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Tacoma Indie Adventure Complete Walkthrough


The game begins at the lunar intermediate station “Tacoma”, where the player, taking control of an employee of a certain organization, must collect important secret data. Leaving our personal ship and acquiring an augmented reality device, we will soon find ourselves in the main part of the station. On the spot, first of all, we go to the observation window, which is at the very end of the hall, where we use the found AR tool to view the recording. After that, we follow to the first compartment of the station called “Personnel”.


Having reached our destination, we step forward along the corridor, where we will soon see a panel with AI data, where we install a data transmission device. Having started the download process, we follow to the right to the administration area, where we activate the key location record. From that moment on, we will also collect personal data from the holograms of some of the station employees during the viewing. Access to dashboards for each of them is tied to a specific moment of recording. The fact that the data of this or that person is open for viewing is indicated by the icons on the video duration scale, the color of which corresponds to the holograms of the station employees. Having finished viewing the recording and collecting the necessary data, then we go to the personal cabin of the station administrator. On the spot, first of all, we start the next entry, and then we select the book lying by the window,1228 . We enter the pass code into the administrator’s personal account, which is located in the meeting room, and turn on the workstation on the table. At the exit from the room, we pay attention to a cat named Kotofey , which lies on a chair in the left corner of the room. At its core, the pet is a collectible in the game that appears in six key entries. To “activate” it, you just need to point the camera at it and wait for the identification window to appear at the top of the screen (see screenshot).

Having thus collected all the data and having found Kotofei, we then go to the operation zone, which is located on the left side of the panel with the AI ​​data. On site, first of all we go to the office of the operation specialist, next to which we activate the main record of the zone. After carrying out all the necessary manipulations with her (when collecting data from the station physician, we pay attention to the correspondence with ONE, where the password 0315 from her locker in the dressing room will be indicated ), go to Clive Siddiqui’s office and turn on the workstation, where in the notes section we notice the code from his locker ( 1407 ). On the way to the dressing room, it is worth looking into the laundry room, because there we will find Kotofei (see screenshot).

Having reached the place, we unlock the necessary lockers, in one of which we select the key. Next, we look into the shower room, activate the side recording there, and then go to Clive’s personal cabin, where we do two things: start the video and open the locker under the bed with the key. After that, you can leave with a pure soul both the operation area and the entire living compartment.


The next stop is the biomedical compartment. Having entered the medical area, which is located on the right side of the panel with the AI ​​data, we traditionally activate the recording and carry out all the necessary manipulations with it. Next, we go into the examination room, where we look into the medical imaging room. There, under the sofa, we will find Kotofei (see screenshot).

After leaving the room, we notice a blocked terminal near the wall. The pass code to it is a combination of 2080 , which can be seen on the letter in the station’s doctor’s office. In addition, in the same place we turn on the personal workstation, and in the desk drawer we find the key to the lock of the medical storage. Having unlocked it, we then go to the medic’s personal cabin, where we play a side recording, after which we go to another part of the biomedical compartment called “Botanica”.

Once there, before starting the main recording, it is worth looking into Andrew Dagyab’s personal account, where his painting will show the pass code to the irrigation room ( 0281 ). So we can collect his personal data during the recording, since most of it will be located there. Also, do not forget to activate the workstation in his office. On the way to the office, you should also go to the protein growing area, where Kotofey will be lying on the ceiling grid in the right corner of the room (see screenshot).

Finally, we look into the botanist’s private cabin, where we reproduce a side recording.


The last compartment of the station is engineering, from where we will get the most important data for our task. Entering the mechanics zone, first of all we turn left to the room with the power block, where we find Kotofei lying at the top (see screenshot).

Next, we step into the workshop and activate Bertha’s workstation, after which we head to her personal cabin to start a side recording there. After reviewing it, we return to the hall, where we turn on the main recording of the location, during which we will receive the code from the locked door ( 0809 ) leading to the network technologies zone (by the way, on the way to it we will encounter Natalia’s hologram, so do not forget view it).

Once there, we turn on the recording, go to the personal account of the network specialist and activate the last workstation in the game there. After leaving the room, above we notice Kotofei lying on the pipe, whom we see in the game for the last time (see screenshot).

Next, we follow to the center of closed communication of the AI, where we turn on all the terminals one by one, play the record, and, having entered the password 0451 into the computer, we take the data. After that, we calmly leave the engineering compartment.


After leaving the main part of the station, we fly up to the docking gateway, where we start the final recording in the game, after which we go to our ship with a pure soul. Completed the game.

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