Value addition: a serious problem

At present, the most perplexing problem in the country’s internal problems is the price-rise. No matter how vast and powerful our legislation of protection from external threats is, if our internal problem of price rise is not found soon, our national life cannot remain unaddressed.

Over the years, the value of daily use and essential items of life is increasing. As a result, the problem of subsistence for the large masses is becoming increasingly difficult. Today the limit of dignity like inflation has been exceeded. There is no value of rupee anymore. The rupee that once filled its owner with pride and confidence, and could buy whatever it wanted, is proving to be today.

Today the same value of 10 rupees was 10 paise in 1949. What is the reason for this rupee depreciation? What is the reason for this rarity of goods? It is said that from the day of Independence, our national production capacity has increased equally. We produce more food than before. Production of clothes has also increased.

The production of cement, iron, paper, medicines etc. has increased manifold. If the increase in sentiments continues in this way, the time ahead can bring revolution, because there is a limit to endurance. Why is it like this? A simple answer is that when there is an excess of things, then there is a relative lack of purchasing currency.

After the First World War, there was a time of recession, when the production of goods was greatly increased and the power to purchase them was no longer in the people. The situation of lack of things that arose in the midst of the great war, remained even at the end of it.

The hope of happiness and prosperity in the minds of the people as a result of the independence of the country, could not even flourish. Spending on government schemes increased; According to paper statistics, our production capacity increased, but the lack of amenities in public life also increased.

Today’s situation is that public dissatisfaction is crossing the extreme and the country is stirred by the waves of its disturbance. Certainly, by adopting the Five Year Plans, we have progressed well in every field of production. Many useful items which were earlier required to be imported from abroad, now we have started preparing ourselves.


There is no such thing that all these things have not affected the public life here. Those who have been familiar with the condition of the village here, can confidently say that the standard of living of the rural people has risen somewhat. He has a feeling of self-consciousness. She has become familiar with her rights. Today, she has started using such items, which she did not even know in the past. his

Food habits have changed and she is beginning to understand the meaning of happiness and enjoyment of modern life. As a result of this, many such items, which till now were considered safe for the limited consumer class, have become used for a wide mass community today.

As a result, it became imperative to have wisdom in their value. For example, we can take tea. Today, there will be no village where tea is not consumed regularly. Earlier it was considered as a commodity for consumption by only a few townspeople.

Use of sugar is also associated with tea. Today, there is a trend of sugar in every household. Jaggery is used in addition. This is the reason for the increase in the price of tea and sugar. The general rule of economics is that the lovers of barley goods are more then their value automatically increases.

This means that the increase in the value of goods at this time is natural to some extent. Even then, seeing the uncontrolled pace in which there is an increase in the speed, it has to be said that even the selfish people have a hand in it. All the efforts of the government so far have failed and it has not been able to bring selfish elements on the right path. The government is not in control of these hoarders, profiteers and fraudsters.

The fact is that today it is impossible for the government to get a good amount of goods at a regular price. All the items that meet the requirements of life with food are in abundance in the country, but they are not seen in the markets. His collection resides in Chorbazar.

No matter the quantity they are possible to buy, if they are worth many times more than the fair price. Since there is a flood of black money in the country at this time, people are buying and using these items in arbitrary quantities from the black market.

Every section of the society has more income than before, so it acquires yen-ken-type items and carries on its work; But except for a few very affluent families, the rest are dissatisfied with this situation.

The government has to change this situation and the government understands this too. This is the reason why she is eagerly thinking of a way to stop the price rise. She has come to the conclusion that the situation cannot be brought under control without nudging selfish, hoarding, profiteering and fraudsters.


For this, courageous steps have to be taken. If seen, this is a complex problem, because people believe that there are people in the government system who see loss of selfishness in ending this terrible situation. A democratic government should control inflation, so that the lives of the common man are not difficult. It is very important in the national interest to find a permanent solution to the causes of inflation.


by Abdullah Sam
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