Vulvo Vaginal Atrophy: all the discomforts and how to manage them

The AVV brings with it small disturbances that must be managed. Irritation, aches, minor leaks, discomfort can be effectively controlled with these tips.

Vulvo Vaginal Atrophy : Have you ever heard of it? About 1 in 2 women suffer from it and if not reported and properly managed, AVV can worsen over time. It follows that its early diagnosis is crucial.

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All the discomforts of Vulvo Vaginal Atrophy and some advice to manage them

Intimate itching

The  intimate itching is a symptom very common that can make you realize that something is wrong but also too generic to let you easily identify what may be your problem. However, behind that persistent burning sensation and uncontrollable urge to scratch (sometimes also accompanied by redness and swelling) there may be various causes: in addition to Vulvo Vaginal Atrophy, a Candida infection , a bacterial vaginitis , some sexually transmitted infections such as Trichomoniasis .

For this reason, do not delay in the first episodes of intimate itching: immediately make an appointment with a gynecologist experienced in menopause . Only the specialist, with a gynecological examination and the necessary diagnostic tests, will be able to investigate the causes of your disorders and identify the appropriate treatments.

Intimate irritations

Irritations in menopause can be a consequence of infections , to which, due to changes in hormonal levels, and the consequent alteration of the vaginal environment, we tend to be more exposed. But they can also be a consequence of vaginal dryness , a frequent corollary of menopause and a symptom of Vulvo Vaginal Atrophy.

In general, irritation becomes frequent in menopause because, when intimate hydration decreases in a physiological way (the responsible are always the decreased hormonal levels and consequently the reduced natural lubrication), the dry and dry vaginal walls naturally become more irritable.

Discomfort and pain during intercourse

Intimate discomfort and pain are the consequences of the thinning of the vaginal walls caused by Vulvo Vaginal Atrophy. Already less elastic and less lubricated due to the physiological changes due to age and also due to the natural aging and shrinking of the tissues , during intercourse, due to mechanical rubbing, the mucous membranes can undergo microtraumas that can create micro-lesions.

That feeling of discomfort in the lower abdomen , which often becomes real pain, can manifest itself not necessarily during or immediately after intercourse, but up to two days later. In this way, psychological discomfort is often added to the physical disturbance . But getting discouraged and thinking you have to give up on love is a big mistake: intimacy in menopause can be lived peacefully . Do not forget that it is a fundamental element for your psychophysical balance because love keeps your mind and body young . For this reason, it is even more important that you get busy with your gynecologist to overcome these obstacles.

Blood loss

The bleeding in menopause can be quite frequent becoming of anxiety and concern. The causes can be various: for this reason, intimate bleeding should always be reported to the gynecologist . Spotting may be normal in the transition from perimenopause to actual menopause , but when the definitive disappearance of menstruation is clear, the bleeding could be a sign that something is wrong.

Among the main causes could be Vulvo Vaginal Atrophy , of which intimate bleeding is a typical symptom: usually it is pink discharge that occurs immediately after intercourse or in the days immediately following.

7 tips to manage the hassles of Vulvo Vaginal Atrophy

We want to dispel some clichés and suggest good daily rules that can help you get better:

  • Cold water does not relieve intimate itching , except momentarily as we are commonly led to think: continually washing only makes things worse. Among other things, the excess of hygiene contributes to drying even more the mucous membranes , which are already not very elastic and fragile.
  • Washing too frequently worsens the situation of burning and irritation: the first step in trying to manage intimate itching and irritation is to keep the natural vaginal bacterial flora in balance , essential because it can block the most common infections, to which in these conditions are more exposed.
    For this reason the washes should not be more than a couple a day (in normal conditions, of course).

Intimate hygiene plays a fundamental role in the management of intimate discomfort: it must be treated (but not exasperated) using a gentle and non-aggressive intimate cleanser , specific for menopause (neutral pH around 7).

  • Choose the right underwear : wear only cotton briefs and preferably white . No to synthetic fabrics (even for pants that are too tight) because they can prevent the correct transpiration of the skin and increase the risk of irritation, itching, infections. If you’re struggling with intimate hassles, opt for loose skirts and dresses and minimize the use of tights.
  • Same goes for sanitary napkins and panty liners : use those in pure cotton wool. No to synthetic filters that “heat” and do not let air circulate.
  • Since irritation is almost always a consequence of vaginal dryness, hydrate your body by drinking plenty of water (at least 2 liters per day). Choose a natural mineral that is high in calcium and low in sodium. The specialist can also recommend supplements and lactic ferments to restore the bacterial flora and the vulvar ecosystem.
  • You can help your intimate health even at the table : follow a balanced and correct diet , which helps you increase your immune defenses and ensures you all the nutrients you need in this delicate period of transformation for your body.


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