Ways to Observe an Artistic Work

An artistic work has forms and not contents; It is the observer who attributes meaning, meaning and content through appreciation. From LAS SEGADORAS , the main elements that will help you understand and develop sensitivity to appreciate a work are mentioned:


They understand the concepts and formal elements that are present in a work:

Visual image:  figurative, symbolic, abstract. A figurative visual image identifies the objects present in the work without any effort.

A symbolic image  is that representation that our intelligence and knowledge associates with a moral, intellectual or belief concept. It can be figurative or abstract: a figurative image is the dove as a symbol of peace. An abstract image is the flag of a country.

An abstract image  is one that has no formal relationship with something in our environment but that makes sense when it comes to a form of interpretation. In the case of LAS SEGADORAS the image is figurative.

  1. Primary elements:are those that produce sensations and feed the spirit of the observer: colors, lines, planes, points, volumes and contours.

Color:  serves the same as the tone to give three-dimensionality. It reinforces the visual image and gives an emotional character. In LAS SEGADORAS the predominant ocher yellow color of a sunny day.

Line:  is the succession of uninterrupted points. It is a human invention. In LAS SEGADORAS the line is perceived in the division of spaces such as sky, mountains and flat terrain.

Contour : it is formed by an imaginary continuous line, based on three figures: circle and square triangle. These three give all the physical forms of nature. In LAS Mowers the contour is formed by the square, circle, triangle and rectangle.

Tone:  serves to indicate the three-dimensionality. In LAS SEGADORAS the dry and bright yellow of the sowing is established.

Volume:  indicates the depth of the different volumetric planes. In LAS SEGADORAS it is given by the volume of the figures that women represent.

  1. Secondary elements: theyare those that allow value judgments and are related to feelings or tastes and are the figures, forms and all the elements that can be observed. Stimulate sensitivity. artistic work
  2. Organization factors: they refer to directionality, movement, proportions, rhythms and symmetries. They stimulate reason or mind, creating some kind of thinking.

Directionality:  indicates the orientation of the presented objects. It confers dynamism or aestheticity according to the basic form chosen. In LAS SEGADORAS it is given by horizontality and verticality.

Movement:  is that the flat figure through the drawing gives the sensation that the represented has movement. In LAS SEGADORAS it is the action of the women who are collecting the bunches of wheat. In LAS SEGADORAS it occurs through the composition of human figures, in the middle of the landscape and through the center of attraction of the plant.

Proportions and rhythms : they are the fields and elements that in the format of the work keep harmony and balance. In LAS SEGADORAS the volume is given by the volume of the figures that women represent.

Symmetries:  are given by the size of the forms and elements of the composition. In THE Mowers are observed in the proportion that keep the size of the bodies and the hats.


They are the ones that help to give meaning. They understand the theme, the aesthetic and the pictorial.

Topic:  is the set of elements that form a represented reality. It is defined by the shapes, colors and actions that say what it is. Example: daily life, religious, political, historical, etc. The theme of LAS SEGADORAS refers to the daily life activity of the countryside, specifically to the harvest of wheat or barley, in the final cycle called the “harvest” as the harvesting process is commonly called, carried out in this case by three women Peasants

The open field scene shows a sunny day, you can see the flat terrain characterized by the cut of stubble. In another plane, more to the bottom, the line of mountains and on these the blue sky with white clouds. The women, typically dressed according to the custom of the time in the cundiboyacense highlands, are in the action of collecting and carrying the bundles of wheat tied to form the heap, which can be seen in the form of a kiosk in the lower right corner

Aesthetic:  defined by categories that cause sensations. These are produced by the following characteristics: colors, proportions, rhythms, symmetries, directions, Example: comic, dramatic, beautiful, ugly, trivial, sublime, new, typical. The aesthetic produces a communication effect according to the degree of sensitivity of the observer.

In LAS SEGADORAS, the feeling is sunny, due to the influence of yellow and light tones, the action of the characters

Pictorial : refers to the plastic. The iconography, the figuration, the composition. Example: style or trend: classic, baroque, impressionist … The style of LAS SEGADORAS is part of the movement of the impressionist school.

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