Definitive Hair Removal, which one to choose?

Do you want to know the types of laser hair removal that exist in the market? The hair removal is an important issue for many people who need to get rid of body hair effectively without resorting to frequent methods also impractical, they tend to generate other cosmetic skin problems.

Currently there are several techniques of permanent hair removal, the most popular being Intense Pulsed Light and different types of lasers. Although both procedures use light, they are not the same and therefore each is effective for certain cases.

Laser Vs Pulsed light, which one to choose?

To be able to decide the most appropriate definitive hair removal method for you, it is essential that you know how each one acts and for what characteristics of hair and skin is indicated.

The laser

Laser hair removal is based on a selective thermolysis photo, which means permanent thermal damage to the hair follicles, but always keeping the surrounding tissues healthy.

The laser equipment emits a beam of light of a single color very precise, in which all the photons travel to the same wavelength and move in a straight line.

There are several types of laser indicated for hair removal

Alexandrite: for hair removal from phototype I to IV (not tanned). It emits variable pulses that can be modified by the specialist according to the case.
The best known teams are the Candela and Cynosure.

Diode: it is the most appropriate for brown skin (up to phototype VI) and man’s hair. It has a good effectiveness in lighter hairs, not in gray hair, and in skins with low phototypes.

It is a laser that can be annoying, and the discomfort varies depending on how the equipment is used (super long pulse or hair removal)

Soprano Laser: it is a diode laser but that uses a different technology, in this case the hair removal is by means of high and repetitive energy pulses, which allows the repeated passage of the equipment head through the same area.

It gives excellent results in dark or tanned skin, but it is also used in light skin.

IPL – Pulsed Light

Intense pulsed light equipment (IPL) emits pulses of light composed of various types of photons (polychromatic) pulses that travel in multiple wavelengths (from 590NM to 1200 Nm) and travel in several directions covering larger skin surfaces

These devices allow the control of the type of light applied by means of the filters available at the exit of the same.

The action of the IPL on the hair is the same as the laser, it generates a term damage due to the absorption of the light by the follicle structures that generate the hair. It is able to remove up to 80 to 90% of the hair in a few sessions.

It is a less expensive hair removal system than the laser, and the latest equipment offers the same results. The disadvantage is that it requires more sessions since it is not as accurate as the laser.

How to know which system is the most suitable – Types of laser hair removal

When choosing permanent hair removal with laser or IPL, several factors must be taken into account such as:

The phototype of the skin and the caliber of the hair

Depending on the skin phototype of a person, you must opt ​​for a type of laser or pulsed light.

Pulsed light is effective and appropriate for skins ranging from phototype I to III, brown or black hair of fine to coarse caliber. It is not effective for very light hair, white or redheads.

It is widely used for the depilation of large areas very populated with hair, such as the back and chest of men.

The Alexandrite laser is indicated for hair removal on skin with phototype I, II and III. Depending on the size of the hair, the pulses are adjusted (long pulses for thick and short hair for fine hair).

The Diode laser is used in cases of darker skin, a phototype IV to V, and with vectus in cases of thick hairs (such as men’s), and vectus or diode for the normal hair of women.

Black skins can only be shaved with a soprano laser, and depending on the size of the hair, the normal vectus or soprano is used, and in the thin or miniaturized hair the ICE Soprano in Dynamic Alexandrite mode.

In addition to these considerations, the sex of the person, the area to be depilated and the hormonal moment in which they are present must be taken into account. These aspects are also decisive when using a certain procedure.

As you can see there is no permanent hair removal system superior to the other, because the effectiveness is completely subjective. In order to find the right treatment, it is essential to consult with a trained professional who is able to provide reliable and reliable advice.

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