Water Riddles;A puzzle In Which There Is More Water.

From a chemical point of view, water is a clear, colorless liquid that has no taste, color or odor, and which is a chemical compound of hydrogen and oxygen. From a human point of view, water is a liquid, a drink intended for drinking (in fact, all drinks somehow have water in their composition). Moreover, all life, even man, consists of water. In a figurative sense, water is the meaningless and complex content of a statement. In such cases, the speaker is told: stop pouring water!

Interesting facts about water.

– according to the norms, 220 liters of water per day for each inhabitant of the city;
– taking a shower for 5 minutes, consume about 100 liters of water;
– every time you brush your teeth, consume 1 liter of water;
– fill the tub only halfway, consume 150 liters of water;
– one flush in the toilet – 8-10 liters of water;
– consumes at least 10 liters of water during wet cleaning;
– more than 100 liters of water are needed for each washing of clothes in the washing machine;
– 15 liters of water per minute passes through an ordinary water tap;
– about 1000 liters of water per hour is poured through an open tap;
– even the smallest leaks take up to 80 liters of water per day.

Scientists estimate that an average of 119,000 cubic meters of land fall annually. km of water, or the same number of billions of tons, and on the entire surface of the world – almost 5 times more: over 500,000 cubic meters. km, which is approximately equal to the volume of water in the Black Sea, or six such reservoirs as the Caspian. As for the amount of water that falls on our planet every day, it can be imagined as a lake with an area of ​​1024 square meters. km and a depth of 3 m. However, all this moisture is distributed extremely unevenly.



Water is strength
Water is weakness
Water is life for all of us.
Conquers you The
she loves us all – Water
………… ..
And carefully touching the shore We
kill us with secret water.
Lots of puzzles
And water is a mushroom again:
The triangle, the land of Atlantis …
Water is strength
Water is weakness
Water is the main secret
For us!


Key, key, fontanel,
Clean wave!
Someone’s round camera
knocks loudly from the bottom.


Small stream
Was the wand spinning?

Goat hooves
It would be nice to get drunk!

She smeared her face?
Squish Squish!
Shepherd in the park
Stupid stupid!

There’s a pipe
Flying tube
Wait, wait!

And the pipe started singing?
Sing, sing!
The sound of pipes!

All the crows are moaning
Do frogs chew?

A small stream?
Where’s the wand now?
Trill Trill!


Meet my friend
Small and fast
Stream of blue eyes
Silver strand.
He runs from afar
On rocks and twigs.
I envy a little:
Ah, how lucky!
They will see the ocean
Ships and seagulls.
Every boy Captain
Sanja about this.
Accelerates the little things
On the grass and cones
And on the back is lucky
Boy’s boat.


We can’t find the source of the great river
Of hundreds of keys, beginning its journey
She, the mainland, managed to circumnavigate It
infuses him with strength.

From the pure reef streams
Kič, foamy, young as a virgin
She turned into streams of water
Calmly flows like a queen.

She set up bare thousands of boulders
Breaking the road in front
She sheltered a lot of fish
Still, not forgetting the main thing.

It quenches people’s thirst
Drinking water, a source of inestimable value
It is used for ships
And what does its timeless work get?


On the rocks it was threateningly breaking.
Wake up a little from sleep,
And rush into the sea with spray
Wave lives a short century.

Smoothly swallowing steamboats
Adhering to the crest of the clouds
Water moves water A
wall of salt and sand.

Playing with the wind in the “salka”, he
keeps the ocean a secret.
Destroying sand castles.
Wearing foam granite.

We fear only calmly and deeply,
He straightened Satan’s hand.
The waves are inexplicable
and bring life and death.


In the morning the rain does not sleep.
He knocks on the window towards us.
Us Yesterday with my friend Zina
He overtook the store.
We didn’t run away. We
started playing with him.
We danced by the puddles
Like in a river, soak.
He knocks on the window again –
He invites us to play a little.
We are in a puddle – there.
We are in a puddle – here.
And you’re still running – there.
And again – back and forth.
We still would, but here’s the problem: The
pool ran out of water.


