance. How do you choose valid lenses? Identify them using the SMART technique which stands for: specific, measurable, accessible, realistic, timely. These are the characteristics that each of your goals must respect;
  • Strategy planning : after the preliminary analyzes, here comes the time to choose the specific actions and tactics for your web marketing plan. So you have to identify the tools and channels you intend to use to promote your brand;
  • Budget Setting : Choose how to allocate your budget. Plan your investments for each channel and instrument, but keep an eye on the trends to understand how to proceed;
  • Time : Determine how quickly you want to reach your short, medium and long-term goals. Making forecasts is also useful to better manage the budget.

These preliminary actions are the foundations on which you can start building each of the individual web marketing strategies that we will see now.

SEO strategy

In the field of search engine optimization there are two major sectors to take into account: that of On-page SEO and that of Off-page SEO .

On-page SEO  optimization  focuses on the content that is on your site, then your web pages and blog articles.

You need to create content that complies with certain rules  and is recognized by Google as relevant.

It is basically about creating optimized text that contains what are considered  keywords related  to your industry and your product or service. That is those words for which you want to be found by users who carry out their searches on the web.

The  SEO  is a complicated discipline and requires study, background and experience. I know this because as far as I know about  optimization strategies , the SEO specialist on my team knows one more than the hell.

But SEO does not end there …

There is a whole other world related to optimizing your pages, I’m talking about  Off-page SEO .

These are all those  activities that you can do outside your site  and your web pages and that you need to increase the positioning of your site on search engines.

There are various ways in which Off-page SEO comes into play, for example the  dissemination of links  that lead to your website but inserted in articles published in other portals, called  guest posts , which are published on other people’s blogs but which contain links that lead to your web pages.

As with any strategy, off-page SEO must be done ad hoc and, as it is rather technical things, it is good to have a professional do it. Only in this way will you be sure that a good job is done.

PPC strategy

As soon as you start working with SEO, you will soon realize that the road to visibility is not that fast.

A well done SEO job on your website allows you to get a steady stream of users over time. But what if you need immediate visibility ?

Your SEO strategy must be integrated with a PPC strategy .

Remember when we talked earlier about paid campaigns where you only pay when users click on your ads? Here, this is exactly what you need.

When you intend to set up a PPC campaign you must, first of all, understand what type of ad you want to publish, whether search or display.

If you are starting out, I recommend starting with a search campaign and then moving on to creating banners for display advertising.

To find the keywords to use in your PPC campaign, you need to understand what a hypothetical user would search for on Google.

After understanding what the focus is, you need to understand how the user would look for it .

This preliminary phase of choosing the terms is very important to be able to hit a broad but also defined catchment area for your market niche.

When you create a PPC campaign in web marketing you must keep in mind the great importance of creating a landing page , that is a landing page on which users arrive by clicking the link in your ad.

Do not underestimate this aspect because if the landing page does not convince them, you will hardly get a conversion and you will have lost a part of the investment. Everything must be taken care of down to the smallest detail.

Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is crucial in all web marketing activities. It’s not just about creating content for its own sake, but it must be  quality content  to deliver value to the user.

The contents can be of various types , in fact I’m not talking about texts but also images, videos, infographics, guides, ebooks and so on. Each content stands out for its ability to engage, interest, excite and drag the user. Your goal is to deliver those messages that attract consumers and motivate them to take an interest in your brand.

Therefore, your communication should not focus on your product or service, but on the prospect’s problem or desire. Consumers don’t buy from you for the characteristics of your products, or not only that. Their interest is to  find a solution to a problem or to obtain the result they aspire to.

For this reason, each content must be modulated ad hoc on the profile of your potential customers. Everyone has different needs and looks for solutions that are designed specifically for him and this is what you have to offer him.

Furthermore, content marketing is very  useful from an SEO perspective . Always remember that you have to write for both the search engine and the users.

The content also has its own strengths  that could come into play, enhancing your performance with great effectiveness.

