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The word ufology derives from the acronym UFO ( Unknown Flying Objects ) which means Unknown Flying Objects . Similarly, there is the word UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects) from which the word UFO originates. UFO / UFO studies study the evidence and any forms of records regarding mystical and supernatural phenomena , such as the presence of flying saucers, extraterrestrial beings (ETs), alien objects or sounds , etc.

Understand Ufology

Ufology is divided into three major groups: scientific ufology, mystical / esoteric ufology and holistic ufology. The scientific ufology is one that through rational and objective analysis of physical evidence such as photos, personal stories, movies and brands of ships in the soil, develops research-based methodologies accepted in academia.

This strand creates hypotheses and theories based on extraterrestrial phenomena and appearances (Photo: depositphotos)

The mystical ufology is based on spirituality and philosophy to explain the manifestations of UFOs, ie, this line of research relies on telepathy, automatic writing, sensory intuitions, astral travel, etc. Already holistic ufology adds both previous currents, linking scientific research with esotericism / mysticism to thus be able to understand the phenomenon as a whole.

History of ufology

Literature records that the history of ufology began in June 1947 , when at the time the American Kenneth Arnold claimed to have glimpsed nine objects in the form of disks that moved absurdly at an extremely fast speed.

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This report was extremely important and gained a lot of repercussions, opening the way for new studies worldwide. UFO researchers believe that remote records in ancient monuments of ancient peoples left by extinct civilizations are UFO references , since some sciences are of great mystery to humanity, such as astronomy, chemistry, physics and others.

The very biblical account of the passage from Moses indicating the path to be followed by the people of Israel through the desert of Sinai to the promised land is considered an UFO occurrence. The column of fire that appeared at night to warm the people from the cold and the column of cloud that appeared to soften the heat of the day is for many ufologists, evidence of this size.

UFO researchers

Ufologists are people who study and dedicate themselves to the study of the phenomena of ufology , raising hypotheses and elaborating theories based on extraterrestrial phenomena and appearances. Ufologists can be categorized as: ufologist assistant, scientific ufologist, paraolistic ufologist (medium), holistic ufologist, independent ufologist and cabinet ufologist.

In contrast, there are those who are called anti-ufologists. They are more traditional scientists who discard any kind of UFO evidence, because for them any event is subject to fraud and misunderstandings of human interpretation .

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