Wet trail
I run home.
Frequent rain They
bite my umbrella.
A golden
saber A cloud of thunder was cut.
And the
Sound Stream runs after me

White snow

Even today it snowed –
It fell on the roofs.
The snow on the roofs is white Misha,
knocking, as if he can’t hear.

It’s still a snowy road.
This snow is a crunchy pig.
It grumbles if a person’s
small foot tramples the ears.

White, white snow on the roofs
No more peaceful nature –
Flying, falling,
Turns into a pig with a Mouse.

And today I was running
Teddy Snow – he fell from the roofs:
“I don’t want to lie for a whole century!”,
And he turned into an icon.

Shit has become real too –
He’s dirty with us now.
Crumpled underfoot He
captured and rattled his ears.

The old melt the snow on the roofs
He heard the arrival of spring,
Sleep, fall
And a drop of sound.

Water element and people.

Driving a drop of rain …

Drives a drop of rain
Stream after stream
They run without cheering The
rivers are fast. Then …
And then the blue sea!
And behind it is the ocean!
Without wasting water,
close the tap!

Snowball and Alijosha

From the street home Alyoshka
The first snow brought in the palm of your hand.
“Mom! shouted the boy,
holding out his little hand. –
I brought a snow globe here! .. “-
And shut up. One water was
dripping from his palm.
Aleshka screamed in his voice:
” Someone stole my snow,
poured water into my palm! ”
Leshke and his sister
shouted here with a loud laugh,
‘I couldn’t even imagine
the snow melting!’

A joke

– What do you drink all the time, Lesha?
– I have fish inside!
He can’t live without water.
How can I not drink now?
– And where is the fish from?
– I ate some caviar yesterday.

Who does not wash

Who washes with hot water
It is called well done.
He who washes himself with cold water is
called a brave man.

And who does not wash, is
not called at all.


How do I cross the pond?
I am very friendly with water.
I switch my foot to the bottom –
Depth check.
You don’t see the boot
So the puddle is deep.
Don’t worry, I’m seasonal –
My boot swam deeper.

Water puzzles

They drink me, they pour me.
Everyone needs me
Who am I?
A lot of me – the world would not be
Little me – the world would not be
Drops down drops
And up – invisible.
*** On the
hot day The
most desire happens.
We say: flows;
We say: she plays;
He always runs forward
But doesn’t run anywhere.
I am cloud and fog
And stream and ocean
And I fly and run
And I can be glass!
***   Ali often
lives in seas and rivers and
often flies through the sky.
And how bored she is to fly,
He falls to the ground again.
Very good-natured
I am soft, obedient,
But when I want
Even a stone to the source.

If our hands are in wax
If the stains have landed on your nose,
Who is our first friend then,
Will they remove the dirt from your face and hands?
What the mother cannot
cook or wash without them ,
Without what we will, roughly say,
Will a man die?
To rain from the sky
So that the ears of bread grow
For sailing boats –
We can not live without …

The rainy wind blew in his horn.
The sheep gathered in the sky.

It flows, it flows – it will not flow,
It runs, it runs – it does not run out.

A little shiver in the air
Outdoor tape.
The narrow peak is in the spring,
and wide – at sea.

She pours into it, pours out of it,
she weaves on the ground.

I run like a ladder
Pebble ringing
From afar a song
Recognize me.

In a blue shirt
It runs along the bottom of the plain.

There is water all around, but there is nothing to drink.

There is water all around, and drinking is a disaster. (Sea).

Neither the sea nor the land
Ships do not sail
But you can not walk

The yard is crowded:
Peas are falling from the sky.
She ate six peas Nina,
Now she has a sore throat.

Shine first For shine – crack
Behind the crack is a stain.
(Thunder, thunder, rain)

Here the horse is racing across the sky –
Fire is flying under my feet.
Horse hooves can be strong
and separate the clouds.
So he runs hard
That the ground beneath him trembles.
(Thunder, thunder)

Long-legged walks are roadless and roadless.

Not on foot, but walking
Wet people at the gate.
The summer man catches him in the bathtub.
A very difficult puzzle?

Pure, pure as a diamond
But there are no roads.
She was born a mother
and gave birth to her.