For example,  virality , or when a content in a very short time is seen by an impressive number of users.

The  shareability , ie what is stimulated passes the digital word and the content of user bounces in user spontaneously.

The originality , thanks to which your contents emerge from the sea of ​​those of competitors and attract the attention of users.

E-mail Marketing Strategy

We said that email marketing is the means, along with social media, to create a more intimate relationship with your audience.

But that’s not the only advantage …

These users are highly profiled and targeted , so they represent an audience on which to have a higher ROI.

Do you know why? Because they are consumers who are interested in your product or service and have decided to leave their contact with you. Or they are actual customers who have already purchased from you and that you have the  opportunity to retain  in the post-purchase phase of the sales process.

Your emails are also part of your content repertoire, so they can’t be left to chance.

To get everyone the right message there are two fundamental concepts  to keep in mind:

  • Segmentation
  • Personalization

The  segment  focuses on the division of email contacts into specific groups, this allows you to target these people specific content.

Sending generic emails is very difficult to generate interest, because it doesn’t really target anyone.

Here comes in the  customization , which is one of the most important factors in email and successful advertising campaigns. Only in this way will you be able to attract the attention of your customers and keep them close to your brand for as long as possible.

This is a way to extend the life cycle of your customers, that is to be able to conclude a greater number of sales with each of them.

Through e-mails you can keep them informed of news, make offers of products or services related to those they have already purchased and make them have coupons or promotions. This is a good way to gratify your customers and let them know you haven’t forgotten about them.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

When you decide to implement social media marketing in your web marketing strategy, you must consider that each social network has different rules and dynamics , as well as a real communication language and methods of use.

The difference in using these tools applies to both consumers and those who, like you, want to use them for business.

Consumers are no longer passive users , they are increasingly informed, aware and involved in the economic processes that affect them. Furthermore, their purpose is not only information but also dissemination.

They exchange and share news, leave reviews and feel more and more authorized to give their opinion,  influencing the fate of sales .

Acting in the contexts in which users perform these actions means coming into direct contact with them and potentially  generating conversations .

These are very useful for your business, in fact the market is becoming more and more conversational and sales work if you build trusting relationships with your customers.

Social media are the ideal channels to create these two-way dialogues. You can run your promotions quickly on the platforms and your customers can contact you almost directly for assistance.

The ‘ customer support  has become a fundamental requirement for your brand is chosen.

Furthermore, social platforms are profitable channels where you can plan your sales funnel strategies  to attract more users to convert into your customers.

Affiliate Marketing Strategy

You can take advantage of affiliate marketing to dramatically increase your sales , along with the other strategies that make up web marketing.

Why? Because this technique harnesses the power of influence .

There are some elements you need to pay attention to and which, if well managed, can help you achieve maximum results with minimum effort.

One of the main aspects you need to worry about when doing affiliate marketing is choosing the right affiliates . If you miss this step, you risk nullifying the rest of the strategy and, obviously, the investment as well.

The affiliates you choose must fit into your market niche, of course. But in addition to this they must also have a good following, a high involvement and a sincere relationship with the public.

Once you’ve chosen the affiliates who will help you increase your sales, you need to decide how you want to drive conversions .

You can propose offers or coupons , which users really like. The moment one of them clicks on the link you provided to your affiliate, they can automatically take advantage of the coupon with a discount.

This whole process works very well if you choose to rely on influencers , that is, those web personalities who have a large and loyal following, who blindly follow the advice that these characters bestow.

Affiliate marketing is effective when you manage to create a robust affiliate network that allows you to set everything up once and then enjoy the fruits for a long time, always remembering to pay a percentage to the affiliates for the help they they give you with advertising.

CRO strategy

All web marketing strategies are interconnected with each other. If you want affiliate marketing to be effective, your product pages need to be optimized for conversions .

What do I mean by optimized?

A page is optimized when it provides all the information consumers need to choose, when it is accompanied by photos or videos showing the product, when the technical data is clear.

