Usain Bolt’s diet

In the world of sports there are good athletes, great athletes, icons, legends and then Bolt’s wound Discover in this post what the Jamaican eats to break all the records.

The torrent of unanimity that the Jamaican lightning has generated is unheard of, never seen. He has dominated for more than a decade (yes, more than 10 years!) The 100 and 200 meters with an iron fist. And the feeling is that he did it without forcing the machine, letting himself be carried away in the final 10 meters.

The most successful runner in history was born in 1986 in Trelawny, Jamaica, on Bob Marley’s Island, which is an almost inexhaustible pool of sprinters. This athlete measures 1.96 and weighs 86 kilos. At the 2008 Beijing Olympics he won three gold medals and three world records impressing the world andsetting the best world numbers in track athletics history so far . A year later, at the World Athletics Championships in Berlin, he beat his own records in the 100 and 200 meter sprints with a time of 9.58 and 19.9 seconds. At the 2012 London Olympics, he repeated the feat of Beijing. In Rio he repeated the trio of golds with the same ease and impudence.

What does the racing warrior eat daily to stay at the highest level of his disciplines for so many years?

The Usain Bolt thing is unheard of. Not only is he the fastest man on the planet, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, but he also takes 41 long strides every 100 meters, whereas other elite athletes would take up to 50. Therefore, his diet should be a factor. important to give you the fuel you need to hit those numbers.

When he was a child, he followed a precarious diet that caused sclerosis that, in the long run, has benefited him to compete. And, since always, one of the basic elements in his food, according to his father has told him on multiple occasions, was yam, a tuber very similar to potatoes with a great contribution of carbohydrates. He ran to fame at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, won three gold medals, and set a trio of world records, all eating a diet of junk food. The Jamaican assured in 2015, an interview published on the IAAF official website, that one of the greatest sacrifices he has made to extend his career has been to give up fast food in favor of vegetables.“I have started eating healthy. This is the biggest sacrifice for me, eating vegetables all the time. It’s easy to give up almost everything, but eating healthy is really hard.”

When he has to follow a strict diet because the competition is close, Bolt opts for a diet of high energy content, about 5,000 calories a day, calibrating each of his six meals with 60% protein, 30% carbohydrates and 10% fat .

Sprinting is an explosive and anaerobic sport that requires runners to be lean and strong. Their training does not help them “burn” fat as in resistance training, and they must carefully watch their diet to achieve good muscles with the minimum percentage of fat. To promote faster muscle feeding, the proportion of protein in the diet is increased and the intake of carbohydrates and fat is decreased.

That is so, because, with speed training, greater muscle wasting occurs and new muscle cells are created, so it demands a higher proportion of protein to supply the amino acids that build and regenerate muscles.

It is important to emphasize that Usain Bolt’s diet is designed exclusively for elite athletes, and how such is under very rigorous medical control.

Basically their diet is constituted as follows:

His breakfast consists of “Johnny Cakes” (dumplings of flour, water, butter and milk) and boiled potatoes. These two foods provide you with a high energy content to give you the maximum in your workouts.

At lunch , Bolt opts for a good portion of protein, preferably fish, accompanied by a portion of rice or pasta and one of whole wheat bread and plenty of vegetables.

For dinner , the fastest man in the world eats broccoli, moniato, and rice with chicken or pork to boost his muscles.

Between meals BoltIt claims to be a large consumer of bananas, mangoes, pineapples and apples. The fastest man in the world drinks a lot of water in order to recover the fluids lost during his power and speed sessions.

But there is still more, people close to the star of the slopes comment that one of the secrets of this artist lies in the times he establishes to make his meals is to intersperse it with training and rest.

Although, when the competition is far away, Bolt confesses that he likes to take a trip to a fast food restaurant. He loves energy drinks and occasionally toasts with beer. Although it seems from another planet, it has its weaknesses.

According to his coaches, after two years out of competition he will have a belly, he is betting that he will continue in top form.

We don’t know what will happen to his gut, what we do know is that the career of this athletic cyborg will inspire present and future generations of world athletics. A “Jordanian” legacy almost impossible to match. Show must go on!

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