He is like a diamond: It is
firm and pure, shining in the sun,
But the rays will begin to warm, it melts immediately.

Poems (almost spells or conspiracies).

Vodichka, vodichka,
Watch my face
To make my eyes shine
My cheeks turn red To make my
mouth smile
To bite my tooth.

Flowing water The
child grows.
With goose water
You are skinny !
Water down
Baby to the top!

Rain, hey! Rain, hey! For me and the people! For me on a spoon, For people on a bowl, and for a goblin in a pine forest – Lay on the whole bucket!

Cloud, cloud, don’t hide the rain! Rain, Ladies Calach!

Rain, lei, lei, lei! The grass will be green, the flowers will grow on the green meadow!

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Water puzzles are enough for children. After all, everyone knows about this natural gift. It is worth noting that the puzzles need to be solved not only within the walls of the school. If mothers or fathers decide to organize a celebration with puzzles for their child, then the child will be very happy. The most important thing is to approach this issue responsibly and prepare in advance for the development activity.

What puzzles should you come up with for your child

Every child needs an individual approach. Thus, no one but parents or teachers will be able to determine which level of complexity of logical tasks is suitable for boys and girls. Regardless of the child’s knowledge, the puzzles should be:

  • Filled with useful information.
  • With properly placed accents.

Only in this case, children will be able to clearly see the information and happily participate in a fun and developing task.

Mysteries about water for 2nd grade

Children who already attend school are well aware of how important natural gifts are for a person’s entire life. Therefore, the riddles about water for the 2nd grade should be such that the child not only involves logical thinking, but also receives useful and necessary knowledge. The following ideas can be taken as an example:

A man can live without food for three days,

but not a day will live without … (Water)

If your face is in food,

his hands were in a puddle

wash all that dirt

we need that resource. (Water)

It flows into a stream

there are also lakes.

Everyone else drinks it,

and will not live without it. (Without water)

If it weren’t for her,

mom wouldn’t wash

dad wouldn’t wash the floor

but the ship did not sail. (Water)

For washing, for dinner,

and to restore order in the house,

and run through puddles

we can’t do without … (Water)

It flies and melts

Still flowing in the river,

Sometimes it floats in the clouds

And after the rain comes to us. (Water)

It is found in the seas and oceans

in lakes, ponds and in the river.

It flows into houses from our taps,

you cannot survive without it. (Without water)

It flies through the rain

and above – the ferry. (Water)

We are nowhere without her.

Because, it’s always in the taps … (Water)

Run, run, but don’t run.

It expires, but it does not disappear without a trace.

Neither adults nor children can live without it.

It quenches thirst. (Water)

Without him, ships would not go to sea.

And a person cannot live a day without … (Water)

Without it, neither soup nor porridge will succeed for sure.

If thirst is overcome, you need to drink it urgently. (Water)

She is in the river and the sea,

and in waterfalls on the blue expanse.

In streams and springs

and in a cup in your hands. (Water)

Such riddles about water children will no doubt guess. Most importantly, they should be varied and read with interest.

Water puzzles for 3rd grade

Third graders can spot fairly complex information and find answers to questions. As an example, take the following puzzles about water:

They drink it, they pour it on the ground

Everyone needs it, what is it? (Water)

She is a cloud and a fog

she and the rain, the ocean.

Without it, neither animals nor humans survive,

what’s it called (Water)

Sam doesn’t drink, he makes us.

Without it there is no food or water.

Now it flows, then it flies, then it falls from the sky. (Water)

If it weren’t for her, the kids,

all life in the world would perish

people, animals and flowers,

What are you talking about, you know?

It flows, it floats around the world,

And the cloud releases it with rain,

everyone drinks it and pours it.

What is it, who knows?

Adults know, children know

she needs everyone in the world.

Who suddenly disappears into the desert

she just dreams and sings about it.

After the candy, everyone drinks it,

quenches thirst perfectly.

What resource, how much does he know?

Puzzles about water for kids in 3rd grade are sure to appeal to students. The most important thing is for the teacher or parents to read the lines with the expression, putting the emphasis correctly.

