How to use the filter of what famous you look like on TikTok .

We have all dreamed of looking like a celebrity. And while actually getting it may seem complicated, you can at least have a laugh with your friends and followers for a while if you learn how to use the filter of what famous you look like on TikTok .

This is a filter that began to become popular in the well-known social network last year, and which is still one of the best known in it. What it does is slightly analyze your image and search through a database that it has with photos of celebrities . This will try to find the person who most closely resembles the person who used the filter.

It is true that there are times when similarities are more real than others. But whatever the situation you are faced with, if you look like the person they paired you with, you will probably laugh for a while, and if it turns out, you will not find it appealing. And, what is more important considering that we are talking about social networks, you will attract the attention of your followers, so that you can get likes and even new followers . And the process to use this filter is as simple as the one we would need to use any other of those available on the platform.

What Famous Do You Look Like? # 1 – Thermos Head

There are two ways you can get this filter to learn how to use it. The first one is through a video that reaches your hands . If in the For you tab you find a video that uses it, click on the box at the bottom left, next to the wand icon. So you will go to a window dedicated entirely to this video, in which you can find fun ideas.

Once you are in this window, you can start recording your TikTok . Point the camera at yourself as if you were going to take a selfie and you will see how in a matter of seconds you have at your disposal the image of the famous person you are most like.

The second option is to press the + button of TikTok, which will take you to start recording. All available filters are in the Effects box. There you can navigate until you find the filter Who do I look like , and you can apply it to your creation.

It is true that this second option leads you to lose a little more time, but this filter is usually always in the first positions within the Top option .

However, although it may seem somewhat striking, the reality is that it has a trick. And you can choose the image of the famous person that the filter says you look like. Therefore, you can easily trick him into telling you that you look like Shakira or Brad Pitt. Or to have one of your friends tell you that it looks like the poop emoticon. By being able to choose the option manually, you can laugh a little at your followers, especially those who do not know the trick.

In the end, as with any other filter that we use regularly on TikTok, the trick is basically to be creative . If you have some imagination, you can make some videos with which to surprise or make your followers laugh. And we already know that the sense of humor triumphs a lot in this social network, so using it can be ideal to gain followers.


Although learning how to use the filter of what famous you look like on TikTok can be a lot of fun, there are many other interesting tricks about this social network. We show you some that can help you sweep the video platform:


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