Types of consumer buying behavior

Customers are part of the reality of the business. Just as each person is unique, it is also possible to identify different buying behaviors. The same client may have different ways of acting at different times.


One of the most common examples is the one that shows the image of a customer who is faithful to the same place, therefore, although he can choose a product in other points of the competition, he values ​​the confidence that his shopping experience produces in that space. These are other examples that you can consider.



In many cases, this action is based on the programming of the person who concretizes this process in the context of an objective. A planning that can be observed in the specific exercise of making the purchase in the supermarket taking as reference the list of necessary products and previously noted in a note.

This planning is also common in purchases in which the customer invests a high expense due to the very nature of the selected product. For example, in a decoration project.


Purchase motivation

Each customer has a priority to choose one product over another. The price factor is a component that can be interpreted from different perspectives. During the sale period, for example, the opportunity arises to acquire a quality product for a cheaper cost. During the last days of this commercial period some clients feel special illusion when they find a great offer.


There are different purchase motivations and, all of them, therefore influence the behavior that the subject has in each moment.


Information search

One of the pre-purchase behaviors is one that shows the desire for information that a person has for knowing better the characteristics of a product or the valuations of other consumers about a point of sale. This knowledge brings a new vision to the final determination.


This example can also be observed in the case of that client who asks the professional who attends the store different questions.


Convenience of online shopping

From the point of view of shopping habits, an increasingly frequent behavior among customers is one that prioritizes the convenience of online service. The customer is increasingly identified with the advantages offered by this opportunity to avoid travel and receive the order at home. This online scenario also gives rise to new experiences, for example, check windows on the Internet during the weekend.

Shop in neighborhood stores

Other people, on the other hand, prefer to shop at stores that are located in the area near the workplace or home. Through this buying behavior they want to support this proximity trade that is experiencing so many changes in such a competitive environment.


Finally, in addition to the different examples mentioned in this article, there may also be the case of a behavior that turns a shopping afternoon into a special leisure plan during free time.


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