Why puzzles are important for children

Many moms and dads may be interested in the question of whether it is worth spending precious time on events with logical tasks. Water puzzles in addition to fun will provide an opportunity to:

Water puzzles should be included in the program of educational and recreational activities. It is important that the child is passionate, and the remaining questions remain with the introduction of the parent or teacher. The most important thing for school-age boys and girls is attention, so they will love any idea of ​​sharing extracurricular activities.

They drink me, they pour me.
Everyone needs me
Who am I?

We say: flows;
We say: she plays;
He always runs forward
But doesn’t run anywhere.

I am cloud and fog
And stream and ocean
And I fly and run
And I can be glass!

Ali often lives in the seas and rivers and often flies through the sky.
And how bored she is to fly,
She falls to the ground again.

She doesn’t drink alone
And that forces us.

I am very good-natured Mecca, obedient
But when I want
Even a stone to the spring.


From big tears,
Threatening growls
And breaking on stones
Foam grows.

The sea

Deep Deep
Day and night
Hail on the shore.

Water is not drunk from it,
Because it is not tasty –
Both bitter and salty.
There is water all around
And drinking is a problem.
Who knows where this is happening?


White cotton wool floats somewhere
Although you catch, don’t catch –
Don’t catch.

Val, wave

It goes to the sea, it goes,
And it will reach the shore –
It will disappear here.

In calm weather
We are nowhere
As the wind blows
We run on water.


I run like a ladder
Pebble ringing.
From afar the song
Recognize Me.

A little trembling in the wind
The strip in the open
Narrow peak is in the spring,
And wide – at sea.

It flows, it flows – it will not flow
Run, run – it does not run out.


Two brothers through mother
Looking at each other.
The two brothers look at each other,
but they can’t get closer.


It’s not water, it’s not dry –
You won’t sail a boat
And you won’t break through with your feet.
You will not pass, you will not pass –
You will bypass the side.
And you can’t drink a little water
With a bluish veil.

Neither the sea nor the land
But ships cannot sail.

Everyone is touring this place:
Here the earth is like dough;
Here are tufa, bumps, mosses …
There is no footrest.


In the middle of the field is a mirror: The
glass is blue
The frame is green.
Young birches
His in front of him
Fix hairstyles.
And the moon and the stars –
Everything is reflected in it …
What is the name of that mirror?


He is without arms, without legs.
Can he break through the earth,
He is in the summer in the heat of us,
Ice watering.

Where the roots meander
along the Forest Trail
Little plate
Hidden in the grass.
All who pass
Meets – bends
And again on the road
I will gain strength.


Sit on the sand Lower your belt.
And lie – but do not lift,
And run – but do not catch.

To the sea river
And I can’t keep quiet
I’m her own son
And he was born in the spring.

Who runs on the mountain slopes
Chatting with himself
And in the thick green grass
Hiding the blue tail?


In the morning the pearls shone They
closed all the grass
And we go to look for them in the afternoon,
We look, we look – we will not find.

He will be born in the evening. The
night is alive.
He dies in the morning.

Always fall in the morning –
No rain, no stars –
And shine in cups
On the edges and meadows.


He’s busy all the time,
He can’t be in vain.
Goes and paints white
Everything you see on the road.

It is fluffy, silvery,
White, white
Pure, pure
Vata lay on the ground.

It flies in a white flock
And shines in flight.
He’s a cool star that melts
in the palm of your hand and in your mouth.

White as chalk It
flew from the sky.
I’m lying in the winter
He ran to the ground.

White blanket
Trained country.
The sun is hot – The
blanket is flowing.

Bel, yes no sugar
No legs, but coming.

He sits on everything,
He is not afraid of anyone.

White blanket
Not made by hand
Not woven and cut
It fell from the sky to the ground.

It heats up in winter
It stinks in spring It
dies in summer
It comes to life in autumn.

He lives – lies
He will die – he will escape.

Lie down, lie down
Yes, he ran into a river.

The white tablecloth
Covered the whole country.

Outside the mountain
and in a hut with water.

No bucket or brush,
No hands
And it will whiten everything around it.


Through what kind of stars
On the coat and on the scarf
All through, cut,
And take – water in hand?

The star circled
In the air a little
Clock and melted
In the palm of your hand.


