Water filter

Water filter. A water filter is defined as an apparatus generally composed of a porous material and activated carbon . When passing through the filter, it traps the particles that the water brings and can be toxic or harmful to health, some of these elements are sand, mud, rust, dust, iron, high amounts of chlorine and bacteria , among others.


The first to create water filters were the Romans . When consolidating a great civilization belonging to the Roman Empire, it was necessary to think about what was the best system to provide drinking water to all citizens, for this reason, they built an aqueduct system, to transport water from the Apennine mountains; Along the route, filters and ponds were installed , obtaining good water upon arrival in the city .


Although the companies that supply water to the cities have already taken the time to treat the water to make it drinkable, it is always important to have a water filter in the home as it not only helps improve health, but also saves us money and we contribute to the planet. The filter not only removes the impurities that the water contains but also eliminates the strange taste that many of these cause in it. It also reduces the contaminants that it brings with it, trapping them and leaving a lighter and healthier water.


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