Usb-ttl cable

USB-TTL cable. This cable is a comfortable and simple way to connect with a microcontroller, WiF Router , Dvd , TV , Switch or a hard disk . It is also used for serial port communications.


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Convert any USB port into a serial port at TTL level with this handy adapter. Ideal for communicating with temporary or permanent circuits in an extremely simple way through a port.

Currently a great majority of devices such as dvd, tv, routers, switch, cell phones , hard drives, have a serial port at TTL level (Transistor Transistor Logic), it is very useful to reinstall or reprogram the device without the need to dismantle the eprom memory in which the instructions, operating system or firmware, basic for the equipment to work, are stored.

Technical characteristics

  • Power Supply Voltage -0.3 to 6.0 V
  • Input Voltage -0.3 to VDD + 0.3 V
  • Output Voltage -0.3 to VDD + 0.3 V
  • Storage Temperature -55 to 150
  • Based on the PL2303HX chip.
  • 500 mA automatic resettable fuse.
  • LEDs for transmitting and receiving data.
  • The card is protected with plastic to avoid a short circuit.
  • Direct output of female cables to program the pro micro


  • Red: 5v
  • Black: GND
  • Green: TX
  • White: RX


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