I lived in the middle of the yard
Where the children play.
But from the sun
I turned into a stream.

Snow woman

I wasn’t raised
– He went blind from the snow.
Instead of a nose deftly
They put a carrot
Eyes are žirnice
Lips are swirls .
Cold, a lot.
Who am I?


Driving through the snow – I’ll
grow up.
Warm on the bonfire –
I’ll get lost.


Dill falls from the sky.

The yard is crowded:
Peas are falling from the sky.

She ate six peas Nina,
Now she has a sore throat.

The pea was crushed
In seventy ways:
No one will pick it up.


No planks
no axes The
bridge is ready across the river.

The bridge is like blue glass:
Slippery, fun, light.

In the hands of Tanya
Winter in a glass.

Does not burn in fire
Does not sink in water.

Winter glass
Spring was flowing.

Winter fish live warmly:
The roof is thick glass.

Ice hole

The fur coat is new
And there is a hole on the edge

In the new wall
In the round window
In the afternoon the glass shatters
and is inserted overnight.


What grows upside down?

Under our roof The
white nail hangs The
rising sun The
nail will fall.

He climbed onto the drain
Nose hung down.
She hides her tears at night
And cries in the sun.

It grows upside down
It does not grow in summer, but in winter.
And the sun will burn her – She
will cry and die.

Hanging through the window, the
Ice Fist is
full of drops
and smells like spring.

I live under a roof
It’s even scary to look down.
I could live more
If there were roofs.

Yes, because without water – neither here nor there! 🙂 This fun water puzzle is familiar not only to everyone over thirty, but also to many younger readers.

But the youngest children need other puzzles about water. Which not only enchant and develop the imagination, but also introduce the child to the outside world. These are exactly the puzzles about water and its various states that we have collected for you on this page.

Water puzzles for kids

Sam doesn’t drink, he makes us.

Very good-natured – soft, obedient.

But when he wants, he will dig out the stone.

She is both a cloud and a fog.

She is a stream and an ocean.

Fly and run

And glass can be.

Everyone says it flows.

Everyone says he plays.

He always runs forward

But don’t run anywhere.

No legs, but running.

He has no arms and has sleeves.

He lives in the seas and rivers

But often in the clouds.

And how bored she is to fly,

He falls to the ground again.

And – not land, not water.

You will not swim on it and you will not walk with your feet.

Tucked under the moss

Don’t walk

Don’t drive.

The young aspects are watching him,

They colored the scarf attempt.

Young birches are watching him

Putting their earrings in front of him.

And the moon and the stars – everything is reflected in it.

What mirror, for example, is it called?

Everyone is touring this place

The earth here is like dough.

Sedge is everywhere, moss.

There is no footrest.

Don’t walk

Don’t drive

Which is hidden under the moss.

In the morning the beads sparkled.

All the grass fell silent.

We looked for them this afternoon.

We search, we search – we will not find.

In the evening – he was born,

At night – he enjoys it.

In the morning – he dies.

It doesn’t happen during the day

It always falls in the morning

No rain, no star.

And it shines in the meadows

On trees and bushes.

There is a trough filled with water.

Curls, curls in the distance

Outdoor tape.

The narrow peak is in the spring,

And widely – at sea.

Rides in the summer, walks,

And in winter – resting.

In winter – hiding

In the spring – wake up.

In the summer – fun.

In the fall – he goes to bed.

It is poured into it, it is poured out,

It is woven on the ground itself.

Under the grass on the sand

Lower your seat belt.

Lie down, but not to get up.

Run, but not make up.

River sister

Running, muttering water.

In a blue shirt

It runs along the bottom of the plain.

Without arms and legs

It can break through the earth.

We are all in the summer, in great heat

It is watered with ice water.

Where the grass twists, on a forest road

A blue plate is hidden in the grass.

Whoever passes by will approach, bend.

He will gain strength for his journey.

He runs down the mountain slopes

Chat with yourself.

And in dense green bushes

It hides the blue tail.

White as chalk.

It flew from the sky.

It lies all winter

And in the spring, he fled to the ground.

In these water deserts

The waves are like dunes.