But even when the buttons are clearly visible , there are reviews from other customers and the page load time is fast.

Setting up a correct CRO strategy in this case is essential.

How you do it?

First you need to collect all user and website data , after which you need to run tests.

An A / B test is the best choice because it allows you to understand which is the right path between two hypotheses that both seem plausible to you.

After finishing the test you have to analyze the results , form a new hypothesis and repeat the whole thing .

Data is of paramount importance in a CRO strategy .

Everything that derives from the activity must be monitored, studied and used as a basis for making the right decisions later.

Also remember that your website must always be up to date with current information and must be fast. Don’t abuse users’ patience!

Mobile Marketing Strategy

A mobile marketing strategy can be based on different mediums such as mobile apps, ads, mobile searches, email marketing, but this is all in vain if your main website is not optimized for mobile devices.

The first aspect you need to take care of within your strategy is to create a responsive , fast and dynamic website.

Web pages must adapt to mobile viewing , whatever the screen size of a smartphone.

If you don’t have a responsive site yet, I highly recommend you take action in this regard. It is essential both to be facilitated by Google and to improve the user experience .

Furthermore, if your site includes an area where users can register for the creation of an account , give the possibility to carry out this step also through social networks to make everything more immediate.

Likewise, enter mobile payment options , which are more dynamic than traditional methods. Nobody likes to go through so many pages, especially when you buy from mobile and you have little time available for the different steps.

When creating web pages on your site, remember that you need to focus on mobile SEO and the searches that users make from smartphones.

Think that, in general, all quick actions such as sending you a message, calling you, accessing your website from an image and placing orders via the app, are elements that facilitate the user experience from a smartphone and which, consequently, induce it. to carry out that action you so desire.

In addition to developing a mobile friendly website, you can also think about developing an app to facilitate shopping. This strategy works very well if you have an e-commerce.

Funnel Marketing Strategy

Here we are again at our famous funnel, the marketing funnel. We have explained which parts it is made up of, but we have not explored the strategy to be applied.

For each different phase there are technical specifications that you can put in place to lead potential customers along the funnel until the purchase is complete.

Initially you need to empower the public to know your brand .

How to do all this? Through different tools such as SEO to increase organic searches, social media activity, content marketing, forums, guest post links, emails, etc.

You can also focus on paid advertising , such as PPC, or affiliate marketing at this stage.

After that, we move on to the consideration phase where potential customers know you but need to get a clear idea of ​​you, your company and your products or services. To do this you can take advantage of influencer marketing, reviews and testimonials from customers who have already purchased.

In this way you have to manage the conversion phase . Here you need to focus on channeling the audience to the sign-up process or initiation of the process in order to arrive at the purchase.

After getting the conversion, do you have to leave your customers on the back burner? Absolutely not!

It is of fundamental importance to maintain a bond with them through personal emails, in-app messages, special promotions, customer service, etc.

Finally, the last step is that of retention where you have to build customer loyalty and strengthen the corporate image. This can be done with product or service additions, thank you messages, special events, etc.

Now you know the best strategies to implement in every area of ​​web marketing. However, in order to best apply them you have to chew a bit of the technologies we talked about.

What to do then? Study, compare and experiment!

Here’s how you can become a digital marketing expert .

How to become an expert in Digital Marketing

Do you want to become a true digital marketer ? If that’s your goal then you need to work hard to learn the basics of this exciting job and start applying them to your business.

Even if you seem to know tools like social media or email, I can assure you that the practical application is not as simple as it may seem.

But this shouldn’t discourage you!

We all started from zero and then improve day by day and you can do it too. Now I recommend everything you can do to become a true expert in web marketing.

You should take a course

The study is the basis of any career because, first of skills, you have to hone skills.

There are many types of courses. If your job still does not take up so much time during the day, or if you want to finalize your studies for a future job, I recommend that you take a university course .

If, on the other hand, you already work full-time or live in a city far from the university, there are also many good online courses .

