Verijero. It is a smaller knife with a small blade. It is used in cases where the facón knife, due to its shape, is very uncomfortable.


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  • 4 Etymology of the word verijero
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Knife of no more than 15 cm of blade to which it is given in the Argentine rural environment a general use. It is used for everything a knife can be used for in rural and domestic tasks.


Thus it serves so much to eat, to coat an animal, to chop tobacco ; even scratching their backs or as toothpicks.

As it is said in the field: it serves both to open an asau and to close an argument. “This tool is usually worn attached to the belt near the groin, an area called” verija “by the gauchos. , especially by those who love barbecue, who usually collect them, despite having a favorite, the one they usually take, each one of them, to these culinary gatherings so common among Argentines.


At the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century, the verijero was also the weapon used by the handsome and male people who attended the milongas, low-key places where tango was born in the city of Buenos Aires.

Etymology of the word verijero

This tool receives that name since, due to its short size, it is carried under the belt in the groin area, called “verija” in the Gaucho lexicon.


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