And among the blue bottom –

Storms, hurricanes.

(Sea and oceans).

Wide, deep

It hits the shore.

There’s always a lot of water in it,

But she’s not drunk.

(Sea, ocean).

White cotton wool floats somewhere on the water.

The yard is crowded.

Peas fall from the sky.

She ate five Zina peas,

He has a sore throat now.

He’s busy all the time,

He can’t leave.

And it goes, paint it white

Everything you meet along the way.

It flies in a white flock

And it shines in flight.

And the touch – it melts softly

On the palm and in the mouth.

White tablecloth

She dressed the whole country.

What kind of stars are those

On a coat and on your arm?

Everything funny, carved,

And take – water in hand.


He lived in the middle of the yard

Where the children played.

But from the sun

Suddenly it turned into a stream.


The mirror is in the middle of the field.

The frame is green, the glass is blue.

Eye – water

But drinking is a disaster.

White sheep

On a blue walk through the meadow.

(Waves, sea).

The day was good at first.

Suddenly the peas were raining.

He put thirty in his pocket,

And in the hands – one guide.

And it doesn’t burn in the fire

And it doesn’t sink in water.

It is transparent like a diamond.

There are no roads.

Born to a mother,

And give birth to her.

Transparent as glass.

But you can’t insert it in a window.

The fish live warm under it.

The roof is thick glass.

This is winter glass

It flowed in the spring. (Ice).

I’m crying from the sun.

I can’t do otherwise!


He climbed the drain

His nose hung down.

She hides tears at night

He cries happily from the sun.


Hanging under the eaves

Kulek is ice.


I’m not – everyone is waiting for me.

And I will come, everyone is running.

Born in heaven

Useful on the ground

Buried in the ground.

The whole day is coming, coming.

Fluttering weather.

Maybe it’s a helicopter

Does it spill water on the ground?

No! Water from the clouds.

Tell me, who is he?

Small, big, common

And he watered the whole earth.

It is long and great

He lay from the clouds to the ground.

Let go stronger

So the mushrooms grow faster.

It grows not in summer but in winter.

It grows upside down.

And the sun will suddenly burn,

She’s leaking water.


Above you and above me

It grows upside down.


The children were sitting at the exit

And they grow heads down.


A white nail hangs under the roof.

The sun will burn – and the nail will fall.


I ran and made noise.

She fell asleep – she shone.

White, not sugary.

No legs, but coming.

The white blanket is not made by hand.

No weaving and no cutting –

He fell from the sky into the fields.

Gray geese fly

A white snowflake fell.

(Clouds, snow).

Water – to the knees and do not drink.

Light as a feather.

White as sugar.

Soft as a snowflake.

White, not rabbit.

Flies, not birds.

It comes quietly.

It lies gently.

The carpet is not fluffy with fabric hands and does not sew silk.

It shines like silver in the sun and during the month.

Belyana’s girlfriend

I bleached all kinds.

A white blanket covered the ground.

The sun was hot – the blanket was fluttering.

Winter star!

In the spring – water.

In summer – shut up.

He’s lying – dumb.

And while he is dying

It will howl.

On the street – the mountain!

And in the room – with water.

Gray-haired grandfather by the gate

All eyes are blurred.

Across the river and the valley

Hanging white canvas.

He curls up but doesn’t smoke.

Lies, but not snow.

These are the riddles about water and relationships with it that we have collected for you. Of course, many of them are already a bit outdated. And now the water situation is simpler than it was thirty years ago. You can, for example, call one of the companies that deal with water delivery and it will bring us water directly. But that is on the one hand. On the other hand: who would have thought relatively recently that they should buy plain water? However, this is a completely different song.

And we hope you enjoyed these puzzles about water, snow, rain, steam and other water conditions. And you are happy to see others on our site. There are many interesting things: from to. And 44 more different collections. See for yourself!

On this page you will find a selection of the most interesting puzzles about water with answers. The child must understand that water is not only in a liquid state, but also in the form of steam, ice. Also, rivers, lakes, seas and oceans will be filled with water. How does the river begin? How’s the water? All this can be told to the child in playing, setting complex or witty puzzles about water for children.

