Use your skills to do solo business

It doesn’t just cost money to do business. Business can be started and managed well by utilizing your skills. Starting a business means that it is a misconception to hire a skilled workforce. Currently, there are many opportunities to start a business based solely on your own skills. If you are interested in starting a solo business by using your skills, below are 5 business ideas for you.


There is very little to business blogging that can start with less money. If you want to start a business based on your writing skills, you can start blogging. Depending on your own abilities you can handle it. Then you can start earning depending on the advertisement.

Article Writer can be appointed if you do not spend time manually. Although blogging was a hobby many years ago, it is now a good business medium. But before you start blogging, find out what you have an interest in and expertise on.

Article Writer

An Article Writer writes an article on the content assigned to the customer. If you have good writing skills, you can easily get started. This is a home based business idea. Article writers usually work on a pay-per-word basis. That means you can earn money for every word.

Suppose you are contracted at a rate of 25 paise per word. So if you write a 5 word article, you can earn 1 * .25 = 25 from an article. Generally there is less money available in Bengali articles than English articles. Get work from various online platforms. Besides, you can connect with different groups of Facebook to get local work.

Special Note – Do not copy or paste any text under any circumstances.

Make apps and earn from Google

In this age of mobile technology, you can use the opportunity to earn from advertising by making apps on Google Play Store. If Unique can build an app, it’s not too late to be a billionaire. The blog can also earn more through the app. So from today, you can keep this idea in mind. Moreover, it is one of the best passive income channels.

Graphics Designer

Designing a growing income media graphics. In this age of online, the profession of graphics designers is quite competitive. Before you get into this profession you have to become very skilled. Otherwise, you will not get work and you will be frustrated.

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Web designer

As a technology savvy entrepreneur you can start a web design business by creating a web site for customers. This is a modern business idea. Like a graphics designer, this business is also competitive, but the revenue is more than it can be efficient.

Software business

One of the best examples of solo and skill based business is software business. If you have specialized expertise in software, you can provide customer development services for various software activities. Moreover, you can manage this business by creating and selling various software. Such as hospital management software.


Event photography is another area that is perfect for starting a solo business. You can start this business by focusing on events like wedding ceremonies. You can manage all aspects of this business alone. Photography and good quality cameras are the capital of this business. You can advertise your beautiful pictures taken by social media to get new customers.

Business consultants

One of the best unique business ideas is called Business Consultant. You can earn this business through personal advice and seminars. Frankly, it would be difficult to get a customer early. Know – Consulting Business Ideas

Affiliate Marketing

This business does not own any products. If others’ products are sold through you, you will receive a commission at a fixed rate. can be the best site for affiliate marketing for you.

Event Planner

If you enjoy organizing and working with people, you can start your own business as an event planner.

Home teacher

If you want to share your knowledge with others, you can make money by serving as a home teacher.

Day care center business

If you have experience in caring for your children, you can start a day care center business at your home. It does not require separate space.

Become a language translator

If you are proficient in more than one language, you can serve your customers as a language translator. People need to translate for a variety of reasons. Particularly those who go to business or study abroad need to translate a lot of paper. Besides, money can be earned by translating books.

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