Uses of Mobile Phone And Its Future

The mobile has become an extension of our body, it always goes with us, it keeps us connected with the rest of the world, and in the near future it will be the only thing we need to go outside as reflected in the  Vodafone television spot :We have found a list of the ten most common uses of the mobile phone today and the ten most anticipated future uses of the mobile phone.

For now, the current ten uses of the mobile phone are relatively simple and static. The ten of the future are more interesting and their combination can change our lives and the way in which companies should do business.

What is most striking is that the most interesting ones are still very much in the future .

The list of the ten most common uses of the mobile phone today:

  1. Calls
  2. SMS messages
  3. Photos
  4. To show off the phone
  5. Listen to music
  6. Personal organizer
  7. To blog
  8. IM, instant messages
  9. To visit the internet

The list of the ten most anticipated future uses of the mobile phone:

  1. With more storage capacity, store permanent files (always)
  2. Mobile customization, not only with music and icons, but even the operating system (always)
  3. Convergence of various products, such as telephones, cameras, MP3s (1-2 years)
  4. Internet services (1-3 years)
  5. Watch TV and video (1-3 years old)
  6. Online betting and games (2-4 years)
  7. Location services – GPS (2-4 years)
  8. Payments and financial transfers (5-10 years)
  9. Personal electronic key, ex. to open doors, etc. (5-7 years)
  10. Identification, eg. maintaining personal information such as medical and ID cards (10-15 years).

50 uses I give to my mobile

I currently use my smartphone :

  1. As an alarm clock : current mobiles allow you to manage various alarms, and can be programmed for specific days of the week.
  2. As a Watch : although until recently I have always used a wristwatch, since the last time its battery ran out, I use my mobile to see the time.
  3. To view and update Twitter : less and less I use less Twitter on my laptop. It is comfortable to review from the mobile the Timeline when I get up and go to bed, and in the dead times.
  4. As a flashlight : it is a use that I have given to the mobile for many years using the glow of the screen. In the last ones I have had an application that illuminates using the camera’s LED obtaining good benefits.
  5. To read and reply to email : on many occasions the mobile phone is sufficient to manage the email. The first notice that I have mail I receive via mobile.
  6. To read the newspaper : I have always liked to read the latest news while having breakfast and on very few occasions have I had access to the paper press first thing in the day. On my mobile I receive notifications from various newspapers within minutes of special events happening, so I am quite up to date with what is happening in the world.
  7. To speak : it is a use that I give to the mobile especially on working days due to my work. Many weekends pass if you have spoken on the mobile.
  8. To pay in the supermarket : paying with my mobile using contactless technology has become a daily habit. Every time I find more establishments in which to pay with NFC technology , so going outside without my wallet is no longer a problem when I go shopping.
  9. To pay for parking : Paying the establishment regulated parking has always been a problem not return the change, admit only coins, etc. Currently I use applications such as e-park or Telpark that also allow me to extend the parking time without having to go near my vehicle.
  10. To take photos : My latest smartphone  takes photos with a resolution of 16 Megapixels, so in most situations I can do without a compact camera perfectly.
  11. To make videos : as with photographs, the recording quality of mobile phones is close to that of non-professional camcorders, with the advantage that the mobile phone is always at hand.
  12. To upload photos to Facebook : when sharing photos of my family, the natural thing is to upload them from the mobile phone, which is where I have them stored.
  13. To read and see photos on Facebook : from time to time I like to read the articles that my contacts have shared and the photos they have published. The usual thing is that you do it from your mobile.
  14. To communicate via  instant messaging : my WhatsApp contacts , Google Hangout , etc. They expect a quick response and the mobile allows me to provide it. Many of the situations where a voice call used to be made today is covered by a WhasApp message .
  15. To listen to music : it is one of my daily uses of the mobile. Unlike early mp3 players like iPod, you don’t need to store your songs if you use services like Spotify or Deezer .
  16. Listen to the radio : through streaming  you can listen to the radio from any part of the world in addition to stations created specifically for the Internet. The radio has long been my main channel to receive the news of the day and I listen to it on my mobile.
  17. To count the steps I take when I go for a walk: it is one of the features that my mobile brings that are useful for me to know the distances I walk.
  18. To know my pulsations : my mobile has a sensor that allows the measurement of pulsations in a few seconds.
  19. To read electronic books : although I have a specific device for this, such as the Kindle, I increasingly use the mobile phone that I always carry with me.
  20. As a GPS navigator : I use Waze which takes traffic into real time to choose the most optimal route to my destination.
  21. Agenda management : both to know the meetings I have in the day and to schedule appointments for the next few days it is convenient to be able to consult the agenda anywhere and anytime.
  22. As a dictionary : I can solve any doubt for words from other languages ​​or in Spanish with a dictionary application that I have on my mobile along with a translator.
  23. To search for someone on LinkedIn : it is practical to see who is the person you have just been introduced to or who you are going to see in a few minutes simply by looking at your mobile.
  24. To manage my bank accounts : each bank I work with has its own application that allows me to manage my bank account and even make transfers.
  25. To watch series and movies : I always watch series and movies at the time that best suits me and does not coincide with their television broadcast. The mobile is the device I use to view them.
  26. To watch television : on very few occasions I watch television, in which case it is usually a live program such as a talk show and I do it via mobile.
  27. To watch videos : fundamentally the videos that I see come to me through WhatsApp or social networks and it is on the mobile where I see them, and if I find them interesting, I share them.
  28. To write down the shopping list : it is a functionality that I use from my first terminals. I will write down what I need to buy and when I go to buy I have the list updated and at hand.
  29. To write down ideas for : the topics I am going to write about in future posts go through my head at different times of the day, what better than writing them down on my mobile phone, which is what I have most at hand?
  30. To play : it is a use that I hardly use due to lack of time. Although the current games for smartphone  have nothing to envy to those of the consoles, I played more with the snake of the primitive Nokia (I will be getting older).
  31. Tracking online courses : with GoToWebinar I have attended several live online courses. I also regularly take online video courses with my mobile.
  32. Consult the CRM : I carry out the commercial management of my contacts in Saleforce  and I consult the projects from my mobile.
  33. Track my blog visits : I check my blog analytics from my mobile through the Analytics app .
  34. Publication on my blog : I usually make publications from my laptop; but once on the road I have published a draft or corrected a post from the WordPress application .
  35. Calculator : although I do simple calculations upside down, sometimes it is good to have a calculator and the mobile phone has it available.
  36. Photo editing : many of the photos that I share or upload to social networks require simple editing that I can make from my smartphone .
  37. Video editing : I use it mainly to eliminate excess parts in home videos.
  38. Food delivery request : I use the Telepizza application ; But there are many more companies in the market to which you can request food from your mobile.
  39. Management of discount coupons: Foster’s Hollywood , Mc Donalds and Burger King,   among others, allows you to manage discount vouchers from your mobile phone and then use them at your premises.
  40. Management of my bitcoins : I use a virtual wallet to store my bitcoins and I can carry out operations with them from my mobile.
  41. Follow-up of the Christmas lottery draw : last Christmas I have used EM Loterías de El Mundo . By entering the amounts that each number played, the application performed checks to see if my numbers were awarded and the winnings that corresponded to me (which in my case were € 0).
  42. To order a taxi : I have ordered a taxi with the Pide Taxi application of the  Radio Taxis Association of Spain and I liked being able to follow the Taxi requested by GPS both before arriving and during the service. In the first case, you have information on the estimated time of arrival and you know when to get off the street because you see on the map when your taxi is arriving. Regarding the follow-up during the service, I have used it to make sure that the person who took it arrived at its destination.
  43. Information on public transport : Moovit lets you know when the next bus will arrive and estimate with very little error when you will arrive at your destination.
  44. Recorder : I use it to record conferences that I attend that I find interesting. I have sometimes seen journalists use their smartphones to record interviews and statements by authorities.
  45. Remote control : very useful not only for television, but for other devices such as sound equipment or DVD players or the like.
  46. To know the temperature and the forecast for the next few days: it is a functionality that I access from the main screen of my mobile and that allows me to know what day it is before I even lift the blind.
  47. SingStar ™ Microphone : In my children’s Karaoke game, the mobile acts as a microphone.
  48. Document scanner : perhaps the quality is not the same as that of a desktop scanner; but in most cases the document obtained has the quality you need.
  49. Barcode and QR code reader : allows you to capture business card data, access promotions, etc.
  50. To record the routes that I do by bicycle or walking: there are applications that record the gps coordinates in short intervals of time that allow you to see in a plane the routes followed and the speed used to travel them.

5 uses that I will give to my mobile in the future.

We do not know what new technologies will be incorporated into our mobiles; But the NFC technology will allow additional uses in addition to those of mobile payments in a short time:

  1. To access my home: RFID cards are already used to access offices, with the advantage that a loss and theft of the card does not imply changing locks but reprogramming access codes. The next natural step is to use NFC from mobiles and use of technology in homes.
  2. To open and start the car: you can replace the door and contact locks with a module that reads the NFC of the mobile (or alternatively use the mobile as a transmitter and put the receiver in the locks, being in this case necessary that the mobile is switched on).
  3. As a transport ticket: there are already cities that allow you to carry the transport title on your mobile and validate it by bringing the NFC mobile closer to the corresponding reader.
  4. Health Card: if you can pay with your mobile phone as if it were a credit card, it is logical to think that you can identify yourself to the health personnel or in the pharmacy with your mobile phone replacing the current cards.
  5. Identification: in the future, the mobile will be used as identity document or driving license. Last Monday, January 12, the DNI 3.0 was presented,  which along with other advances has NFC, which will allow it to communicate with smartphones and other devices that have this technology.

These are the uses that I give to my mobile and those that I hope for the near future. Surely there are other possibilities of using the mobile that I have not yet tried.



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