At this point, however, you must be careful because there are also many smoke sellers on the web. If you want your investment to be successful, I recommend that you inquire about the teacher who teaches the course and read the reviews of those who attended it before you.

If you want to deepen with me all the topics we have talked about here, I inform you that soon I will create a course on web marketing .

Read, read and read again

One of the best ways to lay the foundation and keep up-to-date is to read books from industry experts .

I always say that an entrepreneur has never finished learning and I also dedicate part of my time to reading every day.

Here are the best books on which you can learn more about the field of web marketing.

The books I recommend on Web Marketing

Within the world of digital marketing there are so many knowledge that you need to develop, ranging from technologies to psychological strategies to inspire potential customers to a particular action.

Consequently, your readings must also be varied:

  • Marketing 4.0 (From traditional to digital) – Philip Kotler : if you want to deepen web marketing this book is a cornerstone. The author was one of the fathers of marketing and in this text he explains how the transition from traditional to digital marketing took place and how consumer behavior has changed.
  • The 22 immutable laws of marketing (If you ignore them, it’s at your own risk!) – Al Ries & Jack Trout : Marketing in general has always valid rules that you absolutely cannot afford to ignore. With mastery, the authors have collected in this book the experience of a lifetime, giving you a manual to follow like the bible of marketing.
  • The weapons of persuasion – Robert Cialdini : now let’s move on to the more psychological aspect of web marketing with another milestone. In this book you will find out which techniques are able to make your customers take any action you want.
  • How to treat others and make friends – Dale Carnegie : Carnegie’s books should all be read, but this one in particular is useful for understanding how people are on the other side and what are the best techniques to create a healthy and sincere relationship .
  • Neuromarketing and cognitive sciences to sell more on the web – Andrea Saletti : in this all-Italian book you can find out how much the customer journey is dictated more by emotional than cerebral choices. The author explains what they are and how to take advantage of these decision-making phases.

Attend events

The web marketing events are crucial in many respects, and for this you should always be in the front row.

First of all, you can confront yourself directly with many experts , ask questions and acquire always new and updated knowledge.

But events are not just for this. They need to do networking and to create your own network of contacts in the wonderful world of marketing.

All the greatest entrepreneurs know how important it is to surround yourself with passionate, experienced and motivated people.

In addition, in these events you can get a real-time idea of ​​what the current direction of digital marketing is .

So take a calendar and mark the most important web marketing events you can find, Italian and foreign.

Learn from who made it

If you are at the beginning of your career there is nothing wrong with looking at those who have already achieved personal and professional goals.

It is not a question of emulating, but of being inspired .

Marketing leaders can help you ask the right questions, give you food for thought, and then get you to walk on your own feet.

It is very important to study the careers of others to understand what are the best strategies that have allowed great marketers to achieve success.

Read the books and articles published by these personalities, who typically write both novice and expert guides. Be greedy for information.

After figuring out which path to take you can walk on your own legs and be sure to get great results.


The  web marketing  represents the present and the future. It is about the evolution and implementation of traditional marketing strategies, declined in a relatively new context.

The techniques are many, the tools even more, the infinite perspectives. If you have a business you need to embrace these forms of empowerment to be able to grow in today’s landscape .

Online marketing is really a business, but  you need to know what it is  to be able to turn to the professionals that are right for you. In this way you can build the web marketing plan your business needs.

In this article I have covered so many issues , from tools to strategies to make the most of them, but each of them represents a huge container of further information. In fact, I have already added specific links within this text that lead you to articles where you can learn more about what interests you most.

Follow my blog  where you will find  articles ,  videos  and  podcasts  where I talk about Sales, Marketing and Mindset. Learn more about the topics you need and if you want to speak directly with me, contact me  for a consultation .

At what point are you in relation to the web marketing landscape? In which aspect would you like to start improving? Write me in the comments so we can talk about it together and really understand what your business needs to be more successful.


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