Riddles about water playfully tell children about all its diversity, about rivers, lakes, oceans. It can be liquid, solid and gaseous. The water turns into a state of ice at a temperature of 0 degrees Celsius, and the key – at 100 degrees. The amount of fresh water is only 3% of the total amount on Earth. Without food a man can survive 30 days, and without water he can last only 3-4 days.

Solving puzzles about water and remembering them is simple enough. Children happily try to solve the riddle, immersing themselves in the beautiful aquatic world, learning interesting facts, both about the water itself and about the fauna and flora that inhabits rivers, lakes and oceans.

Water Puzzles (with answers for grade 1)

It goes to the sea, it goes,
And it will reach the shore –
It will disappear here. (Wave)

It flows, it flows – it will not flow
Run, run – it does not run out. (River)

So no problem
We can’t live without … (Water)

I am cloud and fog
And stream and ocean
And I fly and run
And I can be glass! (Water)

He has no legs, but he does not stand still,
He has a bed, but he does not sleep,
Not a water heater, but a boil
Not thunder, but thunder.
She has no mouth, but she has never been silent. (River)

Water Puzzle (with answers for 3rd grade)

Water in nature in puzzles for children

He lives in the seas and rivers

But it often flies through the sky.

And how bored she is to fly,

He falls to the ground again. (Water)

A little shiver in the breeze

Outdoor tape

Narrow peak in spring

Wide at sea. (River)

From a big tear,

He growls menacingly

And breaking on rocks

The foam is growing. (Waterfall)

Everyone visits this place:

Here the earth is like a test,

Here are tufa, bumps, mosses …

There is no footrest. (Swamp)

He is without arms, without legs

Can he break through the earth,

He’s hot in the summer from us,

Ice watering. (Spring)

In the middle of the field is a mirror:

The glass is blue and the frame is green. (Pond)

There is water all around

And drinking is a problem. (More)

I run to the river mom

And I can’t keep quiet

I am her own son

And I was born in the spring. (Stream)

In the morning the pearls shone

All the grass fell silent

And let’s go look for them this afternoon,

We search, we search – we will not find. (Rosa)

He goes to the sea, he goes,

And it will reach the shore –

Then it will disappear. (Wave)

Challenging puzzles with answers

Two people approach the river. Near the shore there is a boat that can only withstand one. They both crossed to the opposite shore. HOW?
They were on different shores.

They put a can on the edge of the table, which is well closed with a lid, so that 2/3 of the cans hung from the table. After a while the bank collapsed. What was in the bank?
A piece of ice.

How can I fill half a barrel with water without using any measuring devices?

Answer: Tilt the barrel and pour water until the water fills the pipe so that the beginning of the bottom is visible and the water touches the edge of the barrel.

Funny water puzzles with answers

Around the water, and in the middle of the law. What is this

Answer: The plaintiff is bathing.

If our hands are in wax
If the stains have landed on your nose,
Who is our first friend then,
Will they remove the dirt from your face and hands?
What the mother cannot
cook or wash without them ,
Without what we will, roughly say,
Does a person die?
That the rain falls from the sky
So that the ears of bread grow
For sailing ships –
We can not live without … (Water)

Proverbs about water

  • You grieve – you drink water
  • Do not consume water in a sieve
  • You cannot keep water in a sieve
  • In calm water the whirlpools are deep
  • Better a poor horse than no horse at all
  • Water will find a way
  • The water will find its way on its own
  • Hot water – water will be
  • Water does not flow under the lying stone
  • A complete outpouring – to live richly
  • Bread and salt
  • Life – through the gate and into the water
  • Open to the rich like a pike in water
  • It happens sometimes – water flows in the mountains
  • Like a fish on earth, like a fish without water
  • Expensive bucket of water in case of fire, alms in case of poverty
  • A lot of water has flowed since then.
  • The chapel is everywhere on the poor
  • The ox is urged not to drink honey – it carries water
  • That’s why pike in the sea so that the cruiser would not fall asleep
  • Water was important to the father, but don’t go to your son and squeeze
  • From the heat and water the key
  • Where the water will fill up, a stream will be found
  • Where the river went, there will be canals


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