Types of Definitive Hair Removal

What Definitive Hair Removal Techniques exist. Longing for soft and smooth skin? Thinking about wearing that beautiful bathing dress on vacation without thinking about the annoying hairs? Surely you have heard a lot about the definitive hair removal, here we tell you all the techniques that exist and their benefits.

Diode Laser Hair Removal:

Thanks to lasers, the root of the follicle is destroyed. The wave directly attacks the root of the beautiful and does not cause changes in the skin. This technique produces almost no pain and removes hair permanently.

Pulsed Light Hair Removal:

This technique works with an intense light that seeks to lighten the hair and then remove it permanently. The light is distributed by pulsations that are made with a lamp called “flash.”

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Electric Hair Removal:

This is the most definitive technique of all, since what it does is burn every cell responsible for hair growth. By means of a brief electric shock that produces heat, the follicle burns causing hair to never come out again.

To take into account – Definitive Hair Removal Techniques

  • The hairs of the body are in different growth process, so after the hair removal sessions you can observe different results.
  • The sessions depend on the area to be treated, the type of skin and type of hair.
  • Between sessions and sessions of treatment, people should shave with a blade or depilatory cream, a technique that does NOT tear the hair.
  • Be patient, although it depends on the type of technique, several sessions are needed to remove between 70% and 80% of the hairs.
  • In addition to removing hair, heat helps stimulate the collagen in the skin, improving its texture.
  • Keep in mind that these techniques cannot be performed on tattoos or moles, because with the increase in temperature, skin lesions can be caused.

Go ahead and wear a smooth and hair-free skin. Find out about the different techniques of permanent hair removal that are achieved in the market or with epilators from the comfort of your home, say goodbye to your hair forever.


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