11 Benefits of Walking for Health

Walking is a sport that is fairly easy and can be done anywhere. In addition, walking is an economical sport, because it does not require excessive costs or tools to do it. So, what are the benefits of walking that you can get?.

Benefits of Walking for a Healthy Body

Although it is fairly easy and economical, the fact is that not a few people often overlook the benefits of this road. In fact, behind its simplicity, this one sport has a myriad of health benefits.

Here are some benefits of good walking for the body, including:

1. Improve body posture

The first benefit of walking is its ability to improve your posture . In addition to training the leg muscles, walking also exercises other body muscles such as the thighs, abdomen, hands, and back. In fact, walking also avoids you from stooping posture.

2. Increase energy

Some people think that exercise is just an energy-draining activity. In fact, behind the sports activities that you do, it turns out there are benefits that can be obtained, one of which is an energy booster. This can happen because exercise can pump blood smoothly throughout the body while providing additional oxygen supply.

3. Lose weight

For those of you who are running a weight-loss program, it seems like getting the benefits of walking is the easiest option that can be done. Walking can improve the body’s response to the hormone insulin

This hormone is responsible for regulating the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats which can reduce the amount of fat in the stomach.

4. Improve brain performance

Besides being useful for improving limb function, other benefits of walking also have a good effect on the brain. Those who routinely walk proved not easy senile. When walking – the size of the hippocampus – the part of the brain that is associated with memory will become larger and relaxed.

5. Reducing symptoms of varicose veins

Swelling of veins around the legs and increasing age are some of the things that can cause varicose veins. So that varicose veins do not occur, one way is to get the benefits of walking. Walk for about 30 minutes every day.

6. Reducing the risk of chronic diseases

A study revealed, the benefits of walking every day can reduce blood pressure and reduce the risk of stroke by 20-40 percent. In addition, other studies reveal that those who walk 30 minutes a day have a 30 percent lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

Not only stroke and heart disease, the benefits of morning walk are also useful for reducing type 2 diabetes by 30 percent. By walking, you make the muscles to work more so that its ability to absorb glucose increases.

7. Boosts the immune system

Those who rarely exercise their body will be easily affected by the disease. So that your body is able to ward off disease, try to walk for at least 30 minutes. The benefits of walking are believed to increase the body’s immune system to fight infection.

8. Reducing the risk of dementia

The benefits of the next morning’s walk you can get are reducing the risk of dementia. Either brisk walking or relaxing that you do regularly can make blood flow to the brain smooth, reduce the risk of vascular disease, and maintain brain function in old age.

9. Prevent osteoporosis

In general, osteoporosis is often experienced by women entering menopause. But osteoporosis can also occur in men. In Indonesia, lack of calcium intake is thought to be a cause of osteoporosis.

To prevent osteoporosis, the easiest step you can take is to walk. Walking is able to maintain bone health.

10. Maintain a healthy digestive system

One of the bad habits, but often done by many people, is not doing any activity after consuming heavy meals. Staying silent after eating risks disrupting the performance of your digestive system.

So that the digestive system can work optimally, all you need is to walk for about 30 minutes. The benefit of walking after other meals is that it helps keep sugar levels stable.

11. Make feeling better

One fairly well-known way to make a calmer mood is to consume chocolate. However, did you know that the benefits of walking have the same effect as consuming chocolate.

Those who walk regularly will experience changes in the nervous system that makes a better mood, causing a sense of pleasure in yourself. The benefits of walking will be more if you do it with people you love.

For those of you who are experiencing stress, regular walking can prevent and reduce stress. The benefits of walking are obtained because the body releases endorphins which make mood better, and reduce anxiety .

Well , that’s some of the benefits of walking that you can get. In addition to some of the benefits above, other benefits can also be obtained is to reduce the risk of getting cancer. The benefits of this morning walk are associated with improvements in the body’s metabolism that inhibit the growth of cancer cells such as colon, uterine, prostate and breast cancer.

Prepare the body before running

Once you know the many benefits of walking as above, another important thing to note is to minimize the risk of injury from running activities. Here are some things to consider before you do the male road, including:

·         Warm up

Before you go for a morning, evening or evening walk, pack for at least 5-10 minutes. This warm-up is useful for preparing the body for activities and avoiding you from injury.

·         Cooling down

If you walk briskly and are nearing the end time, reduce speed by walking leisurely. A leisurely walk can be done 5-10 minutes to cool hot muscles.

·         Stretch

After cooling down, you have to stretch . If you prefer to stretch before the brisk walk, don’t forget to